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Knew it was going to be a high time! - Philly 88

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Hey Friends!

For any of you who attended the Spectrum run in Philly in the fall of 1988, this site may seem familiar. As was par for the course for me in those days, I arrived in Philly with my closest friends a day or so before the shows. There was a park across the street from the venue that became home for everyone for about a week! It was such a special place and I knew from the moment we arrived how special it would be.

As my friends and I drove up and found the sacred parking spot right at the edge of the park, we noticed that the first inhabitants of this massive field (that would soon be home to thousands) was this tipi set up by the rainbow family.

Soon after this photo was taken, as many more folks were starting to arrive, a rainbow circle was formed in the middle of the field and about a hundred or more people joined hands in circle and set an intention of peace and positive vibes for this space and for all of the people who would come here. We joined our voices in toning and danced around the circle singing some sacred songs and putting out positive intentions to the universe.

As we all know, the camping scene was threatened around this time as so many people were showing up to shows - many people doing so more for the scene and the party than the music. So, the intention we created was sending out a prayer that all who came would be respectful of each other, the land, and all who we encountered on our journey there.

I was deeply touched by this and felt like it spoke to the feelings I was having at the time of wanting to "leave only footprints" and be a presence of love and joy vs. destruction and chaos.

The days to come during these shows proved to be a "battle" of these energies as there were many displays of peace and community as well as many occurrences of destruction, abuse, and violence.

I give much thanks to having been supported and aligned with friends and community that were helping to keep the scene filled with love, collective responsibility, and focused on what was most important - the music!

The boys seemed to always be tuned in with the vibe happening inside and outside of the venue and reflected that intention in their playing and beautiful song choices over the 4 show run.

Hope you enjoyed the ride too!

With Peace,

Brother "A"

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So the white bus in the other pic would be to the left off picture in relation to where u took this shot, correct? :)

Are you kind?

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The white bus.....

Hey man!

Actually, the white bus is on the edge of the same field that the tipi is on and all of the camping was on. So, if you were coming across the street from the spectrum to the park, I was way on the left side of the park which is where both pictures were taken.

Nice to work those brain cells again!

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Wow Philly 88

Me and my family showed up early morning day before the show. Some random guy gave us a 5 gal bucket filled with soap and sticks with string to blow the biggest bubbles I've ever seen. the colors were so awsome swirling around each other. I was soo high on everything :)
Thanks for the memories.


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Knew it was going to be a high time! - Philly 88