Grateful Dead

I was one of those little dots!


nice aerial shot of the highgate crowd! My second and last dead show!

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Joined: Oct 18 2007
good god

I love looking at this picture! A sea of happiness....well I was happy despite the gate crashing and nonsense going on. ;)

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Joined: Aug 21 2007
If you cross ...

your eyes and look at it just right you can see ...

Moses riding up on a quasar

That is an awsome picture.

Joined: Aug 30 2008
i was

one of those little dots 2

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Joined: Dec 5 2007
Too much

I think the crowd was way over 100'000 with the gate crashers. The scene was getting to be too much so it imploded and now only exists in our memories. It was my last GD show. After seeing over 150 shows between 1981-91 I took 92-94 off then came back to see highgate 94 and 95. I live in Montreal only one hour away. Highgate is the first exit over the border from Canada. It's nowhere man! We ate organic strawberries from my store on a blanket in front of the soundboard. I was interviewed by both the Montreal Gazette and La Presse newspapers for articles the next day. Half the gazette article was about me and my friends.Two months later I would appear on Pulse news on Montreal TV to share my feelings on the passing of Jerry Garcia. What a Fucked up Summer Man!!
Today I live a wonderful life in part due to the magic encountered some many years ago. The Peace Love Harmony & Symphony that I was witness to still resonates in me........

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Me too!

It was my last show (~);(

It was a strange vibe, but we tried to ride it the best we could. The Drumz>space was quite memorable. Blew my mind! Getting stopped at the border on the way back was not one of my most fun experiences. Glad I had the chance to be on the bus for even a little while.. '92-'95.

Thanks for the pic!

Joined: Aug 19 2007
Thanks for sharing this pic!

Thanks for sharing this pic! This was my first and last GD show sad for me. For all the bad reviews of this show, it's still magic for me for turning me on to the scene.

Been as Deadicated as a head can be ever since, despite so many missed chances at seeing Jer...

Forever Grateful

Joined: Jun 19 2009
Things got plenty weird summer '95

Not in a very good way I'm afraid. I avoided listening to the '90's for quite a while. I have started listening again and I must admit there were still moments of brilliance. My last shows were RFK '95. I remember looking at my buddy and saying, "I get the strange feeling I won't be seeing them again". No joke.


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I was one of those little dots!