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Garcia Project '74 Installment 3 Vine

started by UncleJon

This is installment 3 of 5...

Not sure yet how many DVDs this will be, probably 3 or 4. Had to fit Halloween on considering we're coming up on the 35th anniversary of that show...



"when life looks like easy street, there is danger at your door"


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No worries...I'm a mechanic, kinda.

Hey Now X~~~~~~
WALSTIB babes.
Hope ya'll are doing good, really good.
Wow, I am amazed and in awe.
To All:
This Valentine's Eve may Cupid find you
and Jehovah's favorite choir fill your cup.
May your Valentine's Day be
filled with singin' and romancin'
Til you greet the mornin' air with song.
May the winds rise to meet you and then
blow you safely home again.
& May you always find....
All you need, all you need.
Never reaching the Earth
Letters I've written,
never meaning to send,


lamagonzo (not verified)
Till the wheels fall off...

...and burn. If Furthur goes on past the winter it will be so righteous down the stretch. You know this thing is on automatic pilot with momentum and the next time it pops a gasket it's all she wrote. I, for one, appreciate all the efforts made before this vehicle kind of mosies off to the sideline and bumps up against a redwood (gently) and finally comes to a complete stop.

Let their be a stone marker erected at that spot:

~ The kids they danced
& Shook their bones. ~

(%);~} ...twirling, twirling, twirling to a beautiful sunset

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Phil's Birthday Bash

Anyone care to guess who the "Friends" could possibly be for this show in San Fran? Beyond the obvious - Jackie Green, RatDog, other Phil and Friends folks??

"Here's my half a dollar if you dare .. double twist when you hit the air. Look at Julie down below .. the levee doing the dopaso"

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Leaving for Hampton in a couple hours!

Can't wait! Hope to see you there!

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Wow, that first set from Unkle Sam sounds fantastic, in particular Silvio. I have caught Dylan doing it a couple times and it has been the highlight of the shows. That second set sounds like a bit of a slow one and I am hopeful the Chicago 3/2 show is a bit more rockin'. "Shakedown" and "He's Gone" are fine openers, but that middle area is a bit.... slow. My friend who attended his first Dead-related show of any sort in Chicago last spring felt the Dead did a few too many ballads-- I am trying to turn this guy, so he needs a rocker to hook him. I felt it was a great show last year and am really looking forward to Furthur.

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Weather (or not)

Anybody know if GMU in northern VA will be open after that blizzard?

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2/14 Show Live on XM/Sirius GD Channel

according to website...

WOO HOO !!!!

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silver and gold in them there mountains

From the very first notes of Alabama Getaway to the breakneck ending of Casey Jones, the first set in Asheville last nite was spellbinding. Set list goes as follows:
Alabama Getaway (perfect)
Mama Tried (Bob missed a couple of verses)
Pride of Cucamonga (one of Phil's best)
Loose Lucy (rocking, smooth transition into...)
Silvio (highlight of the show for me, entire band firing on all cylinders, backup ladies, right on in their harmonies)
Loser (we miss you Jerry)
Hell in a Bucket (Bob hits it and band follows with a rocking slightly extended version)
Casey Jones (another highlight, starts off slow, builds speed, builds speed, speeding down the tracks now, still accelerating, wow, this thing is going fast) and you know that notion, just crossed my miiiiiiinnnnnd. What a set.
Show started 20 mins late, 50 min break inbetween sets.
Second set was mellow, with a great Shakedown opener that wandered around, with what sounded like some Slipknot in there, to a wonderful reading of He's Gone, with 15 "He's gone, nothin's gonna bring him back" at the end (Jerry), into a beautiful Birdsong, done very well and appropriate for the "snow and rain" was starting to come down outside. Serging into Unbroken Chain, complete with sound effects and rain sticks,moving into Magnolia Mountain, a tune I had not heard before, different and seemed kinda out of place in the set, but listenable, to Strawberry Fields, totally unexpected and slow, both Mag Mountain and Fields were slow and not in my opinion of the calibre of the first set or anything before them. JK's heartfelt rendition of Stella Blue was right on, there was that moment of utter silence that would have been just exactly perfect if those rookies behind and in front of us had just shut up. I don't know about anyone else, but who gives a rat's ass what you did before the show or what you are gonna do after the show, if you want to talk during a beautiful version of Stella, stay home, show a little class.
Not Fade away finished the show, with a 10 min sing along at the end, complete with the whole joint clapping and singing along to "love is real, not fade away"
Phil's donor rap, which I have heard a lot since his transplant and to this day, I can only make out a few words, organ donor, be one, save a life, etc..., all good things, but Phil, please slow down and stop mumbling, I just can't understand a word you say. :)
Sugar Magnolia, Sunshine Daydream sends us out into the cold rain and snow, for a short(thankfully) ride home.
I miss the rythum devils, drums and space defined the second set to me and it just ain't the same without them. Of course, impossible to do a truly classic space without Jer, but we still have BK&MH.
Way to much security, I thought they were gonna start strip searching, ticketless gatecrashers slipping in thru the smokers area, hundreds of ticketless and not a ticket to be found.
overall, a great show, better than the dead last spring, now, if we can just get Billy and Mickey to sign onto this band, oooohh, the posibilities.

silver and gold, won't buy back the beat of a heart grown cold, Silvio, I gotta go, find out something only dead men know
Bob Dylan

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Marlene a big thank you 2/6

Lost you all after the start of the 2nd set but thanks for a great set 1- had a great time hanging - hope you enjoyed the rest of the night

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heck of a night

although the Hard Rock was like being in a over packed tuna can, overly secure and a bit too commercial the show really rocked - After Midnight just jammed from start to finish they were sounding great - if you got the disc you know what a joy to hear it all again - I loved Greensboro last year but this was something special as I am sure the whole tour was and will be - for those of us lucky enough to get tixx kudos


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