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30 Days of Dead November 17

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Chinese Food

What I thought would be a very subtle hint as that kind of ethnic food typically uses a lot of MSG = Madison Square Garden's picture
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There is also a really good pizza place right across the street from this venue....

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Chinese food

Each day I listen to these makes me sadder that I never got the chance to see them live. Parents were far from hip, and I was only 12 by '95. Fitting for this month, I am thankful for,, all the heads that fueled these performances and recorded them for all in the future. Peace.

So the question begs, can one be a head without ever attending a show?

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A Head

Absolutely, the more the merrier. Who’s driving the bus? Now that an interesting question.

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chinese food?

"we are everywhere" means that we'll continue as a community of like-minded folk into the forseeable future. there's lots of room to grow, room for anyone. come on in, the water's fine !

also, try some Phil or Bob show on for size.


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Think Ned...

chinese food? it's pretty funny...

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i don't get it

Chinese food?

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This posted above instead

What I thought would be a very subtle hint as that kind of ethnic food typically uses a lot of MSG = Madison Square Garden

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I like it like that. ;-)

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First Try

Not Braggin' Just Sayin'

Been playing Thirty Days for 4 years and its the first time it has ever happened.

Of course won't get confirmation until tomorrow but....

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Download doesn't start ...

... of Let It Grow -> Don't Ease Me In ...

Micke Östlund,
Växjö, Sweden

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The girl I love,

She's sweeet and true!
You know the dress she wears, sweet Momma,
It's pink and blue!

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got it on my 3rd try

my ear is getting better at this...

Still think yesterday's 'Shrine' location should be officially addressed since says "Shrine Exhibition Hall." I considered that the final word over & (especially since deadlists project agreed)....

Oh well, I'm already in for the final drawing...,
Peace _&_ LOVE my friends & that to for making my recent Novembers so much fun!

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Shrine Auditorium

Guess you need to do your research

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Agreed. It's annoying at best, but we can still claim the correct date and at least the same building.

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I agree since I decided to let be the final say and I figured if this is the venue THEY are going with, that is the venue I am going with. And considering I have not won yet it is a bummer for me, especially with getting all but 2 of these days correct. But, you live and learn. Two from the Vault is clearly from the Shrine Auditorium and since yesterday's Other One was from the previous night, Shrine Auditorium clearly was the correct answer so I guess it is my own fault. (can't believe nobody has gotten my clue down below for today's! It is as subtle as it gets but there are some Heady folks in here)

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Details, Details!

Thanks timwsiy. Narrowed it down from maybe a dozen possible shows to one!

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30 days of the dead


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One of the top 10 shows I ever saw..

Pretty sure I was at this one....yup, I was. I have listened to the soundboard so many times that every note seems familiar. If I'm wrong...well, no biggie :)

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rise and fall

great jam - another solid Brent assist. rise and fall, rise and fall, rise and...

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Its alright

Great double dose for today, making all of us feel alight, and we will get by...

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Ya Feelin' alright?

"Ya feelin' alright? I'm not feeling too good myself." Nice way to Ease into a Sunday.

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Great combo together. Always left you electric at the end of a set.

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Let It Grow-Ease

"Seasons round, creatures great and small, up and down, as we rise and fall.." This was a great way to Ease me into my Sunday. It took me longer than I thought it would, not as "EASE" as I though it would be….Thanks again for the 30 Days, wish it was 365!

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So subtle....

Dig the clue ! ( if ya meant it to be a clue )So subtle....yet it's what helped me make my choice. (~);}

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Today in GD History 11-17-72

Take a listen people Truckin' > Other One > Brokedown Palace. The music and jams in the first 2 are great. The Other One does have a few meltdown moments were it sounds like nails against a chalkboard in a good way. That's It For The Other One from 8-23-68 was nice as well. Shakedown, So Many Roads, and the 68' other one has been my favorites so far,

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Good Golly

The devil is in the details.

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Saw this earlier, went "huh?". Now it makes sense, I came to the same conclusion.

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fun years

while yesterday's era was all rockin' in your face, these years just lifted your head off into a smooth orbit. love the contrast. love it either way. does this seem to be going by too fast? steal your face right off your head

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Rest of the Day Off

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nice 68! I really thought that was a 69....

30 Days of Dead November 17