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Europe '72 Tourney

You picked your favorites and now we're going to stream them in full in honor of their 40th anniversaries! Without further adieu, the Top 3 shows are: 4/26 - Jahrhundert Halle, Frankfurt, 5/10 - Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, and 5/26 - Strand Lyceum, London. Stay tuned to hear them in all their sonic glory.

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April 7th marks the 40th Anniversary of the start of the much lauded European tour of '72. By now you've probably immersed yourself in all 22 shows that were released as part of Europe '72: The Complete Recordings and have no doubt found yourself gravitating toward a select few over and over again. Put your favorites to the test and challenge your friends to pick the very best with our exclusive Europe '72 bracket. We'll celebrate the 3 most popular picks by streaming their full shows on their official anniversary days. Build your bracket here.


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The link
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Jahrehundert Halle streaming ~ links?

Hi, I wonder if anyone here knows the url or log on for the streaming of the 26 April '72 show tonight?

Perhaps I'm being thick, but I can't find anything obvious.... Thanks!

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Thank You

I just received Newcastle 4/11/72 via the free shipping offer...lightening fast delivery! "Greatest Story Ever Told" which opens the show is almost worth the price alone! Jerry's voice is sweet throughout!

Speaking for someone who would love to own the box but cannot afford it all at once, your various free shipping deals etc. make it super easy for a fan to grab some of the shows (already have 3 shows plus E72 vol. 2) Thanks again!

PS. Also enjoying "30 Days of Dead"...all that music for fucking free! Talk about recession busting. The Staff of Dead.Net should be the cabinet for the next US pres.

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Newcastle City Hall

You are all listening to these without the context...I was there for first night, Newcastle, Bickershaw and last 2 nights at Lyceum. I saw them in 1970 (Newcastle under Lyme...not the same Newcastle!), Winterland 1975 and London in the late 80's...all downhill after 72 I'm afraid.
The Newcastle City Hall ( my hometown, so it was very special) was stella...we were a more "listening"audience then the Dead were used to , more like a jazz or classical audience...Bobby thought we were the coldest audience he had ever played to. I was there, I heard them (not on digital disc!)...they were great, but then setting is all! Hometown!
By the way read the cd liner notes...I was one of the locals who helped pack the gear up after the gig...yes, "Geordies" do have a strong accent. We had talked to them before the gig in The City Tavern a pub nearby where they went for a meal. I reminded Jerry of this when I talked to him briefly at the Great American Music Hall in 1975 when I saw him with Merl, Kahn and Vitt...he said he remembered...yeah, I'm sure...a gentleman to the last!
Where have the last 40 years gone?
Gann canny bonny lads!

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Dew Picks


Joined: Nov 2 2010
Dew Picks

I personally like the year 1973 for morning dew and think the barton hall is a little bit overrated. You can't go wrong with 2/28/73- DP 28, 11/30 and 12/1/73- DP14, 11/19/73 DP19, 8/1/73 Roosevelt Stadium, 9/21/72 DP 36, 12/31/76 Cow Palace, 9/7/77 Winterland.

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Europe 72

Allright, the top 5 shows in no order are:
1. April 8 Wembley Empire Pool London
2. April 14 Tivoli Denmark
3. May 7 Bickershaw in Wigan Great Manchester (festival)
4. May 11 Rotterdam, Netherlands
5. May 26 Strand Lyceum London
OK its in chrono order, but IMO these are the best shows and I am ready to defend!

However, I do dig everyone's choices. We all have different frames of reference.

Is there a better Dew than Barton on May 8 '77? Please help. I am putting together a collection of them for a compilation, kind of like grayfolded was for Star.
Bless the Dead and the Heads!

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Slide Show

I saw it last night, but it was playing Jack Straw.

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E72 slideshow

While on the Home Page a while ago I clicked on what I thought was Jam/Week and a slideshow of E72 photos came up while a live version of Ramble On Rose was playing.
Can't seem to find now. Anyone else see this.

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Dark Star anyone...

Lets have a bracket within the bracket, Here are my top 5 Dark Stars from the tour Let the debate Begin!! 1. 4/24 (great guitar and jamming!) 2. 4/14 (also, great jamming!) 3. Tie: 4/8 , 5/25 ( another great underrated show,probably the best Brown Eyed Women i've heard!) 5. 5/18 .... next week maybe we can rate The Other One ?! Later folks......


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