"After a few hearings I remain pretty convinced that this is the best show I've heard from the 1977 tour.""Enough can't be said about this superb show.""Deemed so important to the history and culture of the United States that a copy of this work demands permanent housing and cataloging within the 'nation's library,' the Library of Congress.""It is the stuff of history and legend, myth and mystery...""The finest events in entertainment to take place this year in Ithaca,""All the gears meshed together for us that time.""After a decade of experimenting...I think we have come up with a version that works""In 1976 it was seat of the pants, but in 1977, it got tight,""...the single best rock performance anywhere, anytime, by anyone.""There was just some kind of magical connection this night between the band members and the band and the audience - some texture, or some type of cosmic or celestial force is in the room.""This show is, was, and always will be Mecca.""There was something truly special and Magical about these nights...""What a great show that was!""Literally walked out of my last final exam as a student, got into a friend's car and drove... ""The Dancin' that closed the first set is also amazing""That shakedown is outstanding, can't wait to hear these recordings...""What an introduction to the Dead.""This show surely goes down as my all-time favorite...""The fact that it snowed later on that night made it even more memorable...""To this day we still refer to that Dancin' As the Nitrous Jam from Cornell"

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