Grateful Dead

Dave's Picks Volume 3

Dave's Picks Volume 3
October 22, 1971
Cover Art by Scott McDougall


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This product is officially SOLD OUT. Stay tuned for news on Dave's Picks Volume 4.

In all the years that archival Grateful Dead recordings have been coming out, there have been just three from the red-hot fall of 1971, Keith Godchaux’s landmark first tour with the band. Those would be Dick’s Picks Vol. 2, a rippin’ single-disc release of the second set of the group’s Halloween show at the Ohio Theatre in Columbus, Download Series Vol. 3 from the 10/26 Rochester show and Road Trips Vol. 3 No. 2 from November 15, 1971 in Austin, Texas. Now there is a fourth: Dave’s Picks Vol. 3 features the complete October 22, 1971 concert from the beautiful Auditorium Theatre in Chicago on two discs, with a third disc culled from the previous night’s scorcher at the same venue.

Keith came into the band in mid-September ’71, at a time when Pigpen was desperately ill and the band was hungering for something new to help fill out their sound. A sparkling pianist, Keith was a complete unknown at the time, yet, miraculously it seemed, fit in with the Dead immediately. The live “Skull & Roses” double-album (recorded in the winter-spring of ’71) had just come out, and the band was still enjoying a surge of unprecedented popularity since Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty were released the previous year. They were on a roll!

Never ones to rest on their laurels, however, the band continued their torrid pace of introducing new songs: “Sugaree” and “Brown-Eyed Women” first appeared in the summer of ’71, and that fall, when the band with Keith hit the road, starting out in Minneapolis (10/19) and then moving on to Chicago (10/21-22), they had a whole bunch of other freshly minted tunes waiting to be born—“Tennessee Jed,” “Jack Straw,” “Mexicali Blues,” “Ramble On Rose,” “Comes A Time” and “One More Saturday Night,” all of which appear on this set.

The sparkle and verve that Keith brought to the band is immediately apparent, as he tears through rockers and bouncy mid-tempo numbers with the confidence of someone who had been playing this music forever. If the quiet keyboardist was nervous or unsure of himself on this first jaunt, it certainly wasn’t apparent. And you can feel the electricity in the rest of the band, as Jerry, Phil, Bob and Bill absorb and play off of the amazingly inventive musings of their new recruit. Of course Pigpen’s absence was deeply felt (and the band acknowledged it at every stop), but Keith’s entrance was so seamless and the energy he injected into the music so impressive, the group didn’t appear to lose any of the momentum they had been building tour after tour.

The songs are a blend of old, still-recent (from Workingman’s Dead on) and brand-new. One forgets that crowd-pleasers such as “Bertha,” “Deal” and “Playing in the Band” had come into the repertoire only eight months earlier, and “Truckin’” and “Sugar Magnolia” were just over a year old. Even a bunch of the cover tunes were relatively recent additions—“Big Railroad Blues,” “Me & Bobby McGee” and “Johnny B. Goode.” Keith handles all of those (and earlier chestnuts like “Cold Rain and Snow” and “Beat It On Down the Line”) with his characteristic aplomb, but perhaps most impressive is how he fares on the Dead’s big jamming numbers. On Disc Two, you’ll hear his thoughtful and inventive contributions to a truly stellar, 29-minute version of “That’s It for the Other One.” And on Disc Three (from 10/21), listen to him as he navigates through a spectacular “Dark Star,” which is split by a spirited romp through “Sitting on Top of the World.” The encore of 10/21 also features the first of only three “old school” (pre-hiatus) versions of “St. Stephen” Keith played on.

Most of the 12,000 limited edition copies of Dave’s Picks Vol. 3 are already spoken for by subscribers to the series, but there are a still a few thousand available through only. These will definitely sell out—and fast—so if you want make sure you get your copy, order today! As always, the 3-CD set has been lovingly mastered to HDCD specs by Jeffrey Norman from the original vault reels, and the eco-friendly Digipak includes a booklet with an essay about the show and, in this case, some very cool photos of the interior of Chicago’s historic Auditorium Theatre. For the complete song lists and ordering info, click here.

—Blair Jackson

If you haven't received your copy of Dave's Picks: Volume 3, please see our note at the top of the page.

David Lemieux sits down for a seaside chat about his favorite moments on Dave's Picks, Volume 3: Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL - 10/22/71. Watch the video here:


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Joined: Sep 14 2007
Hampton 87!!

Hampton 87!!

Joined: Mar 22 2008
I second the call for more

I second the call for more pure Jerry releases. Who knows what is holding them up. I really enjoy what has been released. That 86 show is pure heaven!! What about another Old and in the Way release. I know the Bear recorded a lot of shows and I am sure that David Dawg doesn's have em all. I bet Jerry's kids have access to them. So here's to hoping!!

As far as the DP # 3, I was surprised to see another '71 show. I enjoy that year so whatever. But I would really welcome December '71 with Pigpen singing Run Rudolph Run. In my opinion, and God Bless American I am entitled to one, I think one factor on a release should be something that hasn't been released. Hard to do considering so much of the 1970's has been released, but why not release shows that have a uniqueness about them such as a song that has never seen the light of day except on the tapers section? I don't really know much about this release that is coming out, but I can't really see how it is going to be that different than the Austin show. Please enlighten me!!

I feel like some of these Dead releases are like getting a haircut from a relative, you appreciate it and all ,but it is not quite what you expected. My case in point is the whole Seastones (Yes by golly I wanted an official totally insane version of that released, though I really can't complain considering a fellow Dead Head hooked me up-Thank you soooo much!!) from the DP# 2. I know everyone seems to HATE that stuff, but what about those of us who enjoy it, should we be left out?

