Grateful Dead

30 Days Of Dead - November 25th

We're on a mission to make a miracle every day. As a token of our appreciation for making 2010 an epic year, we're giving away a high-quality 320Kbps download every day this November. That's 30 days of Dead! Intrigued? We're also going to put your knowledge to the test and give you the chance to win some great music from the Dead.
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You know your Ables from your Bakers from your C's, but can your finely tuned ears differentiate the cosmic "comeback" tour from a spacey 70's show? Each day we'll post a free download from one of the Dead's coveted shows. Will it be from that magical night at Madison Square Garden in '93 or from way back when they were just starting to warm it up at Winterland? Is that Pigpen's harmonica we hear? Brent on keys? Step right up and try your hand.

Each day, the first person to guess the venue & date correctly will get a Road Trips of their choice. If you’re not first but you've answered correctly, you will also be automatically entered for a weekly prize of THE WARNER BROTHERS STUDIO ALBUMS VINYL BOX (EXCLUSIVE EDITION) or a FORMERLY THE WARLOCKS boxed set. Log in now and enter to win!
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We haven't selected a daily winner yet. The first person to answer correctly will get to pick a Road Trips of their choice. To get started, login or register using the form above.
We haven't selected a winner for the week of 11/22 yet!


Joined: Nov 2 2010
A Grateful Thanksgiving To All

Grateful and Thankful for this tune, for this '30 Days' event (the 'community' is still there, thankful thankful), and my birthday was back on the fourth, I'm a creaky old forty-seven years young, so Thankful and Grateful to make it this far... Gorblass us every one, and T'anks! From Cosmic Chetlea, from the Chetna Cat Sunflower... I'm doing these jokes so you'll be thankful when I stop. Wauuugh!

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
The music of the Grateful

The music of the Grateful Dead accompanies my life since 1972. And I'm really happy to
download all these titles, 38 years later.

Excuse my English.

Hello, JBH69Flyer!

Avec amour.


Joined: Nov 1 2010
Documentation Summary

Updated Summary and CD covers are available at:

Peace and Sustainability

Joined: Nov 2 2010
Thanks Canyon Critter

Thank you Canyon Critter for posting links to the mp3s, I missed a few of the songs, but thanks to you I now have them all. Good Karma for you.

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Joined: Oct 12 2007


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Joined: Oct 12 2007
Enjoy the Dead...

the Whole Dead... and nothing but the Dead!!!

Forever Dead!!!

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Joined: Nov 1 2010
Congrats on the win. I

Congrats on the win. I think it's fair gaime to continue entering for the weekly prize. Good luck getting your Road Trips. I won on the 10th and it's been a hassle getting a response from anyone other than marye, but she can only relay information apparently.

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
Thanks too

Thanks from France. :-)

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Joined: Oct 3 2008

way to go dude

Joined: Nov 5 2010

Thanks for al the free music. I remenber well when i first heard this song as the B side of the single of Touch of Grey, wich i bought althought i had the album already.
Excuse me for my English.
Thanks again from Spain.

Joined: Jan 1 2009
I won, I won, I won!!!

How did I do it? Well, I didn't know where to start because they played it for such a short time it could have been any of them. So I just started listening to the shows I was at that they played it. And, wah-la, Hampton 84.

Thank you!

Can you win the daily and the weekly or I'm I being too greedy?

Joined: Feb 23 2008
Giving Thanks

For this awesome Brother Esau,, for all this free
music, and all you great folks who make this so much fun.
"Shadow boxing the apocalypse, and wandering the land"

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Joined: Feb 9 2010
Callin' out around the world...

Are you ready for a brand new beat???

Critter, you keep doing amazing things. My wife is not a big deadhead :-((( but she is a huge Funk Fan. SOOOOOO, huge jugs (I meant this typo :-))) and, well... you know.


May there be light where there was once none!
May there be music where there was once silence!!
Sandman Out!!!

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Joined: Aug 22 2007
Tonight I would (like to) be thankful...

brother to brother and it's man to man
And it's face to face and it's hand to hand...

turtlemusicfan's picture
Joined: Feb 9 2010
I just can't believe it...

I was @ this show! Too bad I didn't guess it :-)))

May there be light where there was once none!
May there be music where there was once silence!!
Sandman Out!!!

Joined: Nov 1 2010
Happy Thanksgiving

A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
Love your dancin turkey Canyon Critter

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Joined: Oct 20 2008
Excerpt From Critter's Life

Sorry it's so graphic...but I was told to post this....

By the way....From the real Mamma in my life....

"You need to bring these people together for a different reason Critter. 'yes mamma what is that' well, critter that is....

We've all come together at one point in society and brought love. What have you done? I mean, what have you done to bring our society know unite?

Well I'lll tell ya brother, it's been this damn Furthur Tour...l mean you guys were sittin' dormant since then.

Then you awoke....I mean, they awoke the GIANT, I mean they awoke the dragon that is within these people, wether it was small or big, you really awoke the giant.....

I didn't awake this giant, Furthur did...yes they did she says, but do you realize that these people have beeen awating this for their whole lives?

No, you mean there, whole lives? All the way through, like the olden days (daze?) bacl in _blank

Yes I mean the olden days you stone cold hippie freak, I mean the reason I fell in love with you.

Oh, you mean that I could recite the day and year the Dead played Polo field to commerorate Bill Graham>?

No you idiot, I'm talking about the God Damn Good Ole' Grateful Dead.

Oh, Baby, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you knew what that meant to me?

Yes, you Douchebag, I knew that's why I fell in love with you.

OH, so you get why I freak out when the "Website gives me 'free' music and straight from the vault??"

Yes, I do understand, brother, I was fucking there...........

Oh shit, that is the greatest feeling in the world.

Happy Thanksgiving Folks

and to everyone else.....

you killed the goddamn duck!

Love is Real.

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Joined: Jul 16 2007
Family and hunting on Thanksgiving!

"My brother Esau killed a hunter. . ."
Hopefully not before he bagged a big turkey!

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DoDa Man ;^ )

Without love in the dream it'll never come true
Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia

Joined: Nov 19 2010
Thanks for giving

This blows my mind! I LOVE GD

Joined: Nov 1 2010
Another great song

What good times I have had with the band over the years, thank you, I am Grateful.

Joined: Jun 18 2007
Happy Thanksgiving to the Community

Much to be grateful for, and a special thanks to Canyon Critter.

Peace to you all,

Joined: Oct 24 2008

From the Facebook Clue:
Clue for tomorrow: This song was first performed live in 1978 at Red Rocks.

"The sunny side of the street is dark."

Joined: Oct 31 2009
Hey Hey kids!!!

Just got back on-line after a long but thankful day.

I hope everyone had a beautiful day.

Esau is one of those songs that I thought only I dug. It almost surprises me as I read how it touches so many other people.

So what's up Shakedown tomorrow?

Joined: Nov 1 2010
?? Canyon / zebweber ???

Thanks for the hints - nearly certain I got it BUT......... is it just me (and the Woodford!) or did they flip the audio from the SBD's in the archive?????????

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Joined: Jul 18 2007
Tomorrow's tune

Shakedown wasn't the only tune to debit at Red Rocks in 1978. 8/30/78 was the premier of I Need a Miracle, Stagger Lee & If I Had the World to Give. 8/31/78 was the premier of From the Heart of Me & Shakedown. Hmm.



Cloud hands reaching from a rainbow
Tapping at your window
Touch your hair
-- Robert Hunter, "Crazy Fingers"

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Joined: Jul 18 2007
Tomorrow's tune -- correction

Shoud be "debut", not "debit."



Cloud hands reaching from a rainbow
Tapping at your window
Touch your hair
-- Robert Hunter, "Crazy Fingers"

Joined: Oct 31 2009
late night vote

Do we know how late a guess can be and still count toward the weekly?

It's been a few late nights for me, and I'm curious.

Not like I REALY care. It's still way fun.


Joined: Oct 1 2010



Joined: Oct 31 2009
Far out

Wow. This show is some mighty fine '84 flow.

can you dig

Joined: Nov 10 2010
90's Man... long as the song's still posted and you can actually enter a guess, you should be good to go. Perhaps up until midnight west coast time?

Joined: Oct 31 2009
right on

That is pretty much what I thought. Thanks

Joined: Oct 31 2009
Got to give some last thanks to you know who

"To each his reach
And if I don't cop, it ain't mine to have
But I'll be reachin' for ya
'Cause I love ya, CC.
Right on.

Hey, CC!
They say your jivin' game, it can't be changed
But on the positive side,
You're my piece of the rock
And I love you, CC.
Can you dig it?"

Is it sacrilegious to drop some P-Funk around here?

Joined: May 18 2009
I need a miracle tomorrow...

...about 12 PM.

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Joined: Nov 3 2010
Branford on 9/10/91

was a good call by chastason. Any other Branford spottings of note? Any chance that is him on the Bird Song in So Many Roads?


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Joined: Nov 1 2010
Bird Song on SMR

That is Branford Marsalis on Bird Song. 3/29/90, same as Eyes of the World on Without a Net.

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Joined: Oct 12 2007

If you're taking any. I would like to put in an order for a really sweet Stella from the 70s! Thanks in advance.

Blessing to Deadheads everywhere!

