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30 Days Of Dead - November 27th

We're on a mission to make a miracle every day. As a token of our appreciation for making 2010 an epic year, we're giving away a high-quality 320Kbps download every day this November. That's 30 days of Dead! Intrigued? We're also going to put your knowledge to the test and give you the chance to win some great music from the Dead.
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You know your Ables from your Bakers from your C's, but can your finely tuned ears differentiate the cosmic "comeback" tour from a spacey 70's show? Each day we'll post a free download from one of the Dead's coveted shows. Will it be from that magical night at Madison Square Garden in '93 or from way back when they were just starting to warm it up at Winterland? Is that Pigpen's harmonica we hear? Brent on keys? Step right up and try your hand.

Each day, the first person to guess the venue & date correctly will get a Road Trips of their choice. If you’re not first but you've answered correctly, you will also be automatically entered for a weekly prize of THE WARNER BROTHERS STUDIO ALBUMS VINYL BOX (EXCLUSIVE EDITION) or a FORMERLY THE WARLOCKS boxed set. Log in now and enter to win!
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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Mason's Children Specifications

11,158KB, 04:45 duration.

Best to all,

Joined: Oct 31 2009

To me, it really is the ultimate lost Dead tune. One last rare, easy one I guess.

Thanks people!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
So what's left?

Scarlet > Fire - The Other One - Lovelight - In the Midnight Hour - Viola Lee Blues... I wonder how many of these we'll get before the end of the month...

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All his children grew and grew....

Here's the links from the Downloads so far. Hope this helps everyone out that didn't get the shows. Love is Real♥....

30 Days of Dead Links

1. New Speedway Boogie Download

New Speedway Boogie
Fillmore East, NY, NY- 9/20/70
10:03 23,574 KB approx 23.0 MB

2. Dark Star Download

Dark Star
Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA 6/5/69
21:11 49,686 KB approx. 48.5 MB

3. Althea Download

Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT 3/14/81
8:46 20,579 KB approx. 20.0 MB

4. Playin In The Band Download

Playing In The Band
Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA- 5/13/73
28:56 67,837 KB approx. 66.2 MB

5. Easy Wind "A" Download

Easy Wind (A)
Springer's Inn, Portland, OR 1/16/70
9:51 23,109 KB approx. 22.5 MB

Easy Wind (B)
Winterland, San Francisco, CA - 12/31/70
9:35 22,465 KB approx. 21.9 MB

6. Sugaree Download

Warfield, San Francisco, CA- 10/13/80
10:14 24,011 KB aprrox. 23.4

7. He's Gone (A) Download

He's Gone (A)
Hartford Civic Center Hartford, CT - 3/26/87
12:55 30,310 KB approx. 29.5 MB

He's Gone (B)
L'Olympia Theater Paris France - 5/4/72
8:05 - 18,954 KB approx. 18.5 MB

The file for He's Gone (B) is no longer available.

8. Estimated Prophet Download

Estimated Prophet
Warfield, San Francisco, CA - 10/7/80
12:16 28,779 approx. 28.1 MB

9. Chinacat/I know You Rider Download

China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider
The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA - 2/1/70
12:03 28,274 KB approx. 27.6 MB

10. Cream Puff War Download

Cream Puff War
Winterland, San Francisco, CA - 3/17/67
6:15 14,656 KB approx. 14.3 MB

11. St. Stephen Download

St. Stephen
Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT - 10/15/83
7:52 18,649 KB approx. 18.2 MB

12. The Music Never Stopped Download

The Music Never Stopped
Horton Field House, Illinois State University, Normal, IL - 4/24/78
8:52 20,965 KB approx. 20.4 MB

13. Truckin' Download

Winterland, San Francisco - 5/30/71
8:27 20,020 KB approx. 19.5 MB

14. New Minglewood Blues Download

New Minglewood Blues
Legion Stadium, El Monte, CA - 12/26/70
5:27 12,800 KB approx. 12.5 MB

15. Lost Sailor/Saint of Circumstance Download

Lost Sailor>Saint Of Circumstance
Radio City Music Hall, NY, NY - 10/25/80
13:15 31,066 KB approx. 30.3 MB

16. New Potato Caboose Download

New Potato Caboose
O'Keefe Toronto, ON, Canada - 8/4/67
6:49 16,011 KB approx 15.6 MB

17. Cold Rain and Snow Download

Cold Rain and Snow
Legion Stadium, El Monte, CA - 12/28/70
6:41 15,668 KB approx 15.2 MB

18. So Many Roads Download

So Many Roads
Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY- 3/28/93
7:24 17,561 KB approx. 17.1 MB

