Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Hour No. 86

Week of May 14, 1990

Interview:Dan Healy

Grateful Dead 3/19/90 Hartford Civic Center

Grateful Dead, Workingman's Dead

Grateful Dead 3/19/90 Hartford Civic Center

Interview: Bob Weir

By request, a pair of GD Hour programs featuring highlights of WHCN's broadcast of the GD show from the Hartford Civic Center March 19, 1990.

WHCN was one of my first affiliates! I had started helping original host M. Dung with the KFOG Deadhead Hour in 1985, along with Richard Raffel and Paul Grushkin; eventually the station asked me to take over producing and hosting the program, and in early 1987 I started getting calls from other stations around the country asking if they could carry it, too. WCHN was one of the first, along with WNEW in New York and a classic rock station in San Diego whose call letters I can't recall.

By the time of this episode, I had done a year of commercial "barter" syndication and then gone back to independent distribution. WHCN remained an affiliate for many years, and Program Director Bob Bittens and DJ Bob Smith very kindly offered to share the recordings of their broadcast with the national audience.

Afternoon drive personality Lich does the talking for 'HCN. In addition to some fine music, we hear a pre-show interview with sound man and radio freak Dan Healy, who describes the process of making a PA system fit the acoustics of each venue the band plays and explains why outside gigs tend to sound better than indoor venues.

Lich interviews Bob Weir between sets. Asks about a rumor that the band had been rehearsing "Unbroken Chain" - which didn't actually surface until almost exactly five years later. Bob Explains why it's harder to make a bass into a MIDI instrument.

Next week: highlights of set 2, plus an interview with Mickey Hart.

This pair of shows was requested by Michael Borgerding. Your requests are welcome, too! Browse and/or search the Grateful Dead Hour program logs on the show's home page, Let me know if there's a particular program you'd like to hear, and feel free to post requests and comments here or by email to gdhour [at]

Thanks for listening! David Gans
gdhour [at]

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people are "permitted to post hyperlinks" because a) we do not censor posts up front; b)most links people post in the topics are perfectly benign. In fact bozo, whose account is no more, doesn't seem to be very good at it as none of the links he posted were live.

It is not okay to spam topics, whether by posting links or long screeds or whatever. I am presently engaged in cleaning up bozo's garbage, and yeah, I wish these jerks would stop trying to prey on us also.

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whatever it is we ain't going to buy it.

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are people permited to post hyperlinks here like this ?

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Hellen A. Bucket

And enjoying the ride indeed, thanks to being able to look forward to these delightful "freaktures" here at Thanks again, Gans! I love the music best but I'm really amazed at how much fun the little interviews are on these shows. I especially liked hearing Healy's interview, this time 'round. I also generally prefer earlier periods of the Dead's music but really melted with these selections, like butter.

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Brilliant MOVe

RHINOgate continues without explanation or response...


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