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It's about that time to break out the banjo, gather up the family band, and let your creativity flow, visually and vocally. The DEAD COVERS PROJECT returns in 2018! We will be featuring selections on Grateful Dead properties all February long but you can send in your submissions as soon as January 1st. Simply upload your video to YouTube, tag it "DeadCoversProject," and we'll make it available to view on the band's official YouTube channel, in February.

Check out this year's growing playlist.

Dead Covers Project


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Joined: Feb 14 2018
"Row Jimmy" by Uncle John's Banjo for Dead Covers Project 2018

"Row Jimmy" by Uncle John's Banjo for Dead covers project 2018

Uncle John's Banjo is a Boston based Bluegrass Infused Dead band

Joined: May 3 2015
It Must Have Been The Roses - Hebrew Version!

Here is The Promised Land's Hebrew version IMHBTR.
The Promised Land is an Israel-based, cross-cultural, Hebrew Dead/Garcia project. Enjoy!

Look for The Promised Land on Bandcamp


Joined: Feb 13 2018
Ramble On Rose

I joined my Dad's New England based Grateful Dead tribute band 2 years ago after the previous rhythm guitarist departed. I tried to get the guys to do a submission last year but unfortunately we kind of dropped the ball on putting something together in time.

I wanted to make sure we were able to participate in the 2018 project, so we threw a couple cameras up during one of our recent rehearsals and recorded a few different tunes. We thought this Ramble On Rose was the best of the bunch. Really enjoy checking out everyone's contributions! The music never stopped...

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007

so glad you got the YouTube hassles straightened out.

HippieGIrlAnna's picture
Joined: Feb 13 2016
Thanks for the Unblocking UMPG

I just want to thank UMPG and Alan (my wonderful hubby) for getting my video unblocked in the continental US on Youtube :D

Joined: Apr 16 2009
How about that cello?!?!

This one's not even tagged right and we recorded it nearly four years ago, but I forgot that it turned out awful pretty. This is all just about sharing the music and keeping it alive, right?

Joined: Feb 2 2018
Cold Rain and Snow open mic Dead Covers Project 2018

Saw them play it dozens of times in the 70's, 80's and 90's.

Paul Dirks's picture
Joined: May 4 2012
Recorded on the Fourth Of July!

Joined: Feb 10 2018
Fire On The Mountain (Solo Cover)

This is my solo cover of Fire On The Mountain I started a while back and finished tonight using Dropbox, Cubasis, and iMovie. Anyways... You can check out some of my other stuff through Dropbox and SoundCloud through this web site.
Check out my new podcast on Soundcloud. Second episode dropped today. Thanks for listening and thanks for the great music Grateful Dead members past and present. Get back truckin’ on...
- J

Joined: Feb 10 2018
Dead covers project 2018- jack a roe

My first youtube upload lol. Its cool to see everyones different renditions. Cheers


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