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Greetings and Salutations!

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These are the set lists from The Valentines Show I drew down-thought I'd share JFF~just for fun!

Now that I have your attention I wanted to let Y’all know that I’m putting together a book of stories about times you had with, in, or around the dead. Hence, I'm calling it DeadTime Stories. I have visions of a movie with killer bluegrass in the back...but I digress...yes, a book about time spent with the dead! SO, I'm calling it Deadtime Stories :)


But ya seriously, I'm writing/compiling/editing a book of stories about all the magical times you had with, in, or around the dead scene.

The book I'm putting together is called deadtime stories.

I have set up and email account please email your favorite deadtime story(ies) to:

So, what kind of stories should I email to you?

It's doesn't matter if your story is about a lost ticket stub disaster turning into a miracled front row seat on New Year’s Eve or if it’s just that you scored the most amazing grilled cheese sandwich ever in the parking lot! Your story and be about whatever your heart desires- be it long be it short- be it yin or yang. Just let it be…

So what do I do?

Send me an email with your deadtime story in it. I will try to include it in my book.

Why in the Hell am I doing This?

I am not entirely sure.

No really, why in the Hell am I doing This?

Because, recently I decided it would be a great idea for a book and that all we needed to do was to get all of us to send in a favorite story to share with everyone else.

I am writing many of my own deadtime stories and will pepper them in amongst all of yours where appropriate.

I saw a lot of shows. And have written a compilation email book before. It was actually email forwards. Random House picked it up…but now I decided I wanted to do one having to do with my favorite band.

I’m sure you’re all reeling with ideas of what to send me already so I won’t hold you up.


I’ll be calling into Sirius as well to give out more 411~ but you guys who read this get first dibs  I’ll post facebook information up too 

Well, I hope you’ll share even a tidbit of a story with me be it funny, sad, scary, crazy, unbelievable, loving…whatever we accept all stories! Just share! Don’t worry about writing-that’s what spell checks for 

Look forward to hearing from Y’all.

Peace, Love, and DeadTime Stories

HAPPY V DAY!!! Whata great show!

email me with any question!


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Greetings and Salutations!