Grateful Dead

Nobody’s Finished, We Ain’t Even Begun

By Gary Lambert

It feels like this:

Getting used to the venue… dialing things in… behind the scenes, the crew is on the case, hunting down the little glitches and bugs, trying to make it all just exactly perfect. So far it’s feeling good, and there’s a sense in the air that it’ll only get better.

It always felt like that at Grateful Dead shows. It still feels like that at performances by the alumni of the Dead, and of like-minded artists with a capacity and appetite for collective improvisation. Essential to the improvised experience is a great audience, willing to come along on the journey.

Much the same feeling has informed and illuminated our still-young collaborative effort to remake this website into a space that does honor to the creative mission of the Grateful Dead and its descendents, and to the spirit of adventure that characterizes the Deadhead community at its best. And here, at a point roughly equivalent to those exhilarating early moments of a show, we find ourselves, to our enormous joy and gratitude, in the company of a great audience, reminding us why we do this, and inspiring us to do it better.

It has been like that around these parts in the month or so since we first went public with the new The response from you, our great audience, has been astonishing in its enthusiasm and generosity. It’s great to see Deadheads gathering once again in our public forums with comments and suggestions and passionately expressed opinions. Great to read your encouraging words and constructive criticism. Great to just hang with y’all again!

As we said, you inspire us to make this space better, and that is an ongoing process. To that end, we’re determined to keep on coming up with new features and plugging ‘em in as we go. And we’ve got a swell one, just launched: a weekly installment from the archives of the Grateful Dead Hour, the long-running radio series produced and hosted by our good friend David Gans.

Also this month: reports on the latest doings in the Dead World Roundup, including dispatches from RatDog tour, an interview with Mark Karan, news of Phil Lesh’s recent stealthy gigs, visits with old buds Tom Constanten and Bob Bralove, and more. It’s all here. Ya just gotta poke around.

Thanks for stopping by!

Gary Lambert, for the team


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Joined: Jun 5 2007
"OK, That's Fine..."

Yes, I see far reaching possibilities out there on the murky horizon. But whatever choices are decided upon, my only hope is this: Don't be constricted to a set of rules & regulations that stagnate the Entity that is Dead.Net. Allow elbow room for future, hitherto unknown possibilities & ideas. Let those involved proceed with Love in their Hearts, but also adventure. Be as water, it can never be detroyed. Evaporated, yes. Frozen, surely. Polluted, maybe, but never gone.
Do Not Stop On The Tracks Of Time...

Steve-O's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Another Bus

I got on, and that's where it all began!!!! Keep it comming and I'll keep looking. Much appreciated!!!!!

Joined: Jun 25 2007
the new site

great job u guys are doing keep it up. when im down i can always come here and never feel alone. i get to chek out ongoing news and the best thing is i get to relive such good memories through pictures and songs thanks guys. keep on truckin.


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