Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Hour no. 793

Grateful Dead Hour by David Gans

GD Hour #793 is the first of a four-part series featuring an interview with Steve Parish, the legendary GD roadie who was also the manager of the Jerry Garcia Band for the last decade or so of its existence. The occasion was the publication of Steve's memoir, Home Before Daylight.

Grateful Dead Hour no. 793
Week of December 1, 2003

Grateful Dead 4/17/71 Princeton NJ
Interview: Steve Parish
Jerry Garcia, Cats Under the Stars

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Joined: Jun 6 2007
Holleder Stadium

Hi David,

my request would be for the following program...if I can remember my cassette correctly, there was a hilarious Mutilaudio segment on there about televangelists asking for money - I always loved those segments!

Grateful Dead Hour no. 14
Week of December 5, 1988

Part 1 26:33

Don't Ease Me In

Lost Sailor->

Saint of Circumstance - 9/1/79 Holleder Memorial Stadium, Rochester

Mercy Mercy Mercy - Brian Melvin's
Nightfood, (Global Pacific ZK 40733, 1988)

Run for the Roses - Jerry Garcia, Run for the

Part 2 23:26

Wharf Rat->

I Need a Miracle->


Good Lovin' 9/1/79 Holleder Memorial Stadium, Rochester NY

There wasn't time to play the whole "Wharf Rat" and still get the
end of the set in, but Garcia's last solo was so stunning I had to
include it.

According to DeadBase, the complete book of Grateful Dead Song
Lists, 9/1/79 was Brent Mydland's 20th concert since breaking in with
the band on April 22 of that year. Brand new to the repertoire were
the Bob Weir-John Barlow composition "Lost Sailor," introduced in
Oakland on August 4, and its companion piece, "Saint of
Circumstance," which Weir sang in public for the first time in Glens
Falls, New York, the night before this Rochester performance.

"Mercy Mercy Mercy" is from a new Global Pacific album by Brian
Melvin's Nightfood, with the late Jaco Pastorius on bass and Bob Weir
on guitar and lead vocal. The song made the pop charts twice in 1967
- as an instrumental by Cannonball Adderley and in a vocal version by
the Buckinghams. It was written by Josef Zawinul, who played
keyboards with the Adderley Quintet and later founded Weather Report,
where Pastorius became famous for his innovations on the electric
bass. Weir also appears on "Fever," sharing lead vocals with Jan
Fanucci. - DG

thanks David!


Joined: May 26 2007
Tribute shows

The Brent and Jerry tributes, as well as the Vince Welnick tribute, are high on my list for this series.

Re Phil and Ives, there was a show I produced in my year of "commercial" syndication that my distributor balked at, with Phil playing a Coltrane song and a Miles Davis song. After a long conversation with a consultant, I re-edited the show to put the Coltrane cut in the last quarter hour. The reasoning is too tedious to recount.

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nice new thingie here!

What a great surprise!! Like JohnnyG said about the show after Jerry died, your show after Brent died did me a world of good. I could hear that again.

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Joined: May 26 2007
wow, this is cool!

Should be lots of fun!

I don't suppose you've got the one (it was actually a Deadhead Hour, I think) where Phil was playing Charles Ives and the station manager went nuts? Or something like that?

I forget the drama, but it was a fine episode.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
absolutely awesome additions...

nice stuff.

As for GD hour requests Mr. Gans, do you have any inclination to replaying the show after Jerry died? Its somber, but as I stated prior, its chock full of awesome music, and you were a soulful soothing voice when I needed it most.
Just a thought.

Either way, I will take whatever you are willing to share.
And thanks again Dave, Rhino, GD Organization, et al.

“The Omnipotent Grateful Dead!”

Joined: Jun 4 2007

Thanks David and GD organization for adding all these great features.

Joined: May 26 2007
Thank you, and welcome!

Thanks to the Rhino team for making this feature available, and especially to Analise for the beautiful microphone logo.

Please let me know which shows you want to hear from the GD Hour archive.

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Mr. Parish

I don't know...
I remember the Garcia VS Garcia VS MountainGirl trial after Jerry jammed, Steve was at his utmost on the stand. Being very upfront yet, somehow respectful to the court. He is better when pressured or surprised. What do I know...


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