Grateful Dead

Dave's Picks Volume 1

For a limited time we invite you to enjoy Lazy Lightning>Supplication from Dave's Picks Volume 1 - The Mosque, Richmond, VA, 5.25.77.

Click here to listen
(Player takes a minute to load - but it's worth the wait!)


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Joined: Jan 19 2011

Oh, Jerry is just right on here, hey! Really does sound like an impassioned performance- very excited to receive the package- well packaged!

Joined: Jun 13 2007

And today....
I found a listening party!
Happy Friday Night In the House!
RUB THE FIRE>>>>>>>>>>>
Feel the Good, xo!


Dave, sounds like some of the folks need a tad looser case for their CD's.
I can't help them out. AHhh elegant pride. I hope you can help them, xo!

AND on the 2nd time through....

Rub the fire ever tightening
Loop of lazy lightening

Double dose


Xcellent Jam, feels awesome!
All the elements comming @ together...
This is an AWESOME first VOLUME 1


Bolt of inspiration /


Fantastic, I respect and support your selection for Vol. #1.
I have enjoyed it...beyond description.


Joined: Dec 10 2011
bought the hartford '77

bought the hartford '77 release and dont enjoy it. way too cleaned up. way to digi for my ears. i break out the old maxells. they have the grit that i like. these new releases sound artificial. sorry dave.

Joined: Dec 10 2011

Any thing from 77 is great in my book. 1977 for the Dead was like 1975 for Led Zeppelin, never a bad show. A release like the Europe 72 tour would be great. A 74 release would be all right too.

Joined: Jun 13 2007

I forgot when I stopped in last night...
why I came by.
It was so sweet to find the hot licks,
I got distracted.

On Friday~
the Drumsticks
became a -------->


There is no wide-spread rules about them.
It works for me.

I never imagined
I would imagine it
until I imagined it.


It's a new logo!
Our Stealie is forever protected!

Now, if we could just teach what it means.
Maybe I should have my own thread and teach
the old concepts of love and peace and the
depth of the "Art" that is the Grateful Dead.
So many angry-used and abused people that
the anger and hate has become them.
...."forgetting the love we bring"
I am so heart-broke over the scene, honestly.
I read threads everywhere and watch the
..."hey hey fade away". Well not me!
Wake Up! Stop someone and say so you know
what the HEY HEY is?
We never abused anyone....we sang about abuse,
and comforted each other.
We love you all, why would you write hurtful
things? This scene was truely the most
delightful place on the planet--- IT STILL IS---@
EXCEPT for some nasty bastards and bastardettes.
Unless someone stands up for IT they may kill it DEAD.
Ahhh imagination settle down easy......
wooohoooo 28th day rant weeeeeeeeeeeeee
Actually it's truth serum; everytime.
okay where was I----right

The meatless wooden sparking drumsticks
that in my imagination became a -------->


Joyous imagination live on, xo!
May you all find joy, experience it, feel it, live it!
May you ALL take a another man by the hand-
at share the meaning of Grateful Dead.
May You feel so comfortable that your cells
tickle you up your spine and you find your
Chershire Grin on your faceless Skull!
Have a very jolly Saturday Night!
(Even when I ain't happy about somethings.)
I know how to feel better, so don't worry about me no!

Now where is that: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN spot.

I hope I haven't said the wrong thing-
in your thread----> It felt good, 28th day an all!


Joined: Jun 13 2007

Yep, I surfed out after a listen and
found a pure musical experience

One miracle to miracle to another

I have the grin RIGHT NOW!

Life should be fablous!

Is yours>

It's December 10, 2010
Live on the Internet!

Thanks Dave going to Rock ON!

Joined: Nov 7 2011
strong talk


Joined: Nov 30 2009
not a fan of the cover (chee-z, in a word)

This is one of my all-time faves and (yes, "Dave's Faves" sounds a lot better...) from what I can see coming down the line, Dave is picking shows that have always been among my most cherished (GOOD TASTE, DAVE!!!).Further I haven't heard the mixes on the new E '72 stuff nor this release, so the comments below refer to what I HAVE heard of the most recent releases. The sound is claustrophoob

but the real issue is the mix...
however, to my ears,
too many of the recent releases (see criticism of the Hartford mix posted previously) seem to be mixed EVERYTHING EQUALLY LOUD which robs the sound of the natural concert dynamic as it occurred at the time... Further, another by-product of this type of mix is the high end presence is not sharp and crisp and "airy" ("Live/Dead" for example), in other words, there is a lack of "headroom", a lack of a sense of actually being "in the room" listening to the show... Not that those sounds are not in the recording, but the fact EVERYTHING ELSE IS MIXED EQUALLY LOUD, seems to "cover up" or mask the high end frequency range (a.k.a. "PRESENCE", Jimmy Page ref. not intended, but certainly apt since he was a master in the studio and had "the gift" of knowing what sounds great on a record!) Hard to explain, but easily identifiable to the discerning ear(s).,


I don't want to be sonically bludgeoned with a hammer, but I do like to ride a wave, or listen to the show with a bit more of the sound as it occurred in the mix *at the time*, and with as wide a dynamic range between the softest sounds and the loudest as still sounds great to the ears and works. Some of the recent mixes sound almost "overcompressed". Just my 0 cents.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
hear hear?

well this is all getting a bit esoteric for me. After too much time at loud shows, I feel lucky enough to have any hearing left at all. For tidied up tapes that were never recorded for release the Road Trips sound has mostly been great and sometimes outstanding. And almost all were from 2 track tapes so no mixing and adjustng the levels of the instruments was possible. Live Dead and the Europe 72 were mixed from multitracks and so of course they sound better.

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Joined: Jul 20 2007
Yes, compressed

Eric, thanks for posting this. I agree to some extent (and I don't think it is esoteric at all). It is certainly true that *some* recent releases, starting with Road Trips, have been louder. This is just demonstrable - I can put DP22 on my stereo and turn it to volume level "27" and it sounds great, lots of dynamic range. With a typical RT, I would have it at about level "20" for the same apparent volume.

And that can lead to ear exhaustion (as seems to happen with things that are mixed for @#%$#! iPods) - not because it is just "louder" - I mean, just turn it down right? - but because it feels like EVERY part of the music is louder, as you say, compressed (Exhibit A = The first RT from 1979). I do feel this got better with later RT's (for example Boston '76 is like a nice warm fuzzy blanket), and I look forward to hearing RT 4.3 and 4.4 - ah c'mon mailman! ******** EDIT: And I'm not just comparing apples to oranges - one of my favorite sounding releases from any era is DP5, from the same tour as the first RT)**********

Anyway, I don't know crap about this stuff, only what my ears and volume level told me... (And it's not like I don't love the releases, even though the first RT turned me off for a while, due to sound, after all, on Cyber Monday I ordered the Winterland '77 box, the 1982 and 1973 RT's, and Rotterdam '72. D'oh! I LOVE This stuff and THANK YOU for all the amazing releases - this post is not a complaint, but rather hopefully constructive feedback)


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Dave's Picks Volume 1