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30 Days of Dead 2011 Review

30 Days Review

Don't miss a thing - grab all the tracks and artwork from 30 Days of Dead here.

Congratulations to our grand prize winner Lauren M. from Kansas City, MO.

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  • 1. New Potato Caboose
    San Francisco, CA, Winterland Arena - 10/22/1967
    download the track
  • 2. Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
    Williamsburg, VA, William & Mary Hall - College Of William & Mary - 09/24/1976
    download the track
  • 3. Shakedown Street
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Copps Coliseum - 03/20/1992
    download the track
  • 4. Sugar Magnolia
    Denver, CO, McNichols Arena - 08/13/79
    download the track
  • 5. The Music Never Stopped > Don't Ease Me In
    Kansas City, MO, Starlight Theatre - 09/03/1985
    download the track
  • 6. Estimated Prophet > He's Gone
    Columbus, OH, Veterans Memorial Auditorium - 04/19/1978
    download the track
  • 7. Dark Star
    New York, NY, Fillmore East - 02/14/1970
    download the track
  • 8. Scarlet Begonias
    Detroit, MI, Cobo Arena - 10/03/1976
    download the track
  • 9. He Was A Friend Of Mine
    Colorado Springs, CO, Reed's Ranch - 07/03/1969
    download the track
  • 10. Bird Song
    Washington, DC, RFK Stadium - 06/10/1973
    download the track
  • 11. Candyman ; Cassidy
    Boulder, CO, Event Activity Center - University of Colorado - 12/09/1981
    download the track
  • 12. Looks Like Rain > Might As Well
    Columbia, MD, Merriweather Post Pavilion - 06/26/1984
    download the track
  • 13. Friend of The Devil
    San Francisco, CA, Fillmore West - 06/07/1970
    download the track
  • 14. Mississippi Half-Step
    Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Civic Center - 03/26/1973
    download the track
  • 15. Uncle John's Band
    Oakland, CA, Oakland Coliseum Arena - 12/28/1988
    download the track
  • 16. Ramble On Rose
    Chicago, IL, Auditorium Theatre - 10/21/1971
    download the track
  • 17. Just A Little Light
    Hartford, CT, Civic Center - 03/18/1990
    download the track
  • 18. Peggy O
    San Diego, CA, Golden Hall - San Diego Community Concourse - 11/24/1979
    download the track
  • 19. Passenger
    Chicago, IL, Uptown Theatre - 02/26/1981
    download the track
  • 20. Wharf Rat
    Landover, MD, Capital Centre - 07/29/1974
    download the track
  • 21.New Speedway Boogie
    San Francisco, CA, Fillmore West - 12/20/1969
    download the track
  • 22. Lazy Lightning > Supplication
    Boston, MA, Boston Music Hall - 06/12/1976
    download the track
  • 23. Let It Grow
    New Haven, CT Veterans' Memorial Coliseum - 09/23/1982
    download the track
  • 24. Weather Report Suite
    Durham, NC, Cameron Indoor Stadium - Duke University - 12/08/1973
    download the track
  • 25. Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain
    Philadelphia, PA, The Spectrum - 08/30/1980
    download the track
  • 26. Feel Like A Stranger
    Atlanta, GA, Omni Coliseum - 04/02/1990
    download the track
  • 27. Playing In The Band
    Oklahoma City, OK, Oklahoma City Music Hall - 11/15/1972
    download the track
  • 28. Samson And Delilah
    Carson, CA, California State University Dominguez Hills - 05/06/1990
    download the track
  • 29. China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
    (5.17.74 PNE Coliseum, Vancouver, BC)
    download the track
  • 30. Lazy Lightning>Supplication
    (5.25.77 The Mosque, Richmond, VA)
    download the track


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8Limbs's picture
Joined: Nov 23 2011
Well Done

This is hands down the greatest official site for any band. The powers that be should make it mandatory for all web designers for musicians/bands to study this website and learn from it. Thanks for all the music! Nice Job!!!!

Joined: Nov 18 2011

Not Fade Away!

Thanks for some great memories:)

ecb's picture
Joined: Nov 3 2010

A review page, 6 sets of front and back CD covers, a summary of each day with song download links, a downloadable zipped file with all of the songs, and

the first Dave's Picks cover!

It looks like has almost everything completed!

What a great 30 days!

And now the Grand Prize winner is...

blackeyedsloth's picture
Joined: Nov 5 2011

Thank you so much for your time and effort putting this together.

Canyon Critter's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2008

Thank you David!!!!!!!! And our very own first edition of DAVE'S PICKS!!!! Wohooo.

Man am I impressed with all the hard work done by all you Deadheads here on Dead.Net

I think you made more than all of our months!

Joined: Jul 21 2007
Thank You

Only thing better than my birthday and Thanksgiving being in November, is getting this great gift for the last two years!

Thank you so much!

Joined: Nov 12 2010

What a great gift leading up to Christmas. Covers are amazing, many thanks to all involved!

Joined: Jun 16 2009

How about a St. Stephen>Not Fade Away encore? Haha!

This is the greatest website ever! Thanks for all you do

Joined: Dec 2 2011
Are you sure the New Speedway

Are you sure the New Speedway Boogie on 12-20-69 was from Fillmore West? The archives indicate it was from Fillmore Auditorium, which I think was a different location at that time. Not where Bill Graham was holding forth in 1969, but still a viable concert venue.

Joined: Sep 8 2010
Dave Pick Vol 1 Star Wars Cover

Looks like they are paying respect to George Lucas and Star Wars with this cover and the lightsaber-ish drum sticks. The original film was released on 5/25/77.


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30 Days of Dead 2011 Review