Grateful Dead

Dave's Picks Volume 1

Dave's Picks Volume 1
May 25, 1977

Dave's Picks Volume 1 is officially SOLD OUT.

Have no fear, you can join the fun with our next release Volume 2, the complete Grateful Dead performance from the Wall of Sound tour, recorded live on 7/31/74 at Dillon Stadium in Hartford, CT. This was one of the final East Coast appearances by the Grateful Dead for almost two years, and is one of the longest, most exceptionally well-played shows of the entire year. The big jams stand out, of course, including "Weather Report Suite," "Eyes Of The World>China Doll" and "Truckin>several thematic jams," but the smaller songs, like a rare show-opening "Scarlet Begonias," "Mississippi Half-Step," "Big River," "Greatest Story Ever Told," "Uncle John's Band" and countless others are also excellent at this A+ show.

In addition to all the great music, you can look forward to another digipak with trays made of 100% recycled and PCW materials (and of course a booklet featuring a historical essay and photos). Due to popular demand, we'll be using a heavier paper stock for Volume 2 and all the great Dave's Picks releases to come.

Dave's Picks Volume 2 ships this May. Stay tuned for pre-order details.

Learn More About Volume 1 here...

Dave's Picks Archival Series Kicks Off With 5/25/77

Chances are if you’re a Dead Head you’re already well-versed in the glorious spring of 1977. Back a year since their mid-’70s performing hiatus, and fresh from recording their Terrapin Station album in L.A. with producer Keith Olsen, the Dead returned to the road invigorated and excited that spring. There were fantastic new songs (including the “Terrapin Station” suite, “Estimated Prophet” and “Fire on the Mountain”) and their older tunes seemed imbued with new vigor and vitality. Every stop of the tour, which stretched from the third week of April (beginning at the Spectrum in Philadelphia) through the first week in June (back at Winterland in San Francisco), presented some new wrinkle or interesting variation on the repertoire, as songs were moved around, unusual combinations were explored and the septet continue to solidify and mature. Which is a fancy way of saying the band was on fire—y’see, there’s a reason why this is the ninth show from that tour to be released!

The song list from 5/25/77 might not reveal much out of the ordinary (though it’s great selection of tunes), but the playing is definitely extraordinary. The first set contains outstanding versions of favorites such as “Mississippi Half-Step,” “Jack Straw,” “Cassidy” and “Lazy Lightning” > “Supplication.” And the second set is primo-grade ’77 from start to finish. The buoyant “Scarlet Begonias” > “Fire on the Mountain” that kicks things off sets the tone, but then the rest of the set is a deftly played medley starting with “Estimated” and moving into “He’s Gone,” a primal drum workout from Mickey and Bill, a heart-pounding version of “The Other One” that’s split by “Wharf Rat” (the only time those songs were played in that sequence), a joyful “Wheel,” and then a double-dose of Chuck Berry to bring it all back to rock ’n’ roll basics. Talk about a thrill ride!

— Blair Jackson


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Joined: Jun 8 2007
If this site worked like virtually every other site on the 'net,

Syracuse78 wrote:

"If this site worked like virtually every other site on the 'net, this wouldn't happen."

There is Nothing Like a Grateful Dead Website?

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Joined: Jul 15 2010
Ah, it only took maybe 45 seconds to load the page with my...


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Joined: Jul 15 2010
jameskelly -- not really your fault

When you try to save or input a comment, the site hangs up for about a minute (or so it seems). Many people (myself included) hit save again, or otherwise try to not lose what they wrote. If this site worked like virtually every other site on the 'net, this wouldn't happen.

Joined: Jun 5 2007

To all users:

A few weeks ago, I annoyed many of you by send about ten of the same message. I must aplogize to my fellow DeadHeads. When I pressed "Save" I thought the message was not sending, so I hit it "Numerous" times. It turns out that I looked like a "Nutjob" I was blocked from using this site. I pleaded my case, The moderator of this site agreed, so I am back. Once again, I am sorry that I was an annoyance.

J. Kelly

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Joined: Feb 6 2008

I'm looking forward to the next release as well. I saw the band at the Hartford outdoor show in the summer of 1976, but never got to the 1974 show. I have fond memories of that 76 show though-I would love to see that one released at some point.

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Joined: Jun 22 2007
Same as it ever was

Rhino fulfillment, that is. Just received a "your order has shipped" email. Huzzah! Thing is, I already received the DaP#1 in said order a couple of weeks ago.

Obviously, wherever these things come from is existing in a time warp -- I'd like to know where that is and how to get there.

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Joined: Nov 23 2011
Pleased but not blown away

I just got my copy of Dave's Picks #1 and am pleased but not blown away. This is an improvement over the Charlie Miller SBD but it's not a huge upgrade. I'm glad to see that most of the wobble has been eliminated from Promised Land but it is still there so it must be on the master. It is only noticeable if you are looking for it (which I was ;-).

I agree with most of the comments that this is not a stand out show from the tour. It is solid but the jams were more inspired many other nights from May 77. I see this more as a Jerry show than the rest of the guys. Jerry was ON the whole month but the rest of the guys were not always in the same place. Still, when Jerry was on they were all elevated even on the not so great nights.

This is a good release but I have a feeling vol.2 is going to blow this one away. Dillon Stadium 74 blows this show away and what circulates is not that great in my opinion so it will be a well-received release.

As for the other Dave's Picks to come I hope they really look at and LISTEN to what already circulates and choose wisely. I'm not hoping for slight upgrades with the Dave's Picks series. I want to be blown away. Bring us the jams!!!!....please.

Downloadable versions would be nice for those of us who want to save money too. Hopefully the Road Trips series will be available as individual release downloads eventually. I won't buy any more CDs with cardboard sleeves. Those just don't hold up and the discs get scratched.

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Joined: Jun 7 2007

Thanks to Mary, my account is now in the clear and I can fully enjoy the grandeur of Dave's Picks with no little cloud raining all over it. If that makes any sense.

Joined: Feb 17 2012
Dave's Picks

Volume 1 is so good, definately the best mixed comercial release I have ever heard. Love the show and Love the show thats going to be Dave's Picks Volume 2.

What a dream that the 7/31/74 Hartford, CT, is going to be remastered as dreamy as the first Dave's Picks. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!! Thank everyone involved with this project. Bless it

Joined: Jun 4 2007
same thing happened to me

I had glue on my Egypt '78 Disc 1, and they sent me the entire set as a replacement. Alas, it was like 2 or 3 months later and I only received 1 replacement set. By the way, I'm entirely fine with that. I guess persistence pays off right? For you it paid off double!


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