Grateful Dead

Look at This Face!

teef 7-26-08.jpg

How can ya NOT love this face? Too many dogs lately, sorry Bear LOL! Teef is one of 3 raised from the day they were born, feral mother in CA, noticed her back legs were "backwards" the 2nd day and there comes the name 'Teef"...feet backwards. Sweetest, most loving, appreciative cat I've ever known...8 years now and still goin' strong..all 3 are bro & sis's....oh, whenever I crank the Dead...they all come out, hang on the couch with me...WRS from RD 6-24-08 was playin at the time...yea, looks like a cat "mug" shot..."busted down in Buena, Jersey..they just won't let ya be!!...." just need the little sign with the city and jail number under her face....

Look at This Face!