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It's about that time to break out the banjo, gather up the family band, and let your creativity flow, visually and vocally. The DEAD COVERS PROJECT returns in 2018! We will be featuring selections on Grateful Dead properties all February long but you can send in your submissions as soon as January 1st. Simply upload your video to YouTube, tag it "DeadCoversProject," and we'll make it available to view on the band's official YouTube channel, in February.

Check out this year's growing playlist.

Dead Covers Project


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Joined: May 15 2009
Maxwell Mendeloff - Eyes of the World in Nashville

Man, that sounds GREAT!

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Joined: Sep 19 2015

Here's a fire version of Black Peter by August First...

Joined: Nov 1 2016
Dead Covers Project

Here's my band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. High Tied Sideshow.
I record most of our shows and put them on as well..

Joined: Mar 1 2016
Dead cover projects 2018

My band and I in Nashville recorded an eyes cover in our dorm, hope you enjoy...

Joined: Jan 31 2015
Dead Covers Project - Going down the road feeling bad

I recorded this version a few years back for You Tube, but still perform it, along several other classic Dead songs live at my local open mic scene in East Sussex, UK.

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OK, a quick web search found this at

Grateful Dead 2017 30 Days Of Dead Rundown

November 1: 5/26/77 Uncle John’s Band
November 2: 8/29/69 Easy Wind
November 3: 3/23/95 Unbroken Chain
November 4: 6/23/90 Feel Like A Stranger
November 5: 3/24/91 China > Rider
November 6: 3/26/72 Brown-Eyed Women
November 7: 9/18/94 Saint Of Circumstance
November 8: 12/7/81 Mississippi Half-Step > Franklin’s
November 9: 4/10/83 My Brother Esau, Might As Well
November 10: 10/20/84 Shakedown > Samson & Delilah
November 11: 5/6/78 Sugaree
November 12: 10/2/76 The Other One > Stella Blue > The Other One > Sugar Magnolia
November 13: 6/23/93 Lazy River Road
November 14: 10/19/90 Shakedown Street
November 15: 3/26/87 Bird Song
November 16: 9/17/73 Let Me Sing Your Blues Away
November 17: 9/21/74 Seastones > Playing In The Band
November 18: 9/1/79 Scarlet > Fire
November 19: 7/7/81 Candyman
November 20: 5/12/91 Picasso Moon
November 21: 3/17/91 Truckin’ > New Speedway Boogie
November 22: 2/18/71 Bertha
November 23: 12/4/71 Comes A Time
November 24: 3/31/89 Terrapin Station > Jam
November 25: 6/10/73 Here Comes Sunshine
November 26: 10/22/89 Help > Slip > Franklin’s > Jam
November 27: 3/21/92 So Many Roads
November 28: 3/29/93 Here Comes Sunshine
November 29: 6/7/70 Friend Of The Devil
November 30: 5/13/78 The Music Never Stopped's picture
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30 Days of Dead

This is off-topic, but would somebody please post the song list with show dates from (the 2017) 30 Days of Dead?
I made the mistake of thinking it would still be available for some time after November.

/Bjorn Lindstrom

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My understanding is you can cover any song the Grateful Dead has played in concert. Two years ago my band Sugar Lime Blue submitted our version of Little Sadie which got a little flack for not being a Dead song but the Dead did play it seven times (there's even a video for an '80's take) - its just not well known. The next year we covered Morning Dew which I believe they played a few more times then seven.

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Ocean Beach, California 92107

We got things shakin on Shakedoen Street here in OB on Monday nights for the last 26 years! Have you heard Electric Waste Band?
It is time for a visit to OB.

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There are no stinkin" rules!

Except the ones on the top^^^ of the page on how to submit your song. Can't wait to hear ya!

~sometimes you get shown the light in the stranges places if you look at it right~


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