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30 Days of Dead

Who needs a miracle everyday? We sure do and we bet you could use one too!

Consider this our gift to you for being so darn loyal... Each day in November we will be giving away a high-quality 320Kbps MP3 download. That's 30 days of unreleased Grateful Dead tracks from the vault, selected by Dead archivist and producer David Lemieux! Intrigued? We're also going to put your knowledge to the test and give you the chance to win Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Collectible Playing Cards.

Most of you know the drill by now, but for those, that don't, here's the deal:

You know your Ables from your Bakers from your C's, but can your finely tuned ears differentiate the cosmic "comeback" tour from a spacey 70's show? Each day we'll post a free download from one of the Dead's coveted shows. Will it be from that magical night at Madison Square Garden in '93 or from way back when they were just starting to warm it up at Winterland? Is that Pigpen's harmonica we hear? Brent on keys? Step right up and try your hand all November long and win a prize while you're at it.

Today's Song

Uncle John's Band
Hint: Played steadily 1969-1995, with two years exempted: 1976 and 1978
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Yesterday's answer...

Auburn Hills, MI, The Palace
Played at 65 Grateful Dead 1993-1995, including the last-ever Grateful Dead show

Yesterday's winner...

James K.
Centreville, VA
Joined: Jul 12 2014
Choices Choices...

mmm how to decide which name to go with it, ah a coin that will do. Thank you for this years 30 Days of Dead. Still wished you had gone for one pick for each year this time.

Good fun.

BlackThroatedMind's picture
Joined: Sep 23 2015
what's in a name?

So do we go with the name it was christened in 1971 and was called when the Dead played there for this show? seems it remained the odder name into the 80s.

flavaham's picture
Joined: Nov 11 2010
As Dr. Seuss once said...

"Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened..."

Always a fun month here! I got this one but as with everyone else, I don't know if I got the venue right. Maybe just the date would be enough? Oh well, I'm 30 songs richer so I'm happy!

Thanks to everyone who makes this happen! See you next year!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Here's the songs I saw from 6

Here's the songs I saw from 6 years of 30 Days (also all the files)

Joined: Jun 14 2007
Thanks a lot, we'll see y'all later, bye bye.

Thank you to All.....this most Amazing Beautiful Tribe!

Always look forward to November because of 30 daze.....the songs, the stories, the memories. Yes, it was a great year with the gift of the Fare Thee Well shows....the closing of a circle for me and now I can go to the grave with a peaceful soul.

Peace, Love, & Light, and Good Night.

Joined: Nov 11 2013
November Dead

Boy did November fly by. Nice ending to the month Thank you all for the songs . Enjoy your holiday season and have a great year. Will check back next November


Joined: Nov 1 2013
November Thanks

Many thanks to all associated with this gift. It makes November a month to look forward to and it's a gift that lasts a good long time.

WackaloonQ's picture
Joined: Jun 16 2007
thanks to all and to all a good night

thanks to dave and co., and all my fellow searchers and november couch tour buddies. i could not have made it without you.
had the most wonderful time
already i am setting up playlists by year to listen to.

looking forward to seeing all of you here nov 2016 for another month of touring
god bless and peace
joel q
garfield, nj

geododge's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2013
Good Night!

What a great year it's been. Thanks to everyone who put this together, as well as all of the searchers & hinters!
Happy Holidays to all. See you in 11 months!

Joined: Nov 1 2010
Thanks, Dave!

Thanks a lot we’ll see you all later on, bye bye.

Hope to see you all back here next year!

sirhc76's picture
Joined: Nov 7 2014
Does anyone here know if Ed

Does anyone here know if Ed Martin will be doing his Unofficial 31 days of december.....always a nice follow up to this November gift. Thanks

Joined: Apr 15 2013
What a knockout

year this was. Thanks to all that put it together and participated with/without the subtle hints.

As a final reminder for this year, drop me a PM if you'd like my spreadsheet that logs all of the 30 days since 2010. I should have it updated by today. It's pretty neat if you're a data geek or just like to have them all in one place. All the songs are hyperlinked to the setlists day for easy access.

- Justin

falcstubs's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
whoops went to PM

whoops went to PM

Joined: Nov 12 2011
Thanks alot..

We'll see you all later on. Bye bye.

Joined: Nov 19 2011
from one Uncle John to another...

Fitting to have this frequent show-closer/encore as our 2015 last hoorah! UJB now becomes the most-released 30DOD song with seven!

I want to add my hearty thanks to all at and rhino for bringing us so much amazing remastered music from our beloved Grateful Dead. Special thanks to Dave and Mary.

Thanks also to the regulars who add so much enjoyment every day with your interesting, informative, humorous posts! Happy holidays everyone, see you November 1, 2016!!

