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30 Days of Dead November 27

Today's Song

"So Many Roads"
Hint: One of the last batch of Garcia-Hunter songs
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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Copps Coliseum
This moving Garcia-Hunter song was played from 1992 to the last show on 7/9/95. This version is from Bruce Hornsby's final run of shows as member of the Dead.


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One of my Favs

This song is one of my favorites. I love it!

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Huge Thank You

This has been a great month so far. I'll be sorry when it ends. Thank for you for this annual seasonal gift reminding us all that we have much to be thankful for.

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Last 3 - Thanks David!!!

David, great work once again this year. Love this years collection o' tunes. Especially the Unbroken Chain and So Many Roads. So here's my guess on the last three days:

11/28 - Scarlet > Victim > Fire ('91)

11/29 - Space > Lost Sailor > St. Circumstance ('81)

11/30 - Lovelight ('69)

Thanks David, I'm an Archivist too and love my job, but would love yours more :)

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Nothing to do with 30 Days

But really everything to do with it - 52 years ago tonight was the first gathering of what would become known as the Acid Tests, and a fledgling band known as the Warlocks provided the sounds. You all know what happened next, just a couple of weeks later the band changed their name and the rest is history. Can YOU pass it? :-)

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Can You Pass? was graded on a curve (a colorful one), but I think I aced it a few times back in Springfield, OH (Wittenberg U).

Long Strange Trip that I'm sure none of those kids in The Warlocks ever dreamed of. Bless them all.

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Thanks for the rabbit hole...


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For the last three days , I see at least one Bobby stand alone song, I will then go with Estimated > Eyes. And to wrap it a Alabama getaway> Helli in the bucket combo

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That sounds real good!

I will simply go with

Standing On The Moon
Wharf Rat

And be grateful for whatever comes our way (~);-)

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days of future past

There are only a few days left...please, end it with some 60s and 70s. You've left those of us who prefer those years out this time around. That said, thank you for taking the time and putting it all together.

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So many roads to ease my soul...

This was a tough one for me. I started in the wrong direction on my DeadBase and listened to over 50 versions before I think I finally got it. After working that hard I'm not going to sing like a Bluebird and give it away...Hearing Jerry scream So Many Roads to Ease My Soul still gives me goosebumps. This is a beautiful song. The 30 Days are flying by.

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Love Will See You Through

This song was an instant classic upon arrival.
Soulful rendition and a show highlight with its emotional ending.
Enjoyed listening to a few versions from this year before nailing it.

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As someone new to the party I

As someone new to the party I just want to say thanks to DL for "30 days" provides a great education if you do the legwork and listen to those w more knowledge.

Thanks Brass, Wild Bill, espan, Ringo etc etc, you know who you are.

And now for something completely different; on way to work today heard a great version of Casey Jones by Warren Zevon (XM Radio). Fortunate to have seen Zevon a few years before his death.


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Someone new to the party

I love XM radio, and I listen to channel 23 frequently! I totally blew yesterday's offering - I couldn't really hear the keyboards in the background or the backup vocals. I was able to find today's selection easily however - they only played it 40 (+/-) or so times.

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Very Moving

I love how Jerry really belts it out at the end. Even when his voice was somewhat strained, he still sang with conviction. I'd rather hear Jerry sing than someone on The Voice. I saw Bob Dylan recently & he was awesome. I had some people warning me about how bad his voice was now. Unbelievable. I'll never get to see Jerry, but I got to witness the genius of Dylan. Of course I'm jealous of people that have been on the bus for many years. That must have really been something special.

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so many roads


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Drum roll please...

The drum roll at the end help me clinch it after much searching (definitely did not rush into getting this one but I felt like ten bucks when I got it). And the softer keyboard in the intro helped too. A good chunk of a couple years I should have skipped entirely due to the Jerry gtr sound. But it was a fun ride listening to all the different SMR climaxes.

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Id really like a dark star or at least a morning dew in this months series.. maybe a lazy lightening > supplication.?? Just saying.. Your mileage may vary..

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48 stops................

on this "Roads" before I found mine. Was beginning to think I bought a ticket on the wrong line.

