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30 Days of Dead November 1

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Thank you

Thanks for creating a new tradition!
Looking forward to a great November

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30 Thanks !

30 Thanks to Dave & DeadNet/Rhino for another year of November Maddness.

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"New" recording of a fine Shakedown

Great version. Pretty certain that this show doesn't have any soundboards in circulation so its nice to hear this unblemished recording.

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320 kbps?

Thank God november is back. What happen with the mp3 quality? It's 192 kbps.

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30 Days Dead, 2013

30 Days Dead, 2013, I've been looking forward to this. And a real sweet Shakedown Street to kick it off.

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30 Days

Thank you for the tracks, looking forward to trying to guess correctly!!

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MP3 bitrate is 192 Kbps

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but the Shakedown MP3 is at 192 Kbps, not 320 as advertised.

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RE: Cover Art

They may wait on the cover art until a day or so after they have filled up the first complete CD's worth of material.

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November is gearing up to be a great time to be a Deadhead.

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So true, drshakedown.

Right after I got into work this morning, one of my coworkers asked me how I was doing, and I replied "I can't be in a bad mood today. It is a glorious day to be a Deadhead". Thanks for brightening up our November!

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Thanks and Cover Art?

My 14 year old daughter reminded me that today was the first day of 30 Days when she got up this morning. Good kid!

Is there going to be cover art available, or is it there and I'm missing it? A link on the homepage would also be nice.

And a big hello and thank you from the Windy City!

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What a way to start the 30 days. Grateful indeed, HAPPY FRIDAY, DEADLAND!!!!!!

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Where's the 320 kbps file?

Thanks for the great Shakedown Street! I downloaded this file, but iTunes says it's 192 kbps, rather than the advertised 320 kbps. Will the correct file be substituted for the current one?

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been waiting

Wow it's November Again! Thanks again for this.... Love it!

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Thank You Dead family!

Love 30 Days of Dead!

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30 days

so very please to see your doing another year of dead tunes hats off to the gang

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Another clue

It has been my experience that the lower quality MP3s were ones that were due to come out on an upcoming release.


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General Hints

Dead sets can be divided into a few key areas with personnel and equipment changes (Wall of sound, Phil's Bass)

Pig Pen Thru T.C.
Pig Pen Post T.C.
Keith '71 - '72
Keith '73 - '74
Keith '75 - '79
Brent '79 - '86
Brent '87 - '90
Hornsby Welnick

Donna joined shortly after Keith and sang until his death in '79

Early sets can also be looked at by Keyboards and drummers-

Mickey Hart - drums - 9/27/67 and left the band after the show on February 18, 1971, He returned to the Dead in 1974.

Tom Constanten - keyboards - 11/23/68 - 1/26/70

Pig Pens Last show 6/17/72 (did not sing)

Kieth Joined 10/71, left 2/79

Brent Mydland joined 4/79 died July 26, 1990, at the age of 37

Bruce sat in 10/90-3/92

Vince 9/90-8/95

Periods can also be looked at with high rotation set lists,

For 30 days they will throw in common songs with uncommon locations, Second set tunes, as first set openers, Etc.

Listen to the lead ins and fade outs for transitions to other songs

Don't get hung up on matching song times, Archive material may have longer or shorted times depending on the taper.

Archive material may also have a bit of a warble, wow and flutter, so matching is a little harder ( I have spend hours trying to sync up tracks, sometimes they will not even though it is the same.

Consider clues about upcoming releases, as there usually are a few teasers in these song.

Please only give subtle clues if at all.

Have fun and enjoy!

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Thank you!

I love 30 Days of Dead! What a great way to start your day.

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30 Days

Thanks again for 30 Days of Dead. Hello from Charlotte, NC!

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30 days 2013

just want to say a big thank you for these free tracks, hello to all from aberdeen scotland

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I appreciate this, but...

"we'll be giving away a high-quality 320Kbps MP3"

Whoever ripped this did it as 192Kbps MP3, just an fyi

Thanks for the tunes I do enjoy this every year!

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Excellent way to get me out

Excellent way to get me out of bed after my annual late night parental escorting of trick or treaters! Love it. Thanks!

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hey now

Here we go again...I beg you call the tune. Good luck to all

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30 Days of Dead..........

Gratitude and Gratefulness for bringing back 30 Days of Dead. I always look forward to November for this special treat.

Day 1 a killer Shakedown obviously from sometime in the 80's. There's a special place in my heart for 80's era ya Brent.

Miss those days. Miss you Jerry.

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Great start

Thanks for the music, look forward to a great song daily. DP8 on the way, its all good.

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Thank you Dave and everyone at I love this tradition!

30 Days of Dead November 1