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Kingfish 1976

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Poster advertising Kingfish and Friends at the famed Golden Bear in Huntington Beach, Ca in 1976. Sadly "The Bear" is no more. It was replaced in the 1990's with a "new" yuppie version. It went out of business quickly and was eventually torn down. I have a couple of bricks I salvaged along with a couple of bricks from the old Winterland, but I couldn't get them to fit in the scanner! Who wants to look at those anyway?!

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Joined: Jun 23 2007
The Bear

I remember going to those shows-In fact, Bobby even came by my house for a visit. He was dating a girlfriend that knew how big a bunch of heads we were and brought him by for a stoned chat, That ol' Golden Bear burnt to the ground didn't it? Funny a friend and I were just talking about that place this week.

Never had such a good time...........

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Joined: May 26 2007
man, too bad about the Golden Bear

the place was a local legend. So many great folks played there.

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Joined: Jun 25 2009
Re: The Golden Bear in Huntington Beach

VERY cool place. Saw Little Feat there in 1975 about a week or two after the Featsters opened up for The Who at Anaheim Stadium.
You would have thought that the Little Feat gig at the club would have been the hot show but the one at the baseball stadium was the better performance. Sometimes that's just the way it goes......

Joined: Jun 9 2007
"A funny thing happened on the way home from THE GOLDEN BEAR"

I was at this show! I had just met Bob Weir at the "NAMM SHOW" in Anaheim, My Brother Mark Morris was in the Music Industry, and was working the NAMM Show and Bob Weir was appearing at "IBANEZ" booth. Knowing my huge crush on Bobby(just like every other girl) he ask me what I wanted for my 18th Birthday.Of course my reply was "To MEET BOB WEIR", and then he handed me 2 passes for the next day, When I met him I had 2 photos I had taken at the New Years Show and asked him to sign one for me. Graciously he did then asked if I had others he could see and asked me to bring them to The Golden Bear Show. My Boyfriend (of 3 YEARS) was with me,and after the show, Bobby motioned for me to come backstage Forgetting my BOYFRIEND I jammed backstage, after about an hour security said some guy was asking about his girlfriend. Behind him was my boyfriend pissed and as I went to introduce him to Bobby, I COULDN'T REMEMBER his NAME.I swear this is the Truth. Needless to say, our 2 hour ride home was Quiet. By the way my boyfriends name is Neal, and were still friends after 37 years. HEY, There is a "DEAD RELAX" mag with Bobby on the cover holding his guitar, it was taken that night and I was sitting right next to him
. Talk about a young girls dream come true!
Funny now,,,but Really Bad then...But it was WORTH it.....sorry Neal!

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Joined: Nov 2 2010
That was a great show

I worked that show when I was working for Kingfish.

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Joined: Jun 30 2007
Golden bear

Never saw kingfish there but did see Los Lobos opening for the Busboys there in 82 (I think). Fun show. Great place.


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Kingfish 1976