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The Tour That Keeps On Giving: Here’s Europe ’72: Vol. 2!

Did you feel left out by all the hoopla surrounding the Europe ’72: The Complete Recordings mega-box? Or maybe you thought: “Geez, I don’t really need 22 shows on 73 discs in a box the size of a small refrigerator. But I sure did love the original Europe ’72 album back in the day. And now that you mention it, Hundred Year Hall, Steppin’ Out and the Rockin’ the Rhein became favorites of mine, too! It would be kinda cool to hear more from that tour.”

Well, it’s your lucky day, pal. We’ve got you covered! Ready for release on September 20 is Europe ’72: Vol. 2, a two-CD set featuring 20 newly mixed, never-before-released gems from that epic and historic tour. As most of you know, engineer Jeffrey Norman spent many months mixing down the 16-track master tapes from every show on the tour for the humongo-box, while mastering ace David Glasser put the final polish and brought the sonics up to HDCD specs. You may have heard various circulating soundboard tapes from these shows through the years, but trust us, you haven’t heard the music sound quite like this before! Meanwhile Grateful Dead vaultmeister and box producer David Lemieux was tasked with coming up with a two-disc compilation that would work as a worthy successor to the classic original album, 39 years later!

And there was this guiding philosophy: There would be no songs that appeared on the original 3-LP set. Whoa! No “Truckin’”? “Morning Dew”? “China Cat”? Nope! But what’s here is magnificent, including a spectacular, nearly hour-long combo of “Dark Star” > “The Other One” from the famous Bickershaw Festival in Engalnd (5/7/72); a kickin’ version of “Not Fade Away” > “Goin’ Down the Road” > “Not Fade Away” from the super-charged first night of the tour in London (4/7); and the always-moving “Sing Me Back Home” from the last night of the tour (5/26). There’s also a wonderfully varied selection of other tunes from Copenhagen, Paris, Frankfurt and Luxembourg, including favorites such as “Bertha,” “Playing in the Band,” “Good Lovin’,” “Black-Throated Wind,” “Sugaree,” “Deal” and many more.

“One cool thing,” David Lemieux told us recently, “is that we ended up including several songs that the band had pulled from the master reels for the original Europe ’72, but which, for whatever reason, didn’t make the cut. That was really the impetus to get this thing rolling—that there was a lot of stuff on the cutting room floor that the band had slated for the original album at some point.” (You can find our entire interview with David here.)

Finally, we should note that the artwork on the album is by none other than Stanley Mouse who, along with his late partner Alton Kelley, created the memorable “Ice Cream Kid” and “Rainbow Foot” images for the original Europe ’72 package. Yep, it’s the return of the Kid! “Trouble comes in many flavors,” Mouse cryptically commented recently. “Ice Cream Kid is in hot water. The jury is out. His only defense is love.”

For ordering info and the complete track listings for Europe ’72: Vol. 2, click here.

(Still tantalized by the possibility of purchasing the music-only version of Europe ’72: The Complete Recordings? Click here for more info.)


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Joined: Nov 30 2009
Individual shows for sale? PLEASE!!!

I HAD a reservation for a customized box... but not $450 (OUCH! and I would have spent it on this in a HARTBEAT!!!). I WILL buy ALL shows if/when they are available individually (or if you can tell me how long I have to save up $450 on a budget of a couple hundred bucks a month...).


I will BUY (or beg or steal, have no doubt about that...) the entire box (or download it in flac for free, but I'd RATHER BUY IT AND GIVE YOU THE MONEY!).

SO...? Still sucks that I had to lose my personalized reservation, and, of course, no one would miracle me, or loan me the money (or I would have bought two and sold one...), alas... THIS IS THE ONLY THING I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO IN RETIREMENT, GREAT HEADPHONES AND GRATEFUL DEAD! ESPECIALLY the Europe '72 Tour (the Paris shows are FINE!!! Great atmosphere). Let us (or me) know, peace!

Mary, please email me if I have any other options, Legion of Mary, for sure!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Single show releases

A lot of people are asking for these, and my guess is that we'll see them, but not until the box sets are sold out. There's no reason why they wouldn't release them in that form, but I think they'll only choose a handful of shows for individual release, because they might otherwise end up with a lot of unsold inventory.

I do think these shows should eventually be sold by download.

Joined: Nov 10 2010
Sloppy Art.

The illustration with the chopper is pretty good but the illustration of the "ice cream kid" holding the volume 2 sign just looks a little half-baked and rushed.

His face and hair in the "vol. 2" illustration make him look like a simplified and generic approximation of the original character.

It seems that a little more effort was made and personality is apparent in the "ice cream kid" on the motorcycle.

I really hope they use the motorcycle for the front art.

Joined: Nov 21 2009

Anything from 72 is a welcome treat. 72 is so full of mind blowing Dead goodness that box set, single CD, double CD, etc. is a cause for celebration. Now about that 90 spring tour box....;)
Having seen the boys whip up the magic on and off from 87 to 94, I am just pleased as punch that enough of us crazy heads are still grooving to this music and that the remastering sounds so sweet! Take care all, see some of you down in Eugene!

Joined: Jul 3 2007

cant wait
already pre ordered mine

gratefaldean's picture
Joined: Jun 22 2007
I will buy this

On vinyl, even though I am getting the big E72 box. Looking forward to it, in fact. The original Europe 72 album was not my first Dead album, but it was definitely my gateway record to Deadheaddom (Deadheadism? Deadheadishness? Da Bus?). A companion vinyl (180 g audiophile?) album to flesh out that original experience would be quite nice!

Joined: Oct 5 2010
As a twenty year old college student

As a twenty year old college student I watched with quite a bit of depression as the E72 box set sold out without having any possible way of affording the 450 dollar price tag. Even though its only twenty songs, I'm really happy that I can still have a taste of what I'll never be able to have.

gd1294's picture
Joined: Nov 11 2007
72 thank you thank you thank

The original was always my favorite. I received it as a bday gift and oh what a gift it was. I love the drippy reverb they used back then and clean guitar tones. Any thanks for the release. Its a fair price and I have to buy the original because ramble rose skips but its worth it. It would be cool if all past bonus discs were available for down load. (just a thought) Its cool that you will be releasing it on vinyl. I will get a turn table when I get my man cave one day. peace

Joined: Aug 27 2008
I don't really need this...

...because I have ordered the E72 box set.
However, the selections on this release are great, and well sequenced. Thank you very much!
However, I would like to see all 22 shows from this Europe be released individually for a nice price each and then add mailing charges.
Again, thank you very much for this release.

Joined: Jan 13 2010
fetch hither the new E72 release

i have zero complaints about this.

the price is good, too.

i WOULD love to see the E72 shows available individually, but I can live if that doesn't come to pass.

5/11/72 :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))



10/14/94 (YES, believe or not...this has some hot playing on S>F and Corinna.)


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