Grateful Dead

Short Takes: A New Hits Compilation; A Summer of Love Audio Memoir

By Blair Jackson

A New GD Hits Compendium: Eternally Grateful

Eternally GratefulDead Heads ducking into Starbucks for the their morning triple-shot latte might be surprised to find a new Grateful Dead compilation called Eternally Grateful on the café’s CD rack. Obviously designed to be a pleasing introduction (or re-introduction) to the Grateful Dead for Starbucks customers, the 2-CD set is divided into studio and live discs, with the material on both weighted heavily to the band’s early ’70s commercial and creative explosion. As you’d expect, the familiar radio hits from Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty are all here, but the other choices on the studio disc are solid, too: “Eyes of the World,” “Althea,” “Scarlet Begonias,” “China Cat,” et al. The live disc is drawn entirely from 1971 and ’72 performances (save for the closing 1980 “Not Fade Away,” from the expanded Dead Set reissue), and includes favorites like “Jack Straw,” “Bertha,” “Morning Dew” and “Cumberland Blues.” The compilation was produced by Starbucks Music’s Timothy Jones and Rhino Entertainment marketing v.p. Mark Pinkus. The package includes a smattering of classic Herb Greene photos of the band, and informative liner notes by Marc Greilsamer.

Why hook up with Starbucks? It’s simple: The company approached the Dead about putting together a compilation for their customers, as they have with several other artists, and the Dead saw it as an opportunity to have their music showcased for a different audience—one that has perhaps enjoyed the Dead on Classic Rock radio through the years and is curious to hear more. Early sales have reportedly exceeded Starbucks’ expectations, which is a good thing: There’s always room on this Bus for new fans. Remember, we were all newbies at some point…

Rock Scully Looks Back at the Summer of Love

Summer Of LoveOriginal Grateful Dead manager Rock Scully—author of a lively, if occasionally fact-challenged, 1996 memoir called Living with the Dead—has teamed up with David Bean to put out a CD called Summer of Love Oral Archive: Rock Scully, on which Bean interviews Scully about the Dead and the Summer of Love, with background acoustic guitar strummings provided by Dane Edmondson. Scully is a smart and witty guy with a gift for colorful descriptions and cut-to-the-chase analysis. Over the course of an hour interview with Bean, Scully offers insights into the rise of the Haight-Ashbury scene, the Acid Tests, the Human Be-In, Monterey Pop and, of course, the fabled Summer of Love. Pretty fascinating, actually. You can order that CD from


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littlebri's picture
Joined: Oct 15 2007
hippiechuck, i agree!

just like the article says "we were all newbies at some point" so why not share these re-releases with the world, they'll be hooked eventually!!

hippiechuck's picture
Joined: Jun 10 2007
why not?

HippieChuck-the dead always wanted all different types of people to hear their music.maybe we can point some needy souls in the right direction.why not?

Zaorish's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2007
Deadheads need to start fellowshipping

I don't mind these re-releases--Though I won't buy it myself, the Europe 72 stuff is very popular, and whatever turns people on to the glory of the GOGD is good in my book.

God is good.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Starbucks & the Dead

Man,next time please pick just ONE song that isnt already on LP,Cd etc.Also ask a head about what songs to pick.Nice try. Peace

Joined: Sep 13 2007
That bouncing thing is a dropped ball

Timothy and Mark can probably brew a great cup of coffee and maybe name more than one Dead keyboard player but have they never heard of China > Rider?

What do they do at the end of China -- fade out?

Good grief.

Coconut Phil's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
19 Bucks plus tax

I saw this CD in my local Starbucks, I looked at it, thinking how Rhino is really into the recycle thing, they keep putting out music that has been out for decades. It really would have been great to walk in and see Dicks Picks 37, I would have paid for it right away. This, I had to leave on the shelf. 20 bucks, to much for music I already have. Rhino is really looking to cash in, this is the second time this year Rhino has re-released music. Old Deadheads like me are really tierd of this. Rhino please toss is one show this year.
Coconut Phil.

shadowfax's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2007
Grateful Dead C.d. in Starbucks

what about selling it in New Zealand Starbucks us old farts might like to have it as well.

Joined: Aug 21 2007
Starbucks and the GD

I was in the USA the other week and found this cd quite by chance in Starbucks. Great value to money (the cd, not the coffee - that was awful).

You should also sell the cd over here in the UK as well. It is so far not available in the UK


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