Grateful Dead



I love the Dead. Its pretty much all I listen too. I find their music to be highly intelligent and articultate. It speaks measures about emotion and inspiration, it tickles these notions in the brain and sends shivers down my spine. It moves me to make my work what it is and helps keep my head up when the realities of art rear their ugly heads.

This piece I made for The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and I listened to the Dead the whole way through. It is representative of two bodies of work I do. One that is highly conceptual and the other that is free form and improvised.

I had the great experience of being able to share this piece with Dennis Mcnally and he loved it. He shared some great Jerry stories with me and loved my work. We talked long about transistions, repitition and nature.

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I will be in a show at The Tang Museum this Fall and a NYC exhibition.

Be Grateful ALWAYS!

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