19. Sugar Magnolia Download

Sugar Magnolia
Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY - 2/24/71
5:48 13,784 KB approx. 13.4 MB

20. Alligator Download

O'Keefe, Toronto, ON, Canada - 8/5/67
11:12 26,290 KB approx. 25.6 MB

21. Cassidy/Don't Ease Me In Download

Cassidy>Don't Ease Me In
Silva Hall, Hult Center, Eugene, OR - 8/31/83
9:50 23,083 KB approx. 22.5 MB

22. Tennesee Jed/Let it Grow Download

Tennessee Jed>Let It Grow
Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC 10/23/89
21:47 51,060 KB approx. 49.8 MB

23. Dupree's Diamond Blues Download

Dupree's Diamond Blues
Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA- 1/25/69
4:07 9,672 KB approx. 9.44 MB

24. Help/Slip/Frank Download

Help On The Way>Slipknot!>Franklin's Tower
Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA - 5/5/91
25:27 59,657 KB approx. 58.2 MB

25 My Brother Esau Download

My Brother Esau
Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA - 4/14/84
5:51 13,750 KB approx. 13.4 MB

26. Shakedown Street Download

Shakedown Street
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA 4/6/82
13:20 31,449 KB approx. 30.7 MB

27. Mason's Children Download

Mason's Children
???? Venue/Date
4:45 11,158 KB approx. 10.8 MB

Album Artwork:

album art3

Album Art

Album Art2

Hope these easy click links help the confusion.

If you can't find your files...find your default download folder....look under search and use *songname* to search for it. For instance in windows look under the start button>start search and enter *newpotatocaboose*

Also, make sure to clear your browsers cache before reloading a file.

Thank Jerry, Bobby, Phil, Billy, Mickey, Pig, Brent, Bruce, Donna, Keith, Vince, Tom, Mr. Graham, Mr. Lemieux, and Marye. Not to mention the kind souls like Rex, RamRod, etc. etc. etc. etc.

But your welcome my kind brothers and sisters.


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Joined: Nov 7 2010
See here how everythin’, lead up to this day . . .

I’ve enjoyed all the daily comments, information, advice, insights, bickering, etc. It’s a very big family. A further gift of music is a great way to keep the community connected. Herein lies a phantom cyber sea for all us phantom ships to sail upon.
I burst out laughing at the person who admitted they really ought to be doing something else, like being more productive or something, BUT hey, me too, and yet I agreed with him; this is what it’s all about…bein’ here, getting the all the tracks and playing the game and WOW, it is time well spent. What a treat.
Also, I agreed with the recognition given awhile back to the genius of Brent. I would love to hear “JUST A LITTLE LIGHT”. There’s a touching video of him playing this tune with candles on the piano and his daughter sitting next to him on the bench. And it could be a beautiful homage to both the band and the fans.
Preferably though, as a final tune for the 30 days, far more so than And We Bid you Goodnight, would be the poignant “DAYS BETWEEN”. I know there are a few suitable unreleased renditions circulating and every time I hear Jerry’s plaintive dirge-like delivery I cry the tears of tremendous loss and the joyous bliss of knowing he gave the best he had to give. They all did. How much we’ll never know.
Thanks to all involved for sharing the music; from the band members to the up loaders, from the downloaders to the just plain loaded; from the washed to the un-washed; from the haves to the have-mores. A ga-ga-zillion thanks. Eternally Gratefully Deadicated . . .

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Joined: Nov 6 2010
I'm in this time

Yeah, I'm in this time. There just aren't that many Masons to choose from, I found it early in the day, and there's a nice fat internal clue for those who are paying attention so best of luck, everyone! Gee, what're we all going to do NEXT month???

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Joined: Jun 6 2007
was hoping for a longer version...

like the Hollywood FL show from 12.28.69 - never heard that show before last night :)

The Dark Star from that date is totally insane, as one reviewer commented, 'it contains sounds you've never heard before'

Joined: Sep 25 2009
Where is the Dew?

All the epic shows had a Morning Dew. Got to end the 30 days of dead month with a mammoth one....please?

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Joined: Jan 2 2009
Missing info for node 16787

New Speedway Boogie
Fillmore East, NY, NY- 9/20/70
This is one of the acoustic/electric hybrid versions of this Workingman’s Dead classic. Although not residing in the Grateful Dead’s master tape collection, this was drawn from the tapes recorded by the Fillmore East crew.

Joined: May 18 2009
So browsing through the store...

...I noticed that some of the Dick's Picks series appeared to be sold out, including DP4 that is being advertised up there - although the direct link up there does work, when I try to find it by clicking through the store it's not there.

