Grateful Dead

Olompali Sunday Times #1, Page 2 of 4

Olompali Sunday Times #1, Page 2 of 4




Olompali Sunday Times No.1. Page 2 of 4 by the Fan Club, Connie Bonner, Bob Matthews and Sue Swanson



Olompali Sausalito, CA
United States


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Joined: Jun 13 2007
DIY - do it yourself

these folks were punk before there was punk

reminds me of all the little mags that came out in the 60's to 80's rough and fun, pre digital era

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
William Blake

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Joined: Nov 4 2010
I have a copy of #1 with a different second page!!

Howdy Folks...

Not sure if anyone is reading this thread anymore but...

I recently acquired two copies of this puppy from John "Marmaduke" Dawson's personal collection/possessions, that were being auctioned off; and I have some questions...

I do not doubt the veracity of the authenticity that they were from John's personal collection...But...My copies have a different inside cover then the ones pictured here, or other places I have seen pics...?

So, here are my considerations; and if anyone might have any information to help me clear this up for myself...Or might know anyone (Sue Swanson, Bob Matthews...If they are still alive?) who might have some insight that might help me; I would be most Grateful! :-)

So, here's my issues, and my thoughts:

I have done some research, as I mentioned...And the inside page (inside of the cover) does not match up with any other existing copies of this newsletter that are pictured out there, in auctions or other postings...? The handwritten type is different, the cover collage attribution info is different (It attributes it to "Snowflake Studios"), and there is mailing info at the bottom of the page which is missing...It actually seems like the text for that particular page was enlarged, so that it doesn't 'fit' entirely on the page...? Now, I am not sure why accounts for these anomalies? I am going to try to do some further research, and also consult some of my expert friends in the collecting field...But, my suspicions are one of two things...

1.) Either there were two printings of this issue #1, two runs...One of which, this one, had 'errors', and so they 'trashed them' and never distributed them...? And perhaps this is why John had so many copies...? He just grabbed the flawed ones, and stuck'em away...Which in a way, would actually make these copies even RARER than the other known copies...?


2.) These are actually 'fakes', as it were...Printed at another time; and somewhat 'Frankensteined' together...Therefore accounting for the variations/flaws...? Not sure why, or when they would have been done...? Or why John would have them? Maybe they were done as just some fun things to hand out to folks at shows, or for a commemorative situation, reunion, etc...? Who knows...?

Thanks in advance again, to anyone who might be able shed some light on this situation :-)

Hope Y'all are doing Well...And perhaps see some of you in Chicago in July!!

Have a Beautiful Day, Cheers!! Sir Lancealot :0)



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Olompali Sunday Times #1, Page 2 of 4