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Thanks @ 1:50AM EST


Joined: Jan 13 2009
Happy Thanksgiving To All Our Dead Family and Thanks CC

Wow, what a way to end a great Thanksgiving Day. Just what I needed to fill in the days I missed!! Thanks Canyon Critter You made my Turkey Day! Great effort and thanks for the easy downloads! Love to All You Heads and Happy Holidays these tunes will be great for the days ahead!

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Joined: Oct 20 2008
Happy T-Day

Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans who observe the holiday...and to the over seas folk....big giant hugs~

>Meanwhile back at the zoo....oh yes I've had a few after tonight....

No they didn't swtich the switcharoo and bring the archival madness to was actually legit....and 90's man, you telling me you aint' down wit da funk?......cuz I'm a spaceship star cruiser...P-Funk played the mushroom stage @ Wanee this year (ummmm, couldn't tell ya, maybe 40 times) and they TURNED THIS MOTHER OUT!

P.S. Branford...well man that was the shit wasn't it...I remember seeing that live for the first time he played...I'm telling you.

I was trippin balls, just had two veggie burritos and a grilled cheese....fukced up the sage stick that was handed to me in the lot, yet still ended up drummin to a "Mickey" drum in the Drum Circle....yes I remember that, and dude, that was one in the books for sure...well, well, well, you can never tell....da da da da da da dahhhhhhhh, da dah dah.

We got the funk...gotta have that funk oweeeiieieeeee


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Joined: Oct 20 2008
Incase you Are P-Funk Laggin.....


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Joined: Oct 20 2008
But every time...I think of this dude...

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Joined: Oct 20 2008
Sorry, yeah

Must be the damn Egg Nog


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Joined: Oct 20 2008
I guess it all comes back to Pig

And by that I mean the Pen Kind.....Easy Wind A and B makes me smile smile smile.

Beeen Drinking that Jack and Ballin' that....welll yes you will.

Lyrics By: Robert Hunter
Music By: Robert Hunter

I've been balling a shiny black steel jack-hammer
Been chipping up rocks for the great highway
I'll live five years if I take my time
Balling that jack and drinking my wine

I been chipping them rocks from dawn till doom
While my rider hide my bottle in the other room (note 1)
Doctor say better stop balling that jack
If I live five years I'm gonna bust my back, yes I will (note 2)

Easy wind, cross the Bayou today (note 3)
'Cause there's a whole lotta women, Mama
Out in red on the streets today (note 4)
And the river keeps a talking
But you never heard a word it said

Gotta find a woman be good to me
Won't hide my liquor try, to serve me tea
'Cause I'm a stone jack baller and my heart is true
And I'll give everything that I got to you, yes I will

(1) on the version on DP16, Pigpen sings "While my baby hide my bottle ..."

(2) on DP16, Pigpen sings "In another five years I'm gonna bust my back"

(3) on DP16, Pigpen starts with the chorus before before the first verse, and he sings "Easy wind, blowin' cross the Bayou today"

(4) variants that Pigpen sang include "Out dressed in red ...", "Out on the streets in red today" and "Out in red that way."


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Canyon Critter's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2008
Heres' the Real Interpretation...

Pig....Brother...We love you...if you so happen to drink an amazing amount...I know you will....Please let us stop you, yes we will.

Friends these days, I would say are even more plenty then they were in the glory...I mean 1993 Summer tour and the hears the story...

I've known most of these people for all my life, cept the other sister that wasn't there for the '85.

Beeen listinin to Dead pretty much since I was born, I mean I've seen em when you woke up alive.

Pigpen, is the enigma, the elephant in the room, I mean we all tried to stop him in the "other room"

I love that brother, girl don't you know, I mean I gave him even my piece tye-dye willow.

If you don't just learn from a puking man, than I tried to spell it out from the FAMILY MAN.....

Loves is REAL don't you know and you never hide out unless you Pao Doce Doa!!!!

I've been drinking that Jack and Bailin that twine......don't you know that the Doctor is a friend of mine.


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Joined: Nov 3 2010

I need yesterday's download! http://deadroots/30days doesn't work! Help!

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Joined: Nov 1 2010
sad... :-( only five more

sad... :-( only five more days of Dead...

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Joined: Oct 20 2008
Happy Thankgiving My Family!

Happy Thanksgiving My Kind Deadhead Family!

Friggin' Love This Song!
Here's the links from the Downloads so far. Hope this helps everyone out that didn't get the shows. Love is Real♥....

