Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Hour no. 458

By David Gans

Grateful Dead Hour by David Gans

Week of June 30, 1997

Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh talks about his compilation CD Fallout from the Phil Zone, released in 1997, with excerpts from most of the songs.

"'Midnight Hour' and 'Viola Lee' are two of my favorite songs that we ever did, and these are two of my favorite performances.... This is not designed or intended to be the absolute pinnacle of Grateful Dead performances.... The songs evolved over time, and so a performance that took place when we had just learned a song or written a song is going to be vastly different from a performance that took place five or ten years later, when we had been doing he song for that long.... Another good example of that is 'Jackaroe,'which has a totally different groove. This is one of the first performances of that song, and it has a totally different groove and feeling to it than the way we used to do it later, which was a lot faster."

"We always thought of 'Dancin' in the Streets' as the hippie anthem... Haight Street, 1967."

Bob Weir "never uses conventional chord sequences... there was never any easy way to fall into a pattern of any kind. Mozart was like this... you have to be conscious; you have to be awake."


Grateful Dead 11/1/68 Silver Dollar Fair, Chico CA


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Thank you for listening!

- David Gans

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Joined: Jun 13 2007

Hey Now,
I wanted to say thank you for this
great selection on this fine day.
To have these incredible selections
and an interview with Phil hits perfection.
I share some of Phil's Fave's and these two songs
have made me so happy over the years-
and their evolution and groove have thilled
me always. Ahhhh, I love to hear Phil's voice.
Phil is lovingkindness and you can always
embrace that about him when hanging out
with him. The same is true to me about the
whole band, always---for sure.
We are just kinda in a Phil focus.
This lightens my load as today is a heavy day.
I am going to listen all day, and it will just keep
getting better, I am sure. I am going to think of it like
a coral reef....endless notes and chords to find.
(I give everything I got to you...)
I got to say, it's my loves birthday today
Crazy good jamming!
Thanks Phil...Thanks Phil!
Grateful Dead Hour, Thank you!
David Gans, Thank you!
#458...see ya next week.

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear John
Happy Birthday To You

What a great way to start the day, xo!
I will be listening all day, and I will get by!
But not with out all of you and all of this.
I love you, All, xo! ------------------(---@


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