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The music of The Grateful Dead is meant to be shared and enjoyed by everyone. That's why we created the 30 Days of Dead. We at realize that it was sometimes a little tougher than it should have been for you to download the music (especially that first week - sorry!), so we thought it only right that we give everyone a second chance to get every minute of the music. It's the kind thing to do.

Until the evening of December 8, 2010, we will keep this page and all of the links to the music live so that everyone has the chance to get and enjoy all of the songs. Just click on the song title to download the song.

To join the conversation about a particular day’s song and see the results click on the respective day in the calendar above.

(Download the PSD here 47 MB!)
Need the font? Get it here for free.

1 New Speedway Boogie 09.20.1970 Fillmore East 23.6 MB
2 Dark Star 06.05.1969 Fillmore West 49.7 MB
3 Althea 03.14.1981 Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT 20.6 MB
4 Playin' in the Band 05.13.1973 Iowa St. Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA 68.3 MB
5 Easy Wind A 01.16.1970 Springer's Inn, Portland, OR 23.1 MB
6 Sugaree 10.13.1980 Warfield 24.1 MB
7 He's Gone A 03.26.1987 Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT 30.3 MB
8 Estimated Prophet 10.07.1980 Warfield 28.8 MB
9 China Cat Rider 02.01.1970 The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA 28.3 MB
10 Cream Puff War 03.18.1967 Winterland 14.3 MB
11 St. Stephen 10.15.1983 Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT 18.04 MB
12 The Music Never Stopped 04.24.1978 Horton Field House, Illinois St. U. 20.3 MB
13 Truckin' 05.30.1971 Winterland 19.4 MB
14 New MinglewoodBlues 12.26.1970 Legion Stadium, El Monte, CA 12.5 MB
15 Sailor/Saint 10.25.1980 Radio City Music Hall, NY, NY 30.4 MB
16 New Potato Caboose 08.04.1967 O'Keefe Toronto, ON 15.6MB
17 Cold Rain & Snow 12.28.1970 Legion Stadium, El Monte, CA 15.3 MB
18 So Many Roads 03.28.1993 Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY 16.9 MB
19 Sugar Magnolia 02.24.1971 Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY 13.3 MB
20 Alligator 08.05.1967 O'Keefe Toronto, ON 25.6 MB
21 Cassidy -> Don't Ease Me In 08.31.1983 Silva Hall, Eugene, OR 22.5 MB
22 Tennessee Jed > Let it Grow 10.23.1989 Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC 49.8 MB
23 Dupree's Diamond Blues 01.25.1969 Venuee: Avalon Ballroom, SF 9.4 MB
24 Help->Slipknot!->Franklins 05.05.1991 Venu: Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA 58.2 MB
25 My Brother Esau 04.14.1984 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA 13.4 MB
26 Shakedown Street 04.06.1982 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA 30.5 MB
27 Mason's Children 01.10.1970 Golden Hall, San Diego, CA 10.9 MB
28 Let it Grow 07.16.1990 Rich Stadium, Orchard Park, NY 27.3 MB
29 Uncle John's Band 02.11.1970 Fillmore East, NY 13.0 MB
30 Sugar Magnolia 6.4.1978 UCSB Stadium, Santa Barbara 19.2 MB


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Joined: Jan 31 2011
Ah, I came late to the

Ah, I came late to the party... I just learned that it was a name-the-show guessing contest! Silly me.

Well, (kinda sheepishly) thanks for all the the tasty cuts. (Still, I hope all my friends have added the info into their files...)

Joined: Feb 5 2011
Hi, many thanks for 30

many thanks for 30 days
dead is not dead



United States
Joined: Jun 5 2007
not working

Am I the only person unable to download? I have a Mac, just click on the song title (or right click) does NOTHING.
The first week I was able to download, what is up?

Joined: Nov 17 2011

Why don't you go to The Internet Archive and download all the taper's shows you want!



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right click

You should be able to right click on the link (title of the song) and then click "DOWNLOAD LINKED FILE AS..." (equivalent to SAVE AS... on a Windows)

If that still doesn't work, hold down the "ALT-OPTION" key and left-click the link. It will immediately begin to download.

WilliamFV (not verified)
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Tom Addy (not verified)
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encore un grand merci!

heureusement que l'esprit du Grateful Dead est toujours accessible!

Joined: Sep 17 2013
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