What a journey though! I heard many things including:

Blackbirds singing on Bluebird Hill.
Bluebirds singing on Blackbird Hill.
BLACKBOARDS singing on Bluebird Hill(I had to laugh at this one).
And of course, finally, Bluebirds singing on....well, you know where.
Hell, I even heard "Flibberty Jib On The Bippity Bop."(Entertaining and worth a listen, not even kidding).

So in summary, if you're good with your colors, you should have no trouble finding this one.

And a big THANKS to whoever it is behind that curtain driving this bus.

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Brings tears to one's eyes

Yup -- me too ...

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Love it

Man does Jerry bring it on this song. Brings a tear to your eye. This and many other Jerry songs are the reason I cant bring myself to see the cover bands i.e, dead and co . Its not the same

Cheers all

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Heart and soul

There really were no other songs in the latter days of the band that Jerry really put everything he had into every time they performed it like this one. Brings chills and a few tears every time I hear it.'s picture
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Reminder, If you are looking for past year's 30 Days
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Love me some So Many Roads

Love all the song references in this song and love that he sings his heart out. Perfect choice to get me through the day and I miss you Jerry. Everyone needs more Grateful Dead in their life, eh!!

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"one that almost got away..........."

So says RH in BOR. Thank you Mr. Hunter.

I also must say: LOVE AND MISS YOU JERRY.


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I was pretty sure I found it

I was pretty sure I found it right away, but I kept checking — just like every Dead fan with OCD, and I found out that Jerry got the first bird wrong several times and even transposed them at least twice. So there goes that clue. But this version has many distinct elements that make me almost certain I got it right, though I couldn't make it sync exactly (just like yesterday).

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At last two in a row.

For the first time I've got it two days in a row, the hint made me search for shows where more than one of the last batch of G/H songs were played and after listening to the band playing I found the right one.
This is a great version of the song.

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"So Many Roads" ~ Grateful Dead , 30 Days , Thank you

Rest in Peace ~ Uncle Matt

The Unbroken Chain , you will always be near ~ to my heart thoughts and prayers

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Tough one

I will admit that this was a tough one for me. I got it, but don't want to think about how much time I spent.

Sometimes you get lucky. This was not one of those days.

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what color was it u thought u saw

always start in working version is really getting tattered with post its, notes in margin and such....sometimes a comment hint can b verified amongst the dozens of bizarre arcane trivia.

found my key clue in the first verse
used the 1 comment hint to zero in and
then listened to the first verse of every one
so for once i am 99.99999999999% sure
of course the coliseum could be an arena or a dance

3 days to go
cant wait for a 6 hour drive later this week so i can take my new playlist out and c how it sounds 1-30.


hey the color i saw rhymes with the clue

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Such a great song.....every

Such a great song.....every time this was sung, I'd feel it would be the last time Jerry would sing it.

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so many times

The more I hear this song, the more it means.

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i dont know when this beautiful one played.
i love you jerry. yeah.

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I was there!

And it was my birthday. Another great memory with The Grateful Dead

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May 31, 1948?


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Me, too!

Being there, though not my birthday. Shows were better the previous run through this town, however. Still, nothing but positive memories from this particular stop!

The last burst of Hunter/Gracia stuff was really nice (and I count from '88'89 on). Foolish Heart. Standing on the Moon. Lazy River Road. Days Between. So Many Roads.

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second guess

sweet. got lucky. old dead- new dead, doesn't matter. love it all. been easin my soul for so many roads. this tune proves it. the never ending story

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The Only Choice


Dave manages to pick the best song from an otherwise mostly lackluster show - well done!

Some controversy about the personnel on this date; it seems pretty clear to me, but the contributions pale compared to the show just before this. Worth a listen for some choice tidbits, I suppose, but I prefer the '70s.

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Got it with no hints!

I decided that I would power through instead of "cheating" off everyone else ;) - the little lyric mishap was helpful!

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lovin' all the 90s dead...

thanx for another killer choice, DL!
way to go, my bro...
didn't need much help to find it...

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same here

That makes 9 so far this month from the 90s. Gotta be a record for 30 DoD! Plus a couple from the great year of '89. HINT ALERT: of the selections from the 90's, a disproportionate amount come from this particular month.

This is a great version of So Many Roads. Heartfelt and emotive. Minor lyrical miscue (what kind of bird is it?) makes it easier to narrow it down.

30 Days of Dead November 27