Grateful Dead

April 27 - May 3, 2009

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Greetings, and welcome back to the Tapers’ Section, where this week we’ll focus on some magnificent music from the final Fillmore East run in April, 1971, as well as a killer jam from 1977.

Our first selection this week is from the middle night of the five night run in April, 1971, from 4/27/71, with the exceptional Lovelight, in which Pigpen, in his inimitable way, introduces a couple, and seems on the verge of marrying them off. Please note that all three of our Fillmore East 1971 selection this week are from the 4-CD set Ladies and Gentlemen…the Grateful Dead: Fillmore East 1971, so if you want to hear four more hours of this excellent material mixed from the multi-track masters, polish off that gem of an album, or pick up a copy if you don’t have it.

From the very next night, on 4/28/71, we have the jam of Dark Star>St. Stephen>Not Fade Away>GDTRFB>Not Fade Away, with the entirety of the jam featuring former Grateful Dead keyboard player Tom Constanten sitting in for the final time (he’d left the band officially after the January, 1970 shows in Hawaii).

Our last selection from the Fillmore East run is the show-closing jam, plus the encore, from the last ever Grateful Dead concert at the Fillmore East, from 4/29/71. This is commonly referred to as one of the best jams of 1971, and features Alligator>Drums>Jam>GDTRFB>Cold Rain and Snow, Casey Jones, Midnight Hour>We Bid You Goodnight. When we were putting the Ladies and Gentlemen album together in the summer of 2000, we knew this jam, and the previous selection from 4/28/71, had to be on there, and everything else fell into place from there.

Finally this week, to jump ahead exactly six years plus a day, we have the big jam from 4/30/77 at the Palladium (formerly the Academy of Music, site of the great seven-night run in 1972) in New York City. Every night on this Spring Tour of 1977 offered a unique sequence, and this is no exception, featuring St. Stephen>Not Fade Away>Stella Blue>St. Stephen>One More Saturday Night, Terrapin Station.

Be sure to stop back next week as we continue our journey through May with some excellent music from 1972, 1977 and 1978. Lots of good stuff coming up in the month ahead. And as always, feel free to email the address below with any questions or comments about the Tapers’ Section.

David Lemieux


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Joined: Jun 4 2007

Needs attention. Was going to link to this spectacular Lovelight :(

Joined: Jun 5 2007
next week

David, I was listening to Hartford 5-10-80 the other day, and was wondering if you have it in the vault. The second set really gets cooking. If you could play something from that show in the near future I would really appreciate it. Thanks and keep the tunes coming .

Benny Jakes's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
...she's a boxed back betty!!........

Back in the Universiteee' my buds and I would marvel at the
Aligator Jam from 4/29..... What a beast!! Even with somebody out
of tune. And then......Bill Graham would get pissed at the over amped
monkeeees beggging for more!!!!!

Is that my glass? Can you see it? Understand me?

Joined: Nov 12 2007
The LOVELIGHT was cut on many versions of 4/27/71

To the best of my knowledge, the 4/27/71 LOVELIGHT was always cut at the end, thus missing the big finale. I was surprised to find out that the LOVELIGHT on the "Ladies and Gentlemen" album was complete.

At the end of the LOVELIGHT, on the aforementioned album, you can hear Jerry say "see you later" which seems to imply that another set was going to happen. Was there another set?

shwack's picture
Joined: Apr 12 2008

Dear Monsieur Lemieux,
Merci beaucoup yet again for some wicked good stuff!
Fantastic drum break out of Alligator...
shwack in nh

P.S.hey everybody,check the DRUMS from the recent fabulous Worcester
4/19/09 show

Joined: Jun 27 2007

Hi, DL, THANK YOU for sharing the music.
I was at the zoo just the other day and it was like a Grateful Dead show, ALligator, Terrapin turtles, Tigers from the Run for the Roses album, DireWolf, eagles, camels made me think of the Egypt show, Monkey and the engineer. yeah, it was like a Dead show, only it smelled different...less patchoulli.


round and round

Joined: Nov 10 2008
its all good

Dave there's so much to listen to who cares if its been officially realsed its the dead .This is life changin shit man!!!!!!!!!!

Peace Brothers and Sisters

DoDa Man's picture
Joined: Sep 16 2008

Thanks David and THE GRATEFUL DEAD for such a fine selection of music and vibes!! KEEP ON TRUCKIN!!!

DoDa Man ;^ )

Without love in the dream it'll never come true
Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia

smallz's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
RE: music from official releases

I tend to agree with Bill L. above, and I've said as much here before. Thanks so much, David, for all you graciously give us...I will listen to it all even if I own the release (never can get enough Dead!), but I would like to see UNRELEASED music here. I was never a huge tape collector, always preferring to listen to the SBDs that were released periodically...esp. Dick's Picks. So I say give us all you got from the vault! It would be interesting, say, to hear music that was before and/or after a particular release so as to give it more context. Then we can better get the flavor or vibe, if you will, of that tour/era of Dead.

Just nitpicking here, but I can't imagine many on here that would disagree! Besides, who wouldn't want to listen to previously unheard Dead music, warts and all, even if it's not the best sound quality?

Joined: Jun 10 2007
cold rain and snow...!

hey, david! i love cold rain and snow (the song, that is) especially when it gets to be 85 in indiana during april-- thanks for the special treat monday morning-



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