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30 Days of Dead November 23

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Rhythm Devils are the Ticket

I think the rhythm section took notice of the stakes, and played the devil away later that night, a true plea for freedom, molecule separating rock fuel, percussion petrol. 4...3...2...1...Ignition Spaceship Earth.

The game of life, as with the game of the dead, is what you make of it. The true treasures are in the hunt, a cornucopia of bittersweet moments in time, the emotional gambit run. I'm bombarded by nostalgia. I look to the past, friends lost, youth enjoyed, tears of joy. I hug my wife and kids, they smile, but wonder why. Cheers people of peace, I miss you all so very much. Cheers, to the future. Down with oppression, be gone hate, healthcare, food, shelter, peace and love for all, equality for all living things. Got an empty cup only love can fill.

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let me guess...

Let me guess nobodys happy with this one either! Not me Dave hopefully the next two days are Day Job and IFTL!!! Thanks from a fan who actually is grateful!

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Esau is one of my fav Bobby tunes!!

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Always dig some Esau!

Even when I've not been excited at first for a tune it's turned out to be pretty sweet. If not, I've found a show that I hadn't heard!!

All good things in all good time!
Thanks Dave!

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The Search for the Obscure

Another song not on my "favorites" list. Though I must admit these have been great versions of these last few songs. Hoping for a strong finish!!

Of course- no matter what, it's fun to wander through the catalogue of songs on the Archive! I do it more these 30 days, than the rest of the year combined.

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Thought that sounded familiar

Turns out I was actually AT this one. Recent convert, I'd seen first show year before, saw a JGB and another GD before year end, then caught 10 this year.

Wasn't a huge tour head, but did see over 100 by 1995. Highgate was my last show, only went b/c Boston friend begged me to come up for his birthday. Jumped off the bus after that, scene had been deteriorating and just turned ridiculous, and music was suffering while getting so expensive too. But mostly I just ached for Jerry, was obvious he was hurting, I just wanted to give the big man a hug and tell him to take care of himself please. :(

So glad I found the band though, certainly changed my life for the better. Peace!

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think i was standing next to you

i swear i listened to this first since it was a show i was at, but 90 minutes later i came up to it again and knew right away i had the match. what the hell was i doing all that time? oh yeah listening to 50 shows. saw them myself once the year before and couldn't believe such a scene existed. still. had heard tapes and albums but once i experienced the lot and shows i knew where i wanted to be.
peace to you!

30 Days of Dead November 23