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30 Days of Dead November 25

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Truly awful tune. Glad that

Truly awful tune. Glad that this was it's only performance !

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May I suggest a show from Brent's 1st fall tour

If we're nudging folks to a good listen, may I suggest a show from Brent's 1st fall tour. According to SetlistProgram, in their entire history, GD played 28 shows with both Franklin's Tower (FT) and Dancin' in the Streets (DITS). Of those, three shows have FT>DITS (pre-Brent), and two shows have DITS>FT(with Brent), the first of the second grouping which happened to be my first show. When I first met John Dwork at a Compendium Book signing, he asked me what my first show was, and when I told him, he immediately responded, "Ohh, the killer Dancin'>Franklin's." It's not too hard to find with these clues, but if you don't know it already, you might have to do a little digging, just in case you had a little extra time on your hands and today's or tomorrow's scavenger hunt was/becomes too easy.

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RT Vol.1 No.1...?

Doesn't one of them appear on the very first RT?

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only a fool?

I love the rare stuff, but to me, seems like they are trying to disguise this one, a very popular song was before this one, or was part of this transition.

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I think this is the week I

I think this is the week I learned to use the big boy potty
Love me some Brent. Easy one today

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Only A Fool...

Never heard this one before. I wonder who or what Brent wrote this for??? Very dark lyrics..

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Great year, still no official releases,

Years ago a trip to Clearwater beach Florida helped me get my hands on the second set bootleg of 7-13-84, and have always enjoyed, even though the audio is not very good.

If you would like some more Brent suggestion 4-29-84 is greeeeaaat. Terrapin > Jam > Don't Need Love > Drums > Space > Truckin' > Stella Blue. There is also some feedback before Truckin'. The Jam > Don't Need Love is awesome.

Since we are talking about rarities, how about a Gentlemen Start Your Engines, Believe It Or Not, Mountains of the Moon, Rosemary, Clementine, or California Earthquake download. November is almost over !!

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Maybe no official releases,

Maybe no official releases, but they have repeated earlier 30 Days releases...

They could do an Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie, or maybe Run Rudolph Run. :)

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A big amen for Believe It Or Not (and Mountains.... I love prog rock, though I hate that term). But Believe is SUCH a beautiful song, why in God's name did they play ANY of Brent's tunes when they could have pulled that out? By they I mean the band, though the question is just as apropos for the folks deciding on the tunestack for 30 DoD.

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Would be another gimme, it was only played once as well. Bellarmine College 12/07/68.
Would love a Clementine!

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Not good

I always put this song alongside If the Shoe Fits, Samba, and others that I simply don't like. If a one-timer was the theme of the day, I would have much preferred Revolutionary Hamstrung Blues.

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Only a fool...

Would have ever played this song twice.

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Amen, Spurman.

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showers bring flowers

is this the right month? I am batting 0 per cent this year but LOVE the music

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pop ups

anyone having trouble with pop up ads again?

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....not with adblock....sorry for the shameless plug but it works great!

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This is what 30 days is all about!

I had never heard this one either, and it's a most welcome diamond in the rough. It doesn't really seem like a new tune, but Brent was working on something, maybe even improvising at times, that thankfully the band never polished up. Very dark! I cracked up this morning as Billy and Mickey seem to just be tapping their drums not knowing where Brent's going, and then teared up as I pictured Brent bent way over the keys lost in emotion.

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New to me

I'd never heard this song before, or even heard of it. Funny how after all this time, there's still new stuff to find. Don't get me wrong, it's not like the first time I heard Terrapin, but pretty cool that in 2013, there's a song from the '80's that I had no idea existed.

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Sic Day

I like to think today's gimme was in relation to me feeling like poor Peter, no going back to my day job this afternoon. Just camping on the bed and listening to some healing music.

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Wasn't this

Going into Drums or is Deaadbase wrong?

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It was only

It was only played once dont over think this one.

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What's This

One of the Audience Recordings Lists It As Jam-What A Fool.

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Might As Well.. get some work done today

Good to have a gimme to start the last week off. Also nice to get a song I never heard before. We'll probably get a real stumper tomorrow to make up for this one.

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Nice little nugget today for the home stretch

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Don't worry...

Someone noted, below, that the full name of the venue isn't included on the drop down list. Everyone called it by its short name, but it did have a longer one. It's the same place, though its gone now. Bulldozed. Saw my first rock concert there - Emerson, Lake & Palmer! Lots of fond memories of an iffy building. Weirdly, the parking lot was on top. One had to drive up a spiral entrance tower that deposited cars into a multilevel parking lot that sat on the roof.

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Ha-ha, what a fool

I can't believe it. After spending hours on previous shows, a gimme and I missed it. Accidentally hit the wrong year--caught it right as I hit submit. And I was even at this one!

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winner winner chicken dinner

I think you should only be entered to win today's challenge if you DIDN'T put in the correct answer...

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Hint ;)

Bobby opens up the second set withn something to the effect of, "The roof leaks here. If you can prove that you're sitting under one of the leaks by showing your ticket stub, you get a free T shirt of your choosing"
Hey Now!

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Angry Brent

I dig Brent's angry woman-hating songs....pure emotion. Check out the "Maybe You Know" meltdown on 04-21-1986

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i was trying to find that again last night and post a comment on it. couldn't remember where i saw it. came across it the other day while looking for esau. some great yet sad history there. interesting to read comments from people who were at the show. like the part where jer figures out whats going on and comes out to the rescue with a going down the road. helpin a brother out. miss them both. hope their jammin out together at that great big gig in the sky.

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also worth a listen

Far From Me - 7/22/90

EDIT: just got to the "Maybe you Know" suggestion is NOT in the same category ;) Sweet little TV theme-ish jam beforehand...

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Might As Well- have torn this old building down.

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What a nice surprise. Beautiful recording quality.
Probably a catch- but I'll go with the obvious.

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Dont be a whiner enjoy a bigger weiner

A rumor Ive been told in the past is that Brent wrote all these commercials...Ill play the fool today. Lol, love you Brent!
Monday morning give-me, I'll take it. Holy crap its the 25th!
We are in the home stretch. Time waits for no man!

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everybody gets a hole-in-one !!

apparently, the venue in the list is not completely named ?? but i'm just going for it for sure.

wow, what a tasty jam (tho not technically a 'Space'); then the song starts ...

i couldn't help feeling over the years that Brent had some anger, and that aura around him always left me a bit sad.

Goddess knows i miss him.
rest in peace, Brent.

30 Days of Dead November 25