Grateful Dead

Dave's Picks Volume 1

Dave's Picks Volume 1
May 25, 1977

Dave's Picks Volume 1 is officially SOLD OUT.

Have no fear, you can join the fun with our next release Volume 2, the complete Grateful Dead performance from the Wall of Sound tour, recorded live on 7/31/74 at Dillon Stadium in Hartford, CT. This was one of the final East Coast appearances by the Grateful Dead for almost two years, and is one of the longest, most exceptionally well-played shows of the entire year. The big jams stand out, of course, including "Weather Report Suite," "Eyes Of The World>China Doll" and "Truckin>several thematic jams," but the smaller songs, like a rare show-opening "Scarlet Begonias," "Mississippi Half-Step," "Big River," "Greatest Story Ever Told," "Uncle John's Band" and countless others are also excellent at this A+ show.

In addition to all the great music, you can look forward to another digipak with trays made of 100% recycled and PCW materials (and of course a booklet featuring a historical essay and photos). Due to popular demand, we'll be using a heavier paper stock for Volume 2 and all the great Dave's Picks releases to come.

Dave's Picks Volume 2 ships this May. Stay tuned for pre-order details.

Learn More About Volume 1 here...

Dave's Picks Archival Series Kicks Off With 5/25/77

Chances are if you’re a Dead Head you’re already well-versed in the glorious spring of 1977. Back a year since their mid-’70s performing hiatus, and fresh from recording their Terrapin Station album in L.A. with producer Keith Olsen, the Dead returned to the road invigorated and excited that spring. There were fantastic new songs (including the “Terrapin Station” suite, “Estimated Prophet” and “Fire on the Mountain”) and their older tunes seemed imbued with new vigor and vitality. Every stop of the tour, which stretched from the third week of April (beginning at the Spectrum in Philadelphia) through the first week in June (back at Winterland in San Francisco), presented some new wrinkle or interesting variation on the repertoire, as songs were moved around, unusual combinations were explored and the septet continue to solidify and mature. Which is a fancy way of saying the band was on fire—y’see, there’s a reason why this is the ninth show from that tour to be released!

The song list from 5/25/77 might not reveal much out of the ordinary (though it’s great selection of tunes), but the playing is definitely extraordinary. The first set contains outstanding versions of favorites such as “Mississippi Half-Step,” “Jack Straw,” “Cassidy” and “Lazy Lightning” > “Supplication.” And the second set is primo-grade ’77 from start to finish. The buoyant “Scarlet Begonias” > “Fire on the Mountain” that kicks things off sets the tone, but then the rest of the set is a deftly played medley starting with “Estimated” and moving into “He’s Gone,” a primal drum workout from Mickey and Bill, a heart-pounding version of “The Other One” that’s split by “Wharf Rat” (the only time those songs were played in that sequence), a joyful “Wheel,” and then a double-dose of Chuck Berry to bring it all back to rock ’n’ roll basics. Talk about a thrill ride!

— Blair Jackson


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Joined: Mar 18 2010
Mystery Box

Perhaps I became spoiled with how often we were given Bonus Material in the past. And yeah Syracuse78, a 20 minute disc wouldn't make much sense. It still seems that a great opportunity for Bonus material was not taken advantage of. Hopefully in the future, if space is available, the powers that be seize this opportunity. The next Box Set, this is the big mystery question. 1990 seems like a great guess to me.

Joined: Apr 1 2008

Popped in to say the same thing. I think there was a lost opportunity here to put another hour or so of music out with no additional cost in production to speak of. I do find it funny (or exasperating for TPTB Im sure) that folks can't really be pleased with the packaging! The filler issue though - surely the more music consideration would outweigh the "orginal flow" issue. I mean afterall they screwed with the orginal flow more by cutting drums. I like the orginal flow, but when it comes to putting more music out by way of filler or moving an encore to disc one to make a set two instead of three discs, then let's do what it takes to ensure each disc is full.

cosmicbadger's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
still waiting

We're blocked in by snow here in SW France so no post this week. So should I hike 10k down the hill to the post office to see if they have my discs? Naaah...plenty of food and firewood here and a shelf full of GD, so I think I'll wait it out.