30 Days of Dead Links

1. New Speedway Boogie Download

New Speedway Boogie
Fillmore East, NY, NY- 9/20/70
10:03 23,574 KB approx 23.0 MB

2. Dark Star Download

Dark Star
Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA 6/5/69
21:11 49,686 KB approx. 48.5 MB

3. Althea Download

Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT 3/14/81
8:46 20,579 KB approx. 20.0 MB

4. Playin In The Band Download

Playing In The Band
Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA- 5/13/73
28:56 67,837 KB approx. 66.2 MB

5. Easy Wind "A" Download

Easy Wind (A)
Springer's Inn, Portland, OR 1/16/70
9:51 23,109 KB approx. 22.5 MB

Easy Wind (B)
Winterland, San Francisco, CA - 12/31/70
9:35 22,465 KB approx. 21.9 MB

6. Sugaree Download

Warfield, San Francisco, CA- 10/13/80
10:14 24,011 KB aprrox. 23.4

7. He's Gone (A) Download

He's Gone (A)
Hartford Civic Center Hartford, CT - 3/26/87
12:55 30,310 KB approx. 29.5 MB

He's Gone (B)
L'Olympia Theater Paris France - 5/4/72
8:05 - 18,954 KB approx. 18.5 MB

The file for He's Gone (B) is no longer available.

8. Estimated Prophet Download

Estimated Prophet
Warfield, San Francisco, CA - 10/7/80
12:16 28,779 approx. 28.1 MB

9. Chinacat/I know You Rider Download

China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider
The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA - 2/1/70
12:03 28,274 KB approx. 27.6 MB

10. Cream Puff War Download

Cream Puff War
Winterland, San Francisco, CA - 3/17/67
6:15 14,656 KB approx. 14.3 MB

11. St. Stephen Download

St. Stephen
Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT - 10/15/83
7:52 18,649 KB approx. 18.2 MB

12. The Music Never Stopped Download

The Music Never Stopped
Horton Field House, Illinois State University, Normal, IL - 4/24/78
8:52 20,965 KB approx. 20.4 MB

13. Truckin' Download

Winterland, San Francisco - 5/30/71
8:27 20,020 KB approx. 19.5 MB

14. New Minglewood Blues Download

New Minglewood Blues
Legion Stadium, El Monte, CA - 12/26/70
5:27 12,800 KB approx. 12.5 MB

15. Lost Sailor/Saint of Circumstance Download

Lost Sailor>Saint Of Circumstance
Radio City Music Hall, NY, NY - 10/25/80
13:15 31,066 KB approx. 30.3 MB

16. New Potato Caboose Download

New Potato Caboose
O'Keefe Toronto, ON, Canada - 8/4/67
6:49 16,011 KB approx 15.6 MB

17. Cold Rain and Snow Download

Cold Rain and Snow
Legion Stadium, El Monte, CA - 12/28/70
6:41 15,668 KB approx 15.2 MB

18. So Many Roads Download

So Many Roads
Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY- 3/28/93
7:24 17,561 KB approx. 17.1 MB

19. Sugar Magnolia Download

Sugar Magnolia
Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY - 2/24/71
5:48 13,784 KB approx. 13.4 MB

20. Alligator Download

O'Keefe, Toronto, ON, Canada - 8/5/67
11:12 26,290 KB approx. 25.6 MB

21. Cassidy/Don't Ease Me In Download

Cassidy>Don't Ease Me In
Silva Hall, Hult Center, Eugene, OR - 8/31/83
9:50 23,083 KB approx. 22.5 MB

22. Tennesee Jed/Let it Grow Download

Tennessee Jed>Let It Grow
Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC 10/23/89
21:47 51,060 KB approx. 49.8 MB

23. Dupree's Diamond Blues Download

Dupree's Diamond Blues
Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA- 1/25/69
4:07 9,672 KB approx. 9.44 MB

24. Help/Slip/Frank Download

Help On The Way>Slipknot!>Franklin's Tower
Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA - 5/5/91
25:27 59,657 KB approx. 58.2 MB

25 My Brother Esau

My Brother Esau
???? Venue/Date
5:51 13,750 KB approx. 13.4 MB

Album Artwork:

album art3

Album Art

Album Art2

Hope these easy click links help the confusion.

If you can't find your files...find your default download folder....look under search and use *songname* to search for it. For instance in windows look under the start button>start search and enter *newpotatocaboose*

Also, make sure to clear your browsers cache before reloading a file.

Thank Jerry, Bobby, Phil, Billy, Mickey, Pig, Brent, Bruce, Donna, Keith, Vince, Tom, Mr. Graham, Mr. Lemieux, and Marye. Not to mention the kind souls like Rex, RamRod, etc. etc. etc. etc.


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Joined: Jan 11 2009
13.4 in 51 sec

13.4 in 51 sec

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Joined: Nov 6 2010
DL size

I got My Brother Esau at 5:51
13.4 MB

30 Days Of Dead - November 25th