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Garcia Project '74 Installment 3 Vine

started by UncleJon

This is installment 3 of 5...

Not sure yet how many DVDs this will be, probably 3 or 4. Had to fit Halloween on considering we're coming up on the 35th anniversary of that show...



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come to BC

we would love to have you.................................

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.. ...April, May =Mountain Aire!!!

Hopefully soon we'll hear of the plans for Angels Camp!!!

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change the tour page

Can the administrators please change the two Furthur "On Tour" pages? This tour is loooong finished and the band is on a break from, what, its second tour since this one ended. It would be good to have a current Furthur "On Tour" page rather than a very outdated one. Thanks for considering.

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Yeah that is a great story. I like bringing my 6 year old daughter just to watch her play and interact with the other kids. It is really cute watching them dance and blow bubbles and play together. I've noticed (at the concerts I go to at least) that the children are so amazingly generous and kind to each other, we could all learn something from them =)

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sweet story

of the kids!

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THEY'RE BACK! - Lowell MA show...

I decided the morning of the show to get tickets. I brought my wife and 2 year old. This was my first show since the Other Ones with Rusted Root at Shoreline. My wife had never before been to a "Dead" show, but she likes the music (years of inundation). The traffic was bad near the stadium, the lines were long, We got in a few minutes into Half Step. The music was on fire and LOUD. The weather was great. My son was really getting down, especially the bluesy songs. The most important aspect for me was the community. Seeing all my brothers & sisters, wearing smiles and many a little older, greyer and with little ones. During the 2nd set, a kind neighbor gave my son and some nearby little girls near us a bunch of glow ring bracelets. My son proceeded to give his to the girls, one by one. The last one, he grabbed my hand to walk down the steps as their backs were turned. A few minutes later, the girls came back with a necklace they had made from the bracelets (The Unbroken Chain) and put around his neck and said to me "We made this for him, he can keep it." My eyes welled up with tears and they did again when I wrote this. I enjoyed this show so much that we're planning a trip to Denver to visit some friends, and see the Friday show at Red Rocks (never been and can't wait). THANK YOU FURTHUR, THANK YOU FAMILY!

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yeah, thanks

I just removed another one...

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It's hard to express how

It's hard to express how much we dislike The Spamming, so many ppl have already said it so well.

Marye, feel free to nuke this post too. I only wish it would work as a deterrent.

Conversation is always more interesting than recitation, so speak your mind and not someone else's.

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Newest show announcements

Woo-Hoo! Santa Barbara in September!!! Saw my first show at UCSB back in May 1973 - now a chance to Furthur my education at County Bowl - can't wait!

Will be aiming for Red Rocks as well, with fond memories of The Dead a few short years ago!

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