Grateful Dead

GarciaLive Volume One

The GarciaLive series has officially launched!

The first release from the GarciaLive series features a recording from the historic Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey on March 1, 1980. The band performed an early and a late show on this evening, as was common at the time. The shows were originally multi-tracked on a 24-track mobile rig for WNEW's broadcast of the early show.

The band, which included Garcia on guitar and vocals, partner in crime John Kahn on bass, Ozzie Ahlers on Keys and Johnny de Foncesca on drums at the time, was wrapping up a three-week East Coast run with the performances on this evening. Highlights including "That's All Right, Mama" (made famous by Elvis), an early show encore of "Deal" and a rollicking version of "That's What Love Will Make You Do" show Jerry and the band loose and fluid at the end of the tour.

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Joined: Feb 6 2008
i saw the

Cd at newbury comics in Back Bay. #10 seller in new cd section. Hope putting ol one after the title doesnt jinx itl

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Joined: Nov 1 2010
Point of Information

Just for the record, Waltham is no wealthy suburb....In any case, it's good to see Jerry's stuff sell...

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I'm not gonna hold my breath for a "series" of releases. Let's not forget that the Legion of Mary CD released in 2005 was subtitled "The Jerry Garcia Collection, Volume 1". But hey, Bear's Choice was called "History of the Grateful Dead, Volume 1" and was technically the first archival release, pre-dating the Vault Series and Dick's Picks by a couple of decades.

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Where in Boston?

Where in Boston is Garcia Live selling at #10? The middle of Central Square in Cambridge? That would not be surprising. If it was #1 in a downtown chain store or wealthy suburb like Waltham I would be very surprised.

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Joined: Feb 6 2008
any news out there about the future plans

for this series? It would be great to hear from someone about the plans for this undertaking-particulars, how are picks decided, what's in the vault, Where to send thoughts, and stuff like that. I was in Boston yesterday browsing in a retail seller-this set was #10 in new sales. Happy to see that it is selling in high numbers. also happy to see a TON of new vinyl in that store.

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I caught shows with JGB and Hunter on LI at the Calderone? old theatre think in Huntington-not sure bars abounded near by and I am/was a city boy and had never seen JGB--I recall Hunter and Garcia playing what I thought was Lady from Carlisle? I know its easy to check set lists but do recall "they love each other" as a high point of the JGB play.

When I went to Radio City and had a kundalini awakening for 1st time I met a guy who had been at that show-I asked him-"Dude what is that stuff that feels like wings or something going out of your spine-I had it all during after Tenessee Jed on Oct. 28 at Radio City but it really blew my lid on Red Rooster-so dude says oh "I am a student of Muktananda-that is your Kundalini- -Muktananda was a Catskill guru at time who had been ethically questioned but teachings were valid regardless of money and had a chapter in Gopi Krishna's classic compilation of gurus on Kundalini in book of same name. I often thought what were odds of me meeting that particular guy after than particular event and Jung's synchronicity only makes sense, but he also told me that at that Calderone show that I must have not had right formula in my drink-he had his Kundalini awakened for the entire time Hunter and Garcia traded licks. it was a rare one or two times in life time for me to see those two best friends trade licks and I treasure them so Capitol (which I may have been have to hypnotize myself -lol) pretty good shot I made that show-most Capitols JGB shows from 80-82 I was sure to attend -Recall Peter rowan doing Native American yells that pretty near blew the back walls open..many a fond memory of JGB shows all about the of finest was at the long defunct Palladium (turned weird disco)-saw first Santana/Barbieri show there in 76- but I recall an 81 show that was just great great greeeeeaaaat-Tony the tiger great.

Ok so that is thoughts-wish it was really Hunter posting love to here his take on these releases-think he would be glad at least these tracks with Jerry are getting a nod as those were special for who is producing them....i dunno if its politically correct but All I care about is getting great archive of JGB as you are right DPs and Daves gives you a decent sampling plus all the DVDs, Egypt and many tapes I converted over-course the vault lossless for free arghh- no comments-....anyway hows about Red Rocks '79 Dave-only one outdoor show as guy died and rained next two days (fell of rocks in mid concert tragically but what a great way to go if you had to go--still think that guy was responsible for the show going etheric from Fire on Mountain and on 8-12-79--not raved about by many but those who were was other worldly.....drums especially Bill and Mickey were ripping holes in clouds...kudos to RH hope he posts to his BLOG sitting clacking balls since 2006 when he killed his gorgonzola aol email alas...think hes happy writing for the NRPS and shadowing Dylan (Is Dylan a weasel for not crediting hunter-separate topic)...ciao-Peach's dead farm

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Late Show

Went to the late show. Passaic, NJ was (is) a little sketchy at 1 or 2 in the morning, so getting back to the car (hoping it was still there) was an adventure. Saw Hunter every time he came east from 1978 up until he stopped doing shows and seeing him and Jerry together was a real treat. Of course, we had to stop at the White Castle in Clifton before heading home. Saw the Dead, Bobby, the Who, Peter Tosh, Ozzy w/Randy Rhodes and so many more there. It was my Fillmore. I still have all of the Moyssi programs from those shows. Underrated and underappreciated rock palace. They unceremoniously tore it down in 1991 and you would not even know it was there if you went back to 326 Monroe Street. Can you tell I miss the place? Good times!

BTW, John Scher did run the place. I believe he was the East Coast tour manager for the Dead, so getting the band or any of the boys to play there was no problem.

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Bach 2 Bach--Amen to that ! Robert has

Amen to that ! Robert has written the sound track to my life since I first heard the Grateful Dead on a tape my roommate and Dead mentor played for me in 1982. Thanks Tom!

Joined: Jul 20 2007
Wilfred and Zuckfun, thanks,

Wilfred and Zuckfun, thanks, good tips (I whiffed on the whole Pure Jerry series, back in the days when I foolishly thought things would stay in print longer than they did). I'm going to get the Theatre 1839 show and maybe Merriweather too... - these will tide me over until Dave's 6 arrives. Bay Area will take some hunting.

Now I'm listening to RT June 9, 1976 yet AGAIN (I'm pretty sure I listen to that more than any pick, that is a perfect release to me).

Joined: Mar 18 2010
77 Garcia

If you're a fan of How Sweet It Is, it's definitely worth checking out the Pure Jerry release from 1989- Merriweather Post. Theatre 1839 is top shelf all the way. Many fans cite this as one of their favorites- along with the Keystone releases, Legion of Mary, and the Pure Jerry release from 1974. And as Wilfred noted, Bay Area 78. It's easy to include all of these as Jerry essentials, with Theatre 1839 right at the top.


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