Syracuse78's picture
Joined: Jul 15 2010

That is a good suggestion, but I imagine they weighed the moaning and groaning of those who think that filler ruins the flow of CDs with the feelings of those who want more music and less blank space. This is one tough group to make everyone happy and sometimes the majority is silent and the minority is vocal. Perhaps that happened in this case.

Barring that, I would guess they didn't want to have a 22 minute disc 2 even though it would have kept the jams from being broken up on 2 discs.

I personally reorder stuff when downloading to iTunes so that a whole show flows from beginning to end and then filler is separate. In fact, one could do that for CDs as well for the cost of 2 CDs.

As an aside, when I upload to iTunes, I try to edit the song ending time so as not to duplicate the end of drums and the beginning of space (or in this case, TOO). It would be nice if there was a liner note stating that the last 12.36 seconds, or whatever, of drums should be edited out to make for a seamless transition. Again, I'm not editing the music, just instructing iTunes to NOT play the last xxx seconds or first YYY seconds in order to eliminate fades and duplications.

Joined: Feb 4 2008
grain of salt

zuckfun - 100% with you
concerning missing bonus material and the way it went with Dick´s Picks 29;
and now: what kind of box set is coming next? 1990?

Joined: Jun 5 2007
Nice, but.

This set is great. The sound is excellent. But, the packaging is crappy! This is housed in flimsy cardboard. For a "Limited Edition" it was not put together very well. I spent $100.00 for this series, and I expected decent packaging. Road Trips was very good. What happened to this? Come on Blair, please fix this. And how about a box to hold all of the cd"s?

Joined: Mar 18 2010
Grain of salt

In the spirit of healthy criticism- I don't feel this Release should be separated onto 3 discs the way it is. Or at least the full potential of the available space was not utilized. The Jam in the second set is broken up by separating Drums from The Other One. This is often necessary due to time constraints, although here the second set jam of Estimated to the end of Set II fits on one disc. If the rationale was the absence of appropriate Bonus Material, how about the songs from the first set of 5/12/77? These would have been a great compliment to the Bonus Disc of the Winterland Box, and were featured several weeks ago on the Taper's Section. Are these gems being saved for a different Spring of 77 release, when 30 minutes of free space presents itself? There was plenty of available space here, and the decision was made. Right or wrong, it is what it is. If the new series is to be the best of Dick's Picks and Road Trips combined, let's remember the free space on Dick's Picks 29, and how delightful of a decision was made with that Release. All that said, please take this with a grain of salt. For I am delighted with the new release, as I always am. It's a fantastic show and beautifully produced, and is an excellent beginning to what will surely be an incredible series.

Joined: Jan 29 2011
My set imported into ITunes ok.

I was going to wait until the weekend to import this set into my ITunes library, but when I saw you were having difficulty I tried tonight. I used the ITunes and imported using AIFF and all three discs imported fine for me. Did you try restarting? Sometimes if I am importing too much in a session I have weird things occur. Maybe wiping the discs and try again. Do the discs play ok.? If so and your still having trouble it may be your drive. Good luck.

Ps. This show sounds fantastic!!!!!!

The Weve's picture
Joined: Feb 16 2010
Thank you Dave !

The whole Magilla is most excellent. Digipak (YES!) and great sounding CDs (with NO scratches) . This is the way the E72 shows should have been presented (and RTs too). Keep up the good work .

P.S. I also would like to say that I like the Star Wars cartoon cover art.

Joined: Jun 25 2007
Some won't download

So excited, got Dave's No.1 and wanted to download to iTunes but about half-way through the download it just quit. It did this on all three discs. I tried another cd and all was well. Anyone else experience this? BTW- I tried playing it on a cd player and it worked fine.


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