Uncle John Harder
Windsor, Ontario

spaceboy69's picture
Joined: Jan 13 2009
Thank you Grateful Dead,

30 Days have come and gone but the Band Plays On.

Joined: Jan 1 2009

Nailed it on the first try. Of course there was only one year that it could have been.

Joined: Nov 12 2011
Ending on a winner

Yep, going out on the top for sure!
Thanks everyone--see ya next year.

lamarred664's picture
Joined: Apr 28 2008
Thank You for Another 30 Days of Sweetness

Thanks to all that put this years 30DOD together,congrats to all the daily winners! This was another fun month of searching for the right show (Hornsby, D-Rae & Ace your hints were excellent). Happy Holidays to all!!!

walstib68's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2013
Thank You....

....for a real good time Dave & Company and to all my fellow searchers this year. See y'all next year!! Have a safe and happy holiday season!!

woodro69's picture
Joined: Jan 2 2009
It was a great month of music

Thanks a lot - we'll see y'all later on. Bye-bye.

deadfeat1's picture
Joined: Jul 3 2008
Much Appreciated!!!

Thanks for all the great tunes...much appreciation for the guaranteed enjoyment! Joe

timecat23's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2010
From the heart..THANK YOU!

I SO look forward to 30Days all year long, warms my soul during the creeping cold of winter. Thank you Dave & Co and Mary! Awesome job and great selections (despite what the whiny comment section cool kids said throughout (hot damn, the LITTLE big dogs were yipping non stop this year...lose the egos know-it-alls, it's more fun after that).
Hear you in 11 months :)

smallz's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Encore, encore!

Even as a repeat this year, today's selection is great! What a nice way to finish. Thanks for another fine year of FREE downloads! Gonna be enjoying these tasty nuggets along with my morning coffee for a while, or at least until the first release of Dave's Picks 2016 :)

jamgol's picture
Joined: Sep 3 2010
Always a hoot!

Thank you again for this gift. Looking forward to playing again next year! Happy Holidays!
PS-That UJB rocks!

hornsby's picture
Joined: Nov 2 2010
yeah i know

i'm posting again. but before i sign off and wont be back on til its over, (to see if i won yet, fingers crossed) wanted to say- grate as always, the music, ramblin on to you guys, digging around in the vault, spending time in this 30 days community. really look forward to it every year, so thanks to those who put the time and energy into putting it together, and it's always awesome running into all you guys year after year here, ya'll know who you are. and meeting new people still. if anyone gets to the seattle area drop a line, especially up to the gorge for a show, there's still some music worth seeing out there. it'd be cool to actually run into one of you guys someday. stranger things have happened,i know i've been there. and give it up for Ace and his bro esau, fondo getting a little jelly roll, dodge got a box, and pondo getting a little love this year. congrats to you guys and anyone else who won. its been a real gas man, as always. get together and let the good times roll and may the four winds blow you safely home. peace everybody! smell ya later
Hornsby-out! (-mike drop-)

Joined: Jan 24 2011
Thanks Dave & Co for another great 30 Days of Dead!!!!

Before going green was cool. I feel like the Wizard of Oz at Home in his castle, able to call up whatever GD delights I wish for at the turn of a knob, the push of a lever. Thanks for a great 30 Days!!

Joined: Jul 21 2007
Thank you......for a real good time..!

A big, BIG, thank you to all at for this year's dotd. Great songs...probably the best year yet.!!

hornsby's picture
Joined: Nov 2 2010
nice finish

think i know why they picked this one
here's my last hint for 2015
grateful dead
happy hunting

edit: crap found that one too fast. gotta wait another year to do all this again. couldn't have picked a better city to close up shop. cool venue too, seen a lot of shows there, just not dead.

Joined: Jun 6 2007
Jerry liked it too...

In an interview a few days later, as he was changing his guitar strings, he mentioned this show as being "a beautiful night, we really enjoyed it - and we're jaded as hell..."

hornsby's picture
Joined: Nov 2 2010
reply to self

here we go with the whole venue name thing again.
and wait a minute my name's not james k.!

Joined: Nov 1 2010
venue name

It's the same place. I found two independent sources confirming what most all of the Dead sources called it. It started out as one, and was renamed the other in 1971, then went back to the first one after the Dead played there. But it's the same place folks.

timwsiy's picture
Joined: Nov 4 2013
venue name

I had to do a little digging before deciding which one to go with myself as I hadn't heard it called by that second name before. I would have loved to see the Dead play there back in the day but I was not quite 10 and living in Boston when this show took place. Until next year...

hornsby's picture
Joined: Nov 2 2010
same here

right on Tim. was ten myself at the time and living in detroit- rock city. went with the weird answer after pokin around, but that's what they said. anyhow. killer game today eh? peace to you

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