Grateful Dead

August 22 - August 28, 2011

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back everyone! This week we have a very solid batch of Grateful Dead music spanning almost exactly 20 years, 1969 to 1989.

Our first selection this week is from the Fillmore Auditorium on 12/19/69, when we have about a very cool sequence of Good Lovin, That's It For The Other One>Uncle John's Band>Lovelight. This is from a great run at the Fillmore that featured loads of other great music.

Next is something I believe we've played here before, but it's really one of the finest versions of Playing In The Band we can think of, so here it is again. From 11/18/72 in Houston. Enjoy.

Lastly this week is the entire first set from 12/28/89 in Oakland. This was a mighty fine 4 night run of shows, all of which were multi-tracked and are candidates for a future release. From this second night of the run, we have Let The Good Times Roll,Feel Like A Stranger ,Dire Wolf , Little Red Rooster ,Ramble On Rose,Queen Jane Approximately, Just A Little Light ,Let It Grow.

Be sure to stop back next week for more great music from deep within the Grateful Dead's vault.

David Lemieux


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Joined: Aug 31 2009
got it!

back in action!!!
thanks all... and I took notice of what Stevepremo mentions, and realize i was clicking on next week's dates to get my 'not found code'.. but at least my problem was still legit... but all is well now ^_^


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Another glitch

Yep, I've got the same problem as Mosenello. I just want to add that clicking this week's segment (August 29-September 4) also gives a "page not found" message, but in that case, the page is "node 27236." Both weeks are highlighted in pink. The link for next week should not even be there, and the link for this week shows that this week's text starts with "p> Welcome back to the Tapers' Section..." Not sure what the "p>" is about, but I wish someone would fix this...

Sending love to the good folks working on the problem,
Steve Premo -- Santa Cruz, California

Joined: Aug 31 2009
where is this week?

What started as odd technical glitch occurrences is turning into a weekly hassle.. something wrong with the code over there? (as if i know anything bout that :P )

Point being, the link to brings up the following message:
"The page you requested was not found.
Enter your keywords: node 27237"

I tried patience yesterday (learning that's step 1 in computer troubleshooting!).. today I've tried the Home page, and Features page, which both show last week's dates as the link to the current Taper's Section... so i think that's wraps up my options. tried my best not to plague the message board with another glitch message... but yeah, i just got a craving for the next round :D
thanks, mike.

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Texas Nov-72

These are amazing sets, definitely worthy of release.

Do you think we will ever get downloadable high-resolution tracks, for a price? The tapers' section continues to be an incredible gesture to fans, but I think there would be substantial interest in the band's or Rhino's ability to take some better advantage of the medium.

Thanks vault keepers.

lamagonzo (not verified)
hey hey - My my 1969!

Thanks David for uncorking this vintage year. GOGD were always slamming at the Fillmore East. Psychedelic monsters indeed!

Joined: Jan 13 2010
something nice to think about:

RT 11/18/72 and 11/19/72

oh, Atlantis...

Joined: Jan 13 2010
11/18/72: I've been wanting to hear this for a long time

thank you.

Joined: Jan 13 2009
Don't miss the playin from the next night...

... Its a trip to Mars as well. I just love the fall 72 stuff with keith's "keyboard under water" sound and jerry's melting wah wah effects.

Joined: Jul 17 2007
less Brent and more KEITH


Joined: Nov 21 2009
Playin...oh my sweet lord.

The spaceship has taken off. And I would agree that this is one of the finest ever played. I have listened to this now half a dozen times and would say that so far in my listening history this Playin out plays any I have heard to date. Thanks so much for bringing this epic jam to our attention.

And the first set from 89 brings back many a smile. Killer run that was. Sigh. Driving down memory lane tonight with nothing left to do by smile, smile, smile!

Take care all.


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