Grateful Dead

Garcia Project '74 Installment 3 Vine

started by UncleJon

This is installment 3 of 5...

Not sure yet how many DVDs this will be, probably 3 or 4. Had to fit Halloween on considering we're coming up on the 35th anniversary of that show...



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Ticket $$$, etc.

I paid about $55 for my tickets for the Asbury show and $50 for the AC show in Feb. Beats the $100+ for the Dead tour! And the smaller venues are far more exciting that the big arenas. For me the Asbury show (12/12) was truly magical, not just for the music or who was playing what, but the energy that came from the band, the wonderful people around me (thank you again for your wonderful kindness) and the venue (great old place by the sea--think perfect place to hear Ship of Fools/Peggy-O!). I have only the best wishes for JK and just can only imagine the feelings he must have playing those songs with Bobby and Phil--wow! For those asking about the GA seats, I was unsure too, but I suggest you take them! I have been strictly a seat person myself, but my GA tickets were great, especially in a smaller venue. I do have reserved seats for the AC show (last row in the back--oh well!), but I am just happy that I will be there!

Take care and have fun out there in the New Year < : }

Inspiration, move me brightly.

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i am soooo happy ,great way to finish up winter tour not being greedy but don"t leave the northwest out of the summer tour... eugene, the gorge ,stuff like that there!!!!!

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On travelling and the coasts

We may not have the distance, but we sure do have the traffic!

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Are we going to get any Seattle shows?

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I ordered my Portland tickets and went for the reserved seating
as I can't walk very well anymore and running for a good seat is out. I hope this venue treats the disabled better on this tour than they did at the gorge, that was totally disgusting the way they made us wait in line and then stand around and wait to taken down into the venue in golf carts 3 at a time.
As always I'll be doing an alphabetical song list of the tour.

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central florida love

nobody psyched abut disney dead ??? central florida in feb. sweet, sunny south !! but byow, local here hoping to meet some out of town friends as an older head from way back im looking forward, life goes on,

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Chevrolet Theatre

I'm counting down the hours until show on Friday in CT.

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Set list (so far)

I: Truckin > Dire Wolf > Doin That Rag > Ramble On Rose > Reuben and Cerise > Looks Like Rain > Cosmic Charlie
II: Stronger than Dirt > He's Gone > New Potato Caboose > The Other One > Days Between > ...

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Furthur set list?

Any news on set list from tonight?

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Jimmy (et al.)

try the tix wanted/offered topics, you might have more luck there.


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