Grateful Dead

2006 Webby Award Nomination


The International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences honored the new with a 2006 Webby Award nomination in recognition of the “outstanding skill, ingenuity, and vision of its creators.” About The Official Homepage of Grateful Dead Grateful Dead Productions CEO Cameron Sears assembled a team of information architects, designers, and scholars to produce the new Coordinated by Sue Swanson and Jeremy Kashnow (Setbreak Inc.), the year-long effort was supported by Eileen Law, Dennis McNally, David Lemieux ,and Orion Trist. Technical support provided by Charles Smith (SRA Networks). Concert and lyric information provided by John Scott (DeadBase) and Alex Allan (GD Lyric & Song Finder). Creative design and development by Liane Polosky, Rameen Mansour, and Daniel Kremsa (BIG Interactive). Special thanks to all of the photographers who graciously opened their archives for this project.

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2006 Webby Award Nomination