I wonder if this means that all four View from the Vault DVDs are also still available? The individual DVDs show up as "also available" on the page for each soundtrack but *not* on the page for "DVD/Vinyl".

Guess I'll have to call customer service first to make sure, I've had a couple of "disappointments".

Joined: Nov 14 2010
Wow, 3 days left...

and a bazillion songs to choose from. So for the 30th is it Brokedown Pal, Baby Blue, US Blues? How many dozen other closers are there?

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Joined: Nov 1 2010
To have but just one of these...

Scarlet Bagonias, Fire on the Mountain, Quinn the Eskimo, Eyes of the World or Mama Tried... Would make everything complete for me! But anything you choose is fantastic to me, this has been such a great trip threw live performances. "Thank you so much!"

Joined: May 18 2009
Cover songs NYET.

No "midnight hour"s, no "baby blue"s, no other cover songs - those would be covered by copyrights.

Joined: May 18 2009
Fun in the Store, continued...

So as I delve furthur into the bowels of the store I happened to be looking through the FAQ where I noticed this:

"Q: If I purchase the Road Trips 2011 subscription, would I be able to return it for a refund?
A: Purchase of this subscription is non-refundable. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Anybody know what a "Road Trips subscription" is?

(No "mama tried"s, no "Quinn"s...)

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Joined: Nov 1 2010
Road Trips Subscription

I was listening to Tales from the Golden Road last Sunday, and the guy who runs the website, Mark Pinckus(sp?), was on. He talked about the ability(starting in December) to pre-purchase all four Road Trips that will be released next year. You would get the Road Trips as they come out, but the benefit of pre-purchasing would be that you would receive a special bonus disc unavailable to anyone but those who purchase this package...

Joined: Feb 23 2008

What a great song! Abrupt ending, but I think I got it all. I got
10.8mb, at 4:45. I can't thank everyone involved enough, for all
these great presents. Whatever chooses, to finish
this fantastic month, will be alright with me. Peace.

Joined: Nov 5 2010

black throated wind.... pleaseeee

Joined: Nov 1 2010
December 1

We'll have to come back in December to verify our selection from November 30th. Hopefully we'll get an extra special treat (perhaps access to download one of these entire shows? If we did receive access, which show would it be?) to help keep the tunes flowing until the end of the year.

Thanks to all for making this possible
Nothin' left to do but smile, smile, smile...

Joined: Jun 4 2007
I've always noticed...

...this site desperately needs some clerical attention. Misspellings, 'dead links', etc. - Notice on the release info. for some of the disc sets in the store it often times doesn't even list the song details...the Shows and Lyrics section is an incomplete mess (can't someone just look at deadbase?) it's liable to drive someone nuts...stepping down from the soapbox...there, I'm off...tehe...

Joined: May 18 2009
LMAO a "bonus disc"?

You're kidding, right? After all the griping about "bonus discs" on preorders and the subsequent removal of said bonus discs, the solution is "if you order a bunch of Road Trips all at once, sight unseen, THEN you get a bonus disc?"

Is there somewhere I can hear this interview, or was it one of those "pay for radio" shows?

Pincus is Das RhinoFuhrer, more accurately "Warner Strategic Marketing's Vice President of Strategic Marketing & Custom Products" (at least that used to be his big-ass title).

Joined: Oct 24 2008
Setlists or One Long Show?

While I sit here watching Ohio State beat up on "that school up north," I wonder...
How are you gonna arrange these fine cuts? Right now, I've got them by how they were given to us. I saw another person post that they were arranging them according to the date when they were recorded. I was also thinking that you could do a two or three-day run with two sets per day and create virtual "setlists" (boy, would that concept generate interesting debate!).
What are you gonna do?

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Jack Straw


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Joined: Jun 18 2007
subscription idea

If its true why come up with ways to exclude people from getting the music? Why commit to unreleased unknown recordings that I might not want or need. Most of the time I only have enough money to buy the release at the time its released. They finally got the last few of these releases right by just making them 3 disc sets available now and in the future as the same set as it was when its released. Bad idea if its true boooooo. oh yeah go Ohio St!

Joined: Nov 2 2010
can we get a u.s. blues

can we get a u.s. blues before its all said and done, maybe something from st louis.

thanks for the tuneage

Joined: Oct 24 2008
A Year of Road Trips

I would be very hesitant to order 4 Road Trips if I did not know the dates beforehand. I'm guessing most others would be wary also. Maybe they will tell us all four of the dates before ordering.

Joined: Nov 1 2010
I want a Missippi Half Step :(

I want a Missippi Half Step :(

30 Days Of Dead - November 27th