Honestly I really enjoy every release that I have bought from this site!! I don't buy them all, but what I do buy, I really enjoy. I did get my copy of this show, and I will enjoy the heck out of it.

Now if we could just get some more information on this boxed set coming out. What is everyone hoping for? I would like to see shows from October 1980. I mean acoustic and electric Dead, how cool is that. I love the acoustic stuff from 1970, but the 1980's has some show stopping performances!!

-Till next time

reijo29's picture
Joined: Jun 18 2012
COOL ART WORK, finally.

Many thanks to the folks that posted those artwork links! Makes it much easier to add to Itunes for all the many releases. Also, the new Dave's Picks artwork is the first one I finally liked. I was surprised to hear that this was done by the same artist as the Road Trips series. The Road Trips covers are all awesome. I also much prefer that packaging-thick stock, less shelf space, etc. As long as you handle the RT packaging with care you won't have a problem with scratched discs. Takes a bit of a squeeze & the discs come out easily, scratch free. The Dave's picks series are too big & the E72 too flimsy. The Road Trips are just right & it feels the closest to an LP. The only thing better would have been if they increased the size by a hair & then used individual sleeves like a vinyl record for each disc. Who does not miss the ritual of playing an album, or rollin one up on a 12"?

rne's picture
Joined: Aug 29 2007
Each time a new release is

Each time a new release is announced, debate sets off. My first reaction when I heard about this new Dave's Picks was of surprise. I was sure that this time something from the eighties or nineties was going to be realeased. I'm not very fond of post-1978 Dead, but I think this is maybe getting a little bit repetitive. I am very fond of 1971 recordings, I really like this transitional year in the history of the band, but I understand the dissapointment of many fans, though.
I would REALLY like something from 1967 and something more of 1975 to see the light of day some day. Anyway, I think we are really lucky of having so many releases of the band we love. I mean, they even released a whole tour last year, 73 CD box-sets certainly do not happen everyday!

Underthevolcano's picture
Joined: Feb 6 2008
Pure Jerry

(pause from thread) I also would like to know the status of "Pure Jerry" . I can't wait for more releases.

uv1's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2012
Dave's Picks and Road Trips cover art

For those of you like me, who love/need to have artwork for your iPod or iTunes, look no further than Scott McDougall's website:

He created the artwork for all of the Road Trips, the first two Dave's Picks, and the Europe '72 releases. They are presented here in all their glory!

Joined: Mar 18 2010
Pure Jerry

Not sure of the why, although Blair mentioned in his Golden Road feature a couple months ago, that there's a new regime on the JGB side, and it seems likely we will see more releases sometime- but we shouldn't hold our breath. The Pure Jerry series left off on a high note for sure, with Bay Area 78.

Joined: Mar 22 2008
A new generation of Dead Heads

IF the goal is to market to a NEW GENERATIONS of youths then I am sorry, but there is no way the later years stuff is going to sell to the15-24 year old market. Am I wrong?

In fact I challenge any one of you to turn a new youth on to the Dead and ask them what they prefer: the 1970's, 1980's, or, 1990. Let me know how it goes. I have turned my students onto the Dead via E72. But then I am of the younger sort and I cannot tolerate some of the other non 1970 years. Don't get me wrong, there are aspects from those years that I do enjoy like the space and drums and baby blue to name some of my favorites,

However this is a subscription, therefore there is no marketing involved. Obviously the subscribers and many of the fans want the under represented years. They have said this on more than one occasion. I say do what many of the folks on here have suggested and poll the people who have put forth their money!!

As I have said many times before, David and Rhino are listening. Did anyone notice that there are now 300 more non subscription releases up for grabs than when DP Vol. 2 went for pre-sale (2800 vs. 2500)? I am betting that next's year's subscription package will be smoking and attractive. There might even be a DEAD Head membership.

As far as this release goes, what can I expect to hear differently that the RT 71 from Austin doesn't already have? I don't mean that in a condescending way. It sounds great and I can't wait. Someone mentioned earlier that the GD just did the same four shows over and over again. I think there seems to be some truth for that in terms of what IS getting released.


Joined: Sep 18 2007
Pure Jerry

By the way, I know this is a DaP thread, but does anybody know why the Pure Jerry releases stalled out again? Is there still infighting among the estate members or are they just not profitable? The Garcia/Kahn and Ragged but Right releases whetted my appetite, but we've seen nothing since!

Joined: Sep 18 2007

I'm completely excited about this release and was thinking the other day that I needed some more 71, since I missed both of the summer 71 houseboat releases (I read they didn't sound that great, anyway). I do really like RT 3.2 and am looking forward to hearing another show from that tour.

With that said, I totally agree with Spacebrother and others that more variety would be nice. For a long time, I listened to 69-77 almost exclusively and fall 73 is my favorite tour by a long shot. My shelves are so inundated with those years, though, that I've lately been appreciating the dynamic that Brent brought to the keys and also the wider range of songs. I've heard the American Beauty/Working Man's material so many times that I welcome a Sailor>Saint, Victim, Stranger, Althea, etc, etc -- not to mention all of the great late 80s Dylan covers! I recently bought the Warlocks box (20% off Memorial Day sale!) and it's been blowing me away. It sounds pristine and you can just feel the excitement and energy brought on by all of the reintroduced classics. I've even been enjoying the MIDI soundscapes that I used to detest, although I still cringe when an original Brent tune pops up. I've listened to the April 1st '88 RT release more than just about all the others, just because it's DIFFERENT.

So, if the powers that be are listening, bring on something different once in a while, but don't hold back on these gems either. '84 or '87 would be nice.


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