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A Closer Look At The Art Of Penabranca

It's quite rare to get a guided tour of a gallery by the artist himself! We're pleased to introduce Brooklyn-based Brazilian Visual Artist Penabranca aka Bruno Borges who created the artwork for our Circles Around The Sun release and even more delighted that he decided to share a few of his diverse works with us firsthand. Check them out here.

Click on the image to take the tour.

More on Penabranca...

Art History:

I studied Graphic Design at the Federal Fluminense Institute, Rio de Janeiro. It’s been 10 years and since the early days, I’ve always found myself making psychedelic imagery and music.


Astronomy Illustrations, Milton Glaser, Phillipe Caza, Primitive Tattoos and Body Painting, Sacred Geometry

Curriculum Vitae:

I had the honor and pleasure to work with a wonderful range of independent and other well-known artists: Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Neal Casal, Brandon Boyd, Maserati, Hills, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, Levitation Room, Botany, Cobalt Cranes, Death Hawks, Glue Trip and many others.

Tattoo Art:

This is crazy. I never thought people would like my creations to the point of taking them with them forever and suddenly a lot of people were sending me photos of their skin with my art. It started slowly and now almost every week someone gets a design of mine tattooed or asks me for a customized one.

I’m not a tattooer though.

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