Grateful Dead

Come Round the Bend....


"you know it's the end!" I see that it is not possible to post on this site. Hope you got the lowdown from my facebook posts to your site. It's all quite comical, but it could be dangerous. As I see it, the scene starts with the announcement of Jeb's candidacy or the building of the TEMPLE. The heads of the people who fall protesting either scene end up be commemorated as those who fell "while trying to get that TEMPLE built". So you arrange them in a dignified manner, photograph them and move on to the next stop. Bring your own music. I suggest Tull, Clapton, Ace of Base, or Zeppellin. Pick good music for each scenario, and as usual, act like you don't have a clue. Did you find out if Abimael Guzman was Jerry's brother? Doesn't matter. Say he was. Hopefully Jerry will soon be back here. Hasta la vista, adios.

Come Round the Bend....