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30 Days of Dead November 14

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I'd like to...

thank the Academy, my agent, and my high school drama teacher.

Fun contest. My perfect batting average is under assault with today's challenge.

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acceptance speech

Congratulations on winning. I think you've confirmed something I had been suspecting.

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right there with ya

been back and forth but can't find the match. so far i count 3 possible shows i cant verify, or maybe im just missing it. seems pretty obvious. i believe these clips are not supposed to be from official releases, so i'm thinking one of the lost tapes or majorly remastered, cause the part i hear that i can't hear when i'm listening is not coming up for me anywhere. or again, i'm just missing it. at least i have some time tomorrow to listen somemore. unless thats bruce on the harp. hehehe
happy hunting

30 Days of Dead November 14