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The Latest On Dave's Picks

The Latest On Dave's Picks

Limited Edition Numbered Archival Series

What happens when you take the spirit of Dick's Picks and combine it with the very best aspects of Road Trips? Dave's Picks! Esteemed archivist, vaultmeister, and all-around Dead fiend David Lemieux will curate the finest unreleased shows from the master tapes, brought to life with HDCD sonics by Jeffrey Norman, period photos, and informative liner notes. All four CD releases in 2012 will be limited to 12,000 individually numbered copies and each will come in a digipak printed on Orford stock. The entire packaging, including the trays, will be made of 100% recycled and PCW materials.

The series kicks off with a uniquely spectacular show from the highly regarded Spring Tour of '77 - May 25, 1977, The Mosque in Richmond, Virginia. You can learn more about this show here.

Dave's Picks Volume 2 will feature a complete Grateful Dead performance from the Wall of Sound tour, recorded live on 7/31/74 at Dillon Stadium in Hartford, CT. This was one of the final East Coast appearances by the Grateful Dead for almost two years, and is one of the longest, most exceptionally well-played shows of the entire year. The big jams stand out, of course, including "Weather Report Suite," "Eyes Of The World>China Doll" and "Truckin>several thematic jams," but the smaller songs, including a rare show-opening "Scarlet Begonias," "Mississippi Half-Step," "Big River," "Greatest Story Ever Told," "Uncle John's Band" and countless others are also excellent at this A+ show.

NEW INFO: In addition to all the great music, you can look forward to another digipak with trays made of 100% recycled and PCW materials (and of course a booklet featuring a historical essay and photos). Due to popular demand, we'll be using a heavier paper stock for Volume 2 and all the great Dave's Picks releases to come.

Throughout the year, David will take you behind the scenes and share with you the process of curating and producing the official Grateful Dead archival series. Watch the new video below and his introductory video at the bottom!

Video 2


Video 1



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Joined: Nov 13 2010
100 Archival Release

So I was counting up the archival releases and it looks like it past 100 somewhere in Road Trips. Would have been cool to have done something special for the 100th Archival release.


I guess it could've been during the Europe 72 22 Cd box set.

Joined: Mar 18 2010

The songs not included from 5/22/77- that's an excellent idea for bonus material. It would be great to see the response if a portion of 5/8/77 is chosen as bonus. I don't think this show is in the Vault, although the Dancin is included on the Beyond Description Box Set

Joined: Feb 4 2008
bonus tracks!

no fillers like on the "To Terrapin" release would be a real big disappointment;
please dave please pick some,
you got about an hour space!

cbs73's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2010

Maybe the filler would be from a fall show instead of another spring show. A number of the fall shows have been released piecemeal on DP 29, DP 34, and RT 1.2. Would be nice to have more songs from those shows...

EDIT: Another idea...why not include the songs omitted from 5/22/77?

The Weve's picture
Joined: Feb 16 2010
Digi Packs ~ PLEASE !

Digi Packs ~ PLEASE !

PLEASE bring back DIGI PACKS for the protection of the CDs.

Thanks again.

Joined: Mar 18 2010
It seems most likely that

It seems most likely that 5/25/77 will be separated onto 3 discs just like 5/28/77 is on the "To Terrapin" release.

rrot's picture
Joined: Oct 3 2009
I have no interest in them

Chris_D, you're not confused, you get it.

It's a subscription. That's a thing with several issues that are released as time passes...

One doesn't know exactly what the next issue will hold.

Now, while a subscription gives this extra chance to complain about the whole damn thing, remember: as always, there will be ample opportunity to complain about each release as it gets announced!

It's not a novel idea at all -- people have dug the idea of subscribing to things for a long, long time. Finding a subscription that covers a topic of great interest to them, people sign up, eagerly awaiting the surprises to come.

One important quality of a successful relationship between the subscriber and the producers of the releases is that the subscriber trusts the producers. Something like: "I really, really like GD music. A lot. These guys have it in the max quality. And they really seem passionate about getting some fantastic gems of it out. And they maybe even know more, collectively, about it than I do. I'd love to see what they come up with." When you feel that way, subscribing is a easy call.

On the other hand, if you, or any one else, has such strong opinions of the Grateful Dead's music that there are entire years or decades which you can't be bothered with you'd be much better off NOT subscribing.

Just buy the ones you want after they get announced. Either here if possible or elsewhere -- as will surely be possible.

And for anyone who's sure YOU know best what should come out of the vault, you should probably go ahead and tell them -- if you're paying any attention at all you already have the archivist's email address.

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Joined: May 1 2010
Cover art
Joined: Aug 31 2011
Soooo....I'm confused...what's being released?

Am I missing it, or are we supposed to buy this only knowing the first pick? I mean, I'm sure the 80's and 90's are great and all, but I have no interest in them. Could you at least give us the year of the release?

Joined: Mar 18 2010
Disc split speculations

I too thought of 5/26/77 as Volume One bonus material ever since seeing this date appear before the Dave's Picks logo. If this is true, please make Volume One a four disc release. It doesn't say each release will be 3 discs, only that it's 12 discs total. 5/26/77 is too great of a show to capture all it's highlights in under 60 minutes. Devoting an entire extra disc to Volume 1 would allow for nearly all of the second set to 5/26, plus a majority of the first set highlights. Please please...Of course this is all speculation, and 5/26 does circulate in it's entirety in fine quality, although not nearly release-level quality.


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