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This darkness has got to give! LA '94

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During the last couple of years of seeing the boys the darkness rarely seemed to give. The boys kept singing it to us in their songs because you know they felt it. I also remember getting those little letters from them with the mail order tickets asking everyone to tune in and recognize what was happening.

Sad enough, I feel that darkness and drain of energy was ultimately what took Jerry. It was all too much - for everyone!

This picture sums it up for me. Things were simply getting weird and standing and watching a scene like this unfold kinda represented a sign of the times for me.

As you can see by my show list that I was getting very selective about where I would want to see the boys as the years progressed. That spark of light seemed harder and harder to create as the scene overtook the energy at many places and seemed to suck the energy out of the music. These LA shows represented that for me as the music was sounding very hollow and lacking in spirit. Jerry was forgetting words during every song and it was simply painful and sad at times to feel the magic slip away.

With Jerry Prayers,

Brother A

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How True

This Is so true ,high. I felt the same. After so many years and such good times this is what had happened. It no longer was the music it was the 'scene'. People didn't even give a shit about gettin into the show -they just wanted to hang out and get fucked up.I couldn't take it any more-these were my last and like you said-Jerry's light had gone. I can only say I miss him so, and all the band, as well as those great times we did have. Nothing like a good tribal stomp to straighten out your head and see the love in the dream.NFA...................................

Never had such a good time...........

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LA Pic

It was indeed a turning point , things were just too much , The crowd the few bad people just
messed up the whole vibe, lots of idiots missing the true point of the whole experience. I
think it was the last year in Vegas when I actually was confronted in my friends van by
some creeps who had mistaken me for someone else and wanted to kick the shit out
of me, I ran and escaped into the frenzied parking lot, this all happened as I was coming
onto some decent doses, I was freaked out the rest of the whole show very scared of
these idiots. I always felt safe at shows people taking care of each other but in this year
and the previous couple years it had changed and the magic was gone.........

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Wow- you just blew my mind

Wow- you just blew my mind with this one. I was perusing all the photos when I noticed that this is a pic my exboyfriend Mike! He was Canadian, and we were on tour together. I remember this day very well. Mike had been sitting on a curb, when officers randomly asked him to stand up. He questioned why he would need to stand up, since he wasn't in anyone's way, and they proceeded to arrest him, rough him up, and take him to jail. I came out of the show and had no idea where he had gone until random people filled me in. Thankfully, they let him go the next day, since there was nothing to charge him with. I can't clearly make out his sign, but I do know that at that time we were on a mission to give away anything anyone asked of us, including all of our money. The only thing we decided to definitely keep was our van, and all else was up for grabs. So that is not a panhandling sign he is holding in the photo.

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i find this sad

i know things kinda went crazy in the 90s arrested for sitting down, madness.

Joined: Aug 17 2010
does anyone

know whats wrote on the dudes sign ?

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It seems to say

Spare [ ?????]
what I need
[????? ] Keep
what i don't

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It probably has something to

It probably has something to do with what I said earlier about our mission to give away anything that was asked of us. I tried to enlarge it, but the yellow parts still aren't legible.

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I think I get DOES

I think I get DOES say "Spare What I Need Keep What I Don't", and the yellow-looking parts are either dollar bills or some sort of decoration.He was trying to encourage other people to pass along things that they felt were meant for others rather than holding onto them so that we could all take care of each other, but he often used signs no one really understood.

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It seems like it should be the other way around

"Keep What I Need Spare What I Don't",

"It's got no signs or dividing line and very few rules to guide"


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This darkness has got to give! LA '94