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Live Chat With David Lemieux Tuesday

Burning Grateful Dead questions - we know you've got 'em. And who better to answer them than esteemed archivist and vaultmeister David Lemieux?

Join archivist David Lemieux for a live chat this Tuesday at 5pm PT.

You can log on via the Grateful Dead Facebook page or via Ustream by following these instructions:

1. Click "Check-in & Chat"

2. Log in using your Facebook, Twitter, or Ustream account.

A box will pop up where you can ask David questions OR just enjoy watching him wax poetic about all things Dead!

David will be choosing questions LIVE from the social stream from 5pm - 6pm.

Have fun!

You can send your questions ahead of time to us on @deadnet on Twitter or to the Grateful Dead Facebook wall.


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Joined: May 18 2013
JCB live wiltern theater Los Angeles 1988

I David... thanks a lot for your fantastic work ans so many very good CD and fantastic DVD !!!
When a CD of this fabulous music of our dear Jerry Garcia Band at Wiltern Theater Los Angeles in 1988 ! Please get a new work et encore merci

Joined: May 6 2013
Releases of music/Dave's Picks

Is it me or are we basically seeing snapshot shows from roughly the same years? There are so many better ways to go. We all have our favorites, and just adding my ideas just in case David is reading.

1- uh, review Dick's and Dave's Picks as well as Road Trips...boy seeing much acoustic are you? Nice boxed set idea: '80 Radio City Run juxtaposed with SF/Warfield electric. Now that would be hot.

2- individual, historical and amazing? The only time GD played Alaska was in 1980 at High Auditorium. I have the bootleg CD and it is priceless right from Alabama through Estimated, Black Peter and Around and Around. This, my friends, is high quality!

3- Shakedown from Hartford: 1982. I defy you to find a better live Shakedown anywhere.

4- Lastly, and true to my desires, let's get some more acoustic shows from the '70s.

Thanks for reading,


Joined: Mar 4 2014
Next DVD Box Set

A great DVD box set would be the 5 nights (10/16/1974 to 10/20/1974) that made up the "Grateful Dead Movie"! Great Music, Great Sound System and what a fun time for the band!

Tom O'Hara

Joined: Sep 24 2012
Europe 72

Does anyone know which show from Copenhagen in 72 was considered better?
I heard David Lemieux talk on GD radio--he felt one of these shows was considered the best show from the Europe 72 tour.

4/14/72 or 4/17/72

Any help would be much appreciated.



Joined: Feb 4 2008
furthur informations

thanks a lot wilfredtjones!

Anna rRxia's picture
Joined: Dec 25 2009
Vault Index to be released?

Did DL mention about why or why not a vault index would or would not be released for Deadheads? I don't believe Archive and E-T have everything in the vault.

Just that it would be useful to know what to buy, considering what I already have.

cosmicbadger's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
thanks Dave

in response to your question, yes please do it again. Lots of interesting info and insights there and you covered a lot of ground. Am really excited about Dave's Picks 2. Bit disappointed that there is no new video on the near horizon and that they are just going to recycle what is there already (with some bonus material of course to make us buy it all again!). Still if there was nothing to complain about we would be complaining about that.

Folks, you can still watch the chat on

Joined: Jun 4 2007
re: furthur releases

I didn't catch anything on the Pury Jerry front. However, Dave did mention a 14 disc box set rerelease of all the video material released thus far. He seemed especially keen on the 'So Far' release with 'Backstage Pass' as a bonus feature. He mentioned that a ton of good video is in the vault, but much of it is from the unusable (Dave's sentiment) years of '94-'95. And yes, the next DaP will be complete show Hartford 7-31-74. There will be a bonus disc with the release but it hasn't yet been determined the contents - - he mentioned the contents could be culled from the '74 Pacific Northwest tour. The decision should be made by February according to what I heard. I'm hoping the 5-25 Santa Barbara show remains untapped so that it can be released in its entirety someday. I'm not sure if DaP 2 will include Phil and Ned or not. Dave also mentioned that the entire chat will be archived and available on

Joined: Mar 16 2009
Nice Chat...

...well done, Dave. Excited about the first two Dave's Picks. Glad I subscribed. So, will "Seastones" be included with Dave's Pick Two? Here's hoping it will be!

Joined: Feb 4 2008
furthur releases

just couldn´t follow the live chat, so asking here:
where there some hints on forthcoming new Pure Jerrys or Box sets or DVDs or other releases;
the next Dave´s Picks is really from 1974?
would like to read the chat somewhere too!


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