Grateful Dead

M.C. Phischer (Tribute to band Phish & artist M.C. Escher)

M.C. Phischer.png

Being one who enjoys not just GD music but lots of other stuff, including other jam bands, Phish rings my bell. And I was very glad when some of the Dead members (namely Phil, but also Bobby) acknowledged them with invites to play together (and vice versa).

I was also very glad when the snippets of "us (phish phans) vs. them (deadheads)" that was generated not by the band but by the "phans" finally went away. Because hey, I'm a "phan" too. They move me as much as the Dead did/do, but in a different way. To me, Phish were the perfect mixture of the GD/Zappa.

And let me tell you people, speaking strictly for me myself and I, that is about as close to musical heaven as it gets. With Phish, I got to have my cake and eat it too. My grin only got bigger. Ok, enough chatter.

I love symmetrical design, and wanted to do something with the Phish name, seeing it lends itself to many possibilities. Also being influenced by the work of artist M.C. Escher, I came up with this one color creation that I'm very proud of and had a good ol' time creating.

It has also leant itself to other cool visuals through the use of Photoshop filters. Thanks for taking a look, and having to read through my jibber-jabber along the way.

-Tom Mittemeyer

M.C. Phischer (Tribute to band Phish & artist M.C. Escher)