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August 1st - 8th Annual Meet-Up At The Movies

Come one, come all! On August 1st, we'll be bringing the boogie back to your favorite local moving picture house for the 8th Annual Grateful Dead Meet-Up at the Movies. This year's special cinema event is the full concert from July 7, 1989 at Philadelphia’s John F. Kennedy Stadium.

The final show at the historic venue, this one offers a peak snapshot of the Dead’s 1989 tour, where the band played to some of its biggest audiences ever, a result of the group’s only Top 40 hit, “Touch of Grey.” On this super-hot night (literally and figuratively), the Dead blazed through staples like "Hell In A Bucket" and "Scarlet Begonias," got in a few Blues, and pulled out a pair from the upcoming Built To Last- the aching ballad “Standing On The Moon” into the poignant “Blow Away,” a song co-written by keyboardist Brent Mydland, who sadly died a year later. And the last song ever performed at JFK Stadium? It was the Dead's cover of Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door."

Gather up your Grateful tribe and be sure to come on down early - we'll be revealing an exclusive look at the Dead's soon-to-be-announced 2018 boxed set.

Get your tickets here.



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Joined: Nov 30 2014
Meet up at Movies

I agree, a short set break would have been cool!! Crowd at our theater was biggest I have seen in the past 4 years of attending this event. Keep it going, I love MUAM!!!!!

Joined: Jan 10 2011
No set break :(

I totally enjoyed it, but it would have been even better if there was a set break/intermission... just like a show! That is definitely part of the Dead show experience and it would be fun to schmooze with other committed Heads, not to mention pee!

Joined: Sep 18 2015
Houston was great

After a rough start (the video kept stopping, the theatre rewound, it stopped again, etc....but they finally got it right), the experience was great. Interesting that in Houston, they expanded the # of theatres showing it from 1 to 3. So there were fewer people in my theatre than last year, but overall there must have been a lot more.

I would have fiddled with the mix a seemed all the musicians were treated equally, which sometimes led to Jerry being low in the mix and Brent's keyboards very prominent. Is it that way on the CD? Also, the bass speakers in the theatre could've been better. Still, much fun.

d3adf1sh's picture
Joined: Oct 1 2017
re: theatre sound

look next year if your theater has the volume to low do like we did and every one was shouting and raising their arms, like "TURN IT UP!!!"

I think someone finally went and talked to somebody and we got what we were looking for !!! :) Awesome set!!! just got off work and I'm still beamin! wooo!!!

Joined: Jan 13 2010
house lights

they turned on the house lights during Knockin'. derp.

the energy and sound was so good last night, that I couldn't get off much on 9/17/82 on CD in my car while driving around this mo'nin'.

iGrateful's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
VA Experience

So I took my 11 year old with me to the show... he enjoyed it, thought it was cool seeing all those fans in one place. "ever been to a place like that Dad?" LOL... plenty son... more than I actually remember.

He asked me when he could go to Lockn with me... I said on the eve of your Sr. Year in HS... that should be about right... but Mom may overrule us on that ;-)

Anyway, I estimated about 60 in attendance + 1 dog
Other than my 11 yr old, I saw a few "college age" and a pretty good representation of 30+ 40+ 50+ and 60+
Really good to see that mix.
My comments on the show: it was good, I thought a good show, well played... enjoyed Stuck inside of Mobile and Standing on the Moon and then Lovelight as my stand outs.

Anyone know who the lady in 1st set was back stage in Pink with white headband? I know it wasn't Olivia Newton John, but it was a sign of the times moment as well as the 80's gear of the road crew on scaffolds :-)


Joined: Jan 13 2010
is that true, Malarkey, or just malarkey?

sounds like tab or two of the brown acid.

my sympathies

Malarkey's picture
Joined: Apr 10 2009
Fun Night, but.....

Fun Night and Grate show!

Unfortunately, the theatre (Crossroads in Cary, NC) I saw this in also happened to be having a Trump 2020 rally at the same time. I gave the theatres manager an earful. Poor planning and timing. Hard to beleive people support that ass clown for another term....

Joined: Sep 18 2013
No, it was pretty

No, it was pretty underwhelming, you didn't miss much. It was David Lemieux doing his rap about the shows and then a brief interview with Roy Henry Vickers

Jmich's picture
Joined: Apr 14 2016

We stayed after and the screen went black and lights came on. Don't think the theater got the memo. Did it show inside the box and any of the goodies included?


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