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30 Days of Dead November 9

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I remember...

This was my second show, the first being in Passaic, NJ the Nov before.
I remember we were all hanging on the lawn outside the field house, pretty packed in there. Then the doors opened - out. There was a horrible crush like I'd never seen before or since. People were falling and it was difficult to get them back up and on their feet. I held onto the belt loop of a guy I'd just met that afternoon, and who is still a dear friend. He was sucked through the door, and I lost hold of him, but a big hand came out and pulled me through as the crowd surged backwards. It was a scary beginning, and I was glad to not be tripping for that!
The show was lots of fun, though!

Nowadays, Passenger is the first song I put on when I'm going to work out. Gets the blood going!

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Listen to the drumming in this one -

the drummers are outstanding.

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School days school days

Have another hit...of fresh air

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I get the feeling the download for Sunday will be top notch

And very long so we can all enjoy a nice long jam & relax while watching football, or just enjoy the seasons changing while hearing a great improv jam. How about some thing from 72-74 or a great drums > space from mid to late 80' maybe an 84' or 85' Space > Other One

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How to download these ??

Did anybody get these. ?? Released in 2007 end of year , I believe. Would like more 79' and since these are already out how do I get?? iTunes did not have, they do have the download series , which are very nice. I own about half and plan to buy the rest eventually, 76' show + filler next on my list & then the April 69' show although a bit pricey compared to the others

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Thanks for the hints!

Not sure if I got it (I'll find out tomorrow), but much appreciation for the better hints from fellow participants... I at least have a chance now, where before I didn't have a clue...

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Grateful the hints

only make sense to me after I find the song but solidify my choice once it's made.
Todays song is from a really, really, really Great show I had not heard. Thank You David Lemieux!
Always Jolly Good Fun!

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Holy smokes - a hot version. ' love the drums. Relentless.

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how is today's "hint" a hint?

it is basic knowledge.

Hint: The Grateful Dead played at Woodstock.
Hint: Robert Hunter wrote lyrics.


I'll just listen from now on.

Sincerely, folks, have a grateful day!!!

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Yep....I found this to be quite a challenge. What's that you say, a special guest on NFA? Holy leap'n Leopards!

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Boom goes the dynamite

I am definitely on a roll people have commented before, there are definitely a few clues in this song that narrow it down tremendously and make it very easy to pin-point. Upside out or inside down, false alarm, the only game in town!

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I learned early on to listen to the entire track before spending much time hunting around for shows. It's like putting together a piece of furniture, how it says "read all instructions before starting". Nobody does it, but if you do, it can make your job a bit easier...

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Hints are really beside the point here.

There are only a handful of versions that come even close to fitting the bill if you've listened with care to the track in full...

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Smokin' version full of Phil bombs, great Jerry licks and Brent and Bobby beltin' it out. This was a fun one. Theres definitely some spots in the song that stand out as a clue. Love the remaster of this one too, as the ones floating around already sound a little like there at double speed.

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I thought I had it for a 10

I thought I had it for a 10 second stretch there... two hours later I still don't know

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There are two audible points of triangulation that quickly narrow down the possibilities to just a few shows. It was fun listening to them, all from my first years seeing the band!

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Thanks for the hints! keep 'em comin'!

I personally enjoy the hints! like sayin yesterday's was 'purty.' that helpedI have been getting most shows right, but I missed cream pudf bc it wasn't in the archive database to hear (i picked 7/16!, ugh). and missed W L A bc I never got to that show... lots of West la's on archive! funny how west coast fans seem more mellow at shows and east coasters react more intensely.. maybe i shouldn't have wasted time goin through all those shoreline and cal expo versions. i knew it was 86-87... but sooo many shows! ok, off to passenger!

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Matrix mix

This show is perfect for a matrix mix. :-)

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30 DAYs -"No man's land, the only game in town" I believe we had a Passenger on our 2011 "30 Days" ride as well. Thanks again for the free high quality downloads. I miss the days when archive was unlimited and not just streaming for the soundboards...

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Once Brent joins the band I

Once Brent joins the band I have a much harder time finding the correct show. But, the Grateful Dead universe had mercy on me today. I thankfully found it quickly. I didn't want to spend my whole Saturday listening to 80's Passenger ;)

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So, I've never heard a Brent version of this song before!

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That's enough for this one!

Too tough for me... good luck everybody!

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thought i'd heard it

i always thought i'd heard this song live, i remember feeling like it was at UIC in chicago '87, but the setlist database proves me wrong. i don't know, maybe it was the roses, but it probably was all the drugs.
oh well nice jam and since i could i picked up the whole show while i was at it.

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Love these harmonies

Bob and Brent are going off!

All the boys are filled with energy on this one, smoking!

30 Days of Dead November 9