Grateful Dead

Rare Bertha Video from September 16th, 1978

30 years ago the Grateful Dead arrived in Egypt and created one of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s most monumental achievements by playing 3 unforgettable shows at the Sound & Light Theater near Cairo. To celebrate the enduring legacy of this musical milestone, we’re streaming video of the first song, "Bertha" from that final night, September 16th, 1978.

This excerpt is plucked from the DVD inside ROCKING THE CRADLE: EGYPT 1978. You'll find 100 minutes of footage on the DVD -- including 13 songs from the night of the 16th. Another DVD highlight is “The Vacation Tapes,” a featurette of never-before-seen candid band footage from the trip.


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Joined: Nov 4 2007
We are lucky

We are lucky to love a band that has been so free with there live tapes, we are lucky this footage exists, and we are lucky we live in america.Even though there are things to complain about and problems to solve we still live in the best country in the world. That being said, the Egypt run wasn't as stellar as everyone had hoped it would be but it still was our band at the foot of the friggin Sphinx- how much cooler could that be. Just be glad the Dead made this happen and not Foreigner or some other god foresaken band. I am stoked to soon get "from the cradle" and feel blessed to have seen Jerry play hundreds of times. Thanks for this release. On a different note, NOW it's time to hire some detectives and track down the soundboard masters of the 1/10 and 1/11 1979 shows at the Nassau Coliseum.(they aren't in the vault) Someone has them (Healy, a crew member, someone affiliated with the band) These tapes need to be tracked down and released. It will be worth the effort and every penny invested.

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Donna may be off key but I have never seen her look more beautiful. And what's with Bob with his thrusting guitar jabs?
Yes, playing a little slow....but I'l take it anyway, thanks!

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HEY Groovy

Glad the majority of you like the video! Geez-Groovy-don't be dissing Donna on this page......if ya don't like it-don't listen to it................Gypsy Cowgirl (rep for Donna's girlfriends)

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grate vid

hot donna, bobby jumping all over, and jerry in pig tail puff balls... how cool!!!
thx for sharing deadnet
can't please everybody, even when it's free

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Could I have been misinformed

Word on the street has always been," Oh, Egypt's no good..." or "The Dead can't play when it counts." I like this. Sometimes history isn't as great as you wan't it to be , but, I've seen and heard much worse. C'mon, afro-puffs and all, maybe '78 isn't my favorite, but this is a monumentus undertaking and doesn't sound that bad. Thanks for the release.

Without love in the dream it'll never come true.

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i had to mooooove


donna does not suck on this bertha she does not ruin it which is very welcome, i was at the pyramids in '83, these pyramids, i found myself looking for some leftover blotter in the sand. never found any but smoked some hashish with bedouins with camels, they remembered the dead show they said they liked the freaks they thought they were cool and that they made a lot of bahcksheesh giving camel rides to deadheads .. ::)

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Just warmin up

First tune, hash city: give the boys a break.
This video was shot on my 19th birthday. can do the arithmetic.
Thanks for the blast-o-past birthday present,!

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Moon Viewing

Had Walmer
I've just returned
Portland Japanese Garden Moon Viewing
Here you are

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Egyptian Hair Band

The only thing better than the music is Jerry's hair!

Joined: Jun 30 2007
Another Miracle

Another Miracle release! This set looks like a 'must-have'. What a great time capsule. What a great year for The Dead. I always loved Donna Jean. What's with Kreutzmann's hand? He's playing one-handed, and sounds great anyway. His left hand looks like it's about as big as a football.


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Rare Bertha Video from September 16th, 1978