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Europe '72 Tourney

You picked your favorites and now we're going to stream them in full in honor of their 40th anniversaries! Without further adieu, the Top 3 shows are: 4/26 - Jahrhundert Halle, Frankfurt, 5/10 - Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, and 5/26 - Strand Lyceum, London. Stay tuned to hear them in all their sonic glory.

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April 7th marks the 40th Anniversary of the start of the much lauded European tour of '72. By now you've probably immersed yourself in all 22 shows that were released as part of Europe '72: The Complete Recordings and have no doubt found yourself gravitating toward a select few over and over again. Put your favorites to the test and challenge your friends to pick the very best with our exclusive Europe '72 bracket. We'll celebrate the 3 most popular picks by streaming their full shows on their official anniversary days. Build your bracket here.


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Joined: Jun 8 2007
My favorite shows

5/4/72 (my first show)

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Joined: Nov 20 2011
Bozo Masks

The "Bozo Masks" were worn on Apr 17 for a few numbers for TV. Which brings up the question of: Why does the cover of Apr 14 feature art w/ the bozo mask instead of Apr 17 when they were worn for that show? Just wondering...also, if you go to youtube you can see the entire TV from the Tivoli performance.....

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Joined: Jun 25 2009
Re: Europe '72 Show With The Bozo Masks - Which Show?

Can anyone tell me which show on the Europe '72 Tour was the one that The Grateful Dead (except for Billy the K.) wore the Bozo masks for the entire performance?

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Joined: Jun 25 2009
Europe '72 - My Oh So Humble Picks

Not in a particular order but here I go.....

03May72 Paris
The first Paris show is the one for me but both are pretty dangerous

08Apr72 Wembley Pool London
Boy, I thought the show on the 7th rocked but this one is a freakin' barn-burner

And last but not forgotten by me

13May72 Lille France The Free Concert
This is the show ALOT of people are not mentioning but gets my vote for the Best Kick-Ass/Dark Horse/Long-Shot/Underdog Overlooked Favorite.

The first 30 minutes or so are up-and-down but then the band "Locks in" like a early 1970's American muscle car in overdrive! The Truckin>Drums>Other One>He's Gone and the Sugar Mag>NFA>>GDTRFB> NFA is mind-boggling! The Lille Show has the VERY BEST One More Saturday Night I have ever heard.

Joined: Jan 13 2010
I agree with your final four!

that 5/10/72 show really surprised me when I heard it. It is a monster.

Joined: Nov 2 2010
Final Four

1) 5/26 Strand Lyceum
2) 5/11 Rotterdam
3) 5/10 Amsterdam
4) 4/8 Wembley Empire Pool

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Joined: Dec 25 2009
My top 3

1) 4/26/72 "Hundred Year Hall" (Jarhunderdt Hall)
2) Paris, 5/3/72;
3) Copenhagen 4/14/72

I felt the way were directed through the bracket was a bit rigged. Who decided which shows got the first round bye?

The whole thing is an ad. by Rhino to sell individual shows, but if it helps other folks to make up their minds I don't mind throwin' in...

Joined: Mar 18 2010
Tourney Award

The Award for the Understatement of the Tour goes to the stage talk before Black Throated Wind on 4/26:

Bob- "We're gonna be doing a lot of songs that you may not have heard for the first part of the show."
Jerry- "That's all right, they're all pretty good."

Joined: Jun 23 2007

Everyone always forgets Luxembourg. This is one of my all time favorite shows. It's to the point and some great jamming.

Joined: Sep 28 2011

I went for Hamburg. Something just different about that show that I can't put my finger on. A shorter show that was more to the point and a different playlist, perhaps.


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