Grateful Dead

April 14 Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen

The first night at Tivolis Koncertsal in Copenhagen was the first-ever concert the Grateful Dead ever performed in front of a paying, foreign-speaking audience.

Tune into a stream of "Bertha" from this show.

CD 1 of 4
Bertha Listen to this song
Me and My Uncle
Mr. Charlie
You Win Again
Black Throated Wind
Chinatown Shuffle
Me and Bobby McGee
Cumberland Blues
Playing in the Band

CD 2 of 4
Tennessee Jed
El Paso
Big Boss Man
Beat it on Down the Line
Casey Jones
Hurts Me Too
Brown Eyed Women
Looks Like Rain

CD 3 of 4
Dark Star
Sugar Magnolia
Good Lovin'
Good Lovin'

CD 4 of 4
Ramble On Rose
Not Fade Away
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad
Not Fade Away
One More Saturday Night


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cosmicbadger's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
Speaking foreign

'.....the first-ever concert the Grateful Dead ever performed in front of a paying, foreign-speaking audience. '

What a strange and rather clumsy thing to write. Not xenophobic for sure but certainly rather oddly anglocentric. The rest of the world has its own languages and cultures ..they don't just speak foreign. And Is it really that significant the the audience not only spoke foreign, but also paid? Of course the GD had played at the Chateau D'Herouville the year before but that audience did not pay and spoke a different kind of foereign. So that was different.

Surely there is something more distinctive to say about this show?

Anyway thanks for the Bertha. Please keep em coming.

Joined: Jan 7 2009
Those foreign speaking

Those foreign speaking people probably paid their tickets with furs or other such natural products. And spoke that foreign language (danish) all the time. Boys couldnt even concentrate on their playing because of that murmur. So thats why there is nothing more to say about this concert ;-).

However thank you very much for these teasers. Always nice to hear them. Keep up the good work.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
four discs!

Wow ~ four discs for one show! Were those the days, or what...?

Nice placement of Hurts Me Too after Truckin'......that song doesn't exactly elevate a set, for me, but in the second set right after a rocker looks like a perfect place to drop it down (then again, the one in the film, from the other Copenhagen concert, is a standout ~ Jerry puts some really inspired slide on it, so probably here, too).

As for the paying, foreign speaking audience (to the band it WAS a foreign-speaking audience, no shame in that, it's a fact), I think the key point is they were moving up in the world, what with paying audiences in multiple countries now, where five years earlier they were merely hitting different states (pardon the pun ; ) in the good ol' USA.

Am I the only one who doesn't did Jerry's rendition of You Win Again? It's noteworthy for being the blueprint of uptempo Garcia Band covers for a couple decades to come, but Hank's song is a heart-wrencher, not a dance tune. It might just work except Jerry always deletes the final ~ most important ~ line: "I LOVE YOU STILL ~ you win again." Choke.

Joined: Jun 4 2007

I meant to say dig. Not did.

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Joined: Feb 2 2011
looks like strain

the early looks like rains (from academy of music and then the three from EARLY in the E72 tour) are so great, i wonder why they quit playin it for a relatively long time until it resurfaced without pedal steel

maybe to let donna learn it and take over the high harmony from phil? but i think that although phil's vocals on this tune seemed a bit strained that they were still great

i was just listening to the academy of music version from dickspicks and noticed the following for the first time...

right before they play looks like rain phil says this next song speaks for itself

then several other jokes from band members until someone said...

maybe she just had to get up to take a leak

the newcastle version was on a single tape recording i had from this show back in the 80s, that really floored me

this one is great also

Joined: Jun 4 2007
the rain

Yeah, Bob never sang it the same way after these early "Ace" versions ~ the melody is so strong and beautiful. Even by the Dick's 28 version a year later, it's different. I never had an early one on tape, I was psyched when the Europe '72 remaster came out & included LLR (right, it's this Tivolis one, isn't it?) ~ beautiful version, with the Phil harmony & pedal steel. "This is a cryin' song..."

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Joined: Nov 3 2010
Facebook streams

I just visited the Grateful Dead Facebook page
and noticed that the 4/14 stream (Black-Throated Wind)
is different from the stream (Bertha)...

Was this also the case for 4/7, 4/8, and 4/11?

And, if so, what were the Facebook streams for those
three dates?



cbs73's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2010
facebook tour app

The stream on has been different from the Facebook tour app. The source streams using the standard FLV player.

However, the Facebook app songs (MP3s) can be copied from your temporary internet files location after the file is completely loaded. The files so far have been:

Playing In The Band 4/7 128kbps
Cumberland Blues 4/8 128kbps
Jack Straw 4/11 128kbps
Black-Throated Wind 4/14 160kbps

A Lost Kid Named Frank's picture
Joined: Jan 25 2011
Nice start

Easily one of the best versions of Bertha ever played.

Joined: Dec 27 2011
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